One thought on “Stop Smart Meters: The Film [Trailer]”

  1. I’m sorry our brothers and sisters to the north – and all around the world – are going through this insanity. But I appreciate the excellent video, and will pass it along to friends, family, and as many others as possible. The most important phrase for me, which my husband and I will use when presenting at the Savannah City Council meeting, is “Our legal right.” It is our legal right NOT to have a smart meter. My legal right, your legal right, their legal right: What the power companies are relying on is everyone thinking that they MUST have a smart meter. Once we inform people that they have a choice, the power companies’ power to lie, cheat, and steal our money and peace decreases dramatically.

    A modest request: Please find out where smart meters will be installed near you, and try to contact as many people as possible in that area, to warn them. That’s what we’re doing with Savannah. One document you can use is the “Naperville Smart Meter” alert. It encapsulates very nicely all the dangers and idiocy of the smart meters, in an easy-to-understand format. Here’s a link: Thank you and Happy New Year!

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