Smart Meters: unregulated, unsafe…

In a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) letter to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Julias Knapp, the FCC Chief of Office of Engineering and Technology, responds to an inquiry from the EMF Safety Network. The letter downplays the need for FCC oversight and regulation of their own installation RF safety conditions stating, “The grants of equipment authorization routinely list the four conditions cited by EMF [Safety Network] for the¬†broad¬†class of transmitters that include most Smart Meters….adherence to those conditions is not necessarily required for Smart Meters to achieve compliance with our RF exposure guidelines….the utility is responsible for ensuring compliance with any installation conditions listed on the grant of equipment authorization .”

In addition the FCC falsely claims, “the devices normally transmit for less than one second a few times a day and consumers are normally tens of feet or more from the meter face…”

See the following video about Smart Meter radiation. Listen to the clicks to see how often the meters are transmitting, and compare that to the FCC claims.

5 thoughts on “Smart Meters: unregulated, unsafe…”

  1. Does it mean if they read it from the street it is a smart meter? My gas company reads from they street yet they state it is not a smart reader.

  2. (In addition the FCC falsely claims,) Who claims? Name names. Put on the public record who is saying smart meters are safe.

  3. moving to CA and concerned about the smart meters. And since I had brain surgery a year ago I get really bad headaches. Worried the Emf from the Smart meters will cause head aches

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