Network files CPUC protest and requests new judge

April 25,2011. Today the  EMF Safety Network filed a CPUC protest to PG&E’s Smart Meter opt-out proposal. In addition Network is requesting reassignment of the Administrative Law Judge , Timothy Sullivan.  Sullivan was the judge who parroted PG&E’s unsubstantiated safety claims and proposed dismissing our original CPUC application.

From the Protest Conclusion:

“PG&E’s application is an inadequate solution to serious Smart Meter problems that the Commission and California utilities have failed to address.  It is wrong to require ratepayers to pay to escape from threats to their health and ensure safety in their own homes.  PG&E’s proposed charges will be an unfair burden and will harm ratepayers.

The Commission should first order a Smart Meter moratorium, then modify PG&E’s requested relief to provide ratepayers safe and reliable utility service at reasonable rates.  The Commission should schedule evidentiary hearings on contested issues.  Network intends to participate in the hearings. The Commission should order PG&E to allow ratepayers to keep their analog meters or restore analog meters at no additional cost.  Ratepayers should not have to bear the financial burden for the failure of the Smart Meter program.