Smart Meters Pose Cancer/Health Risks- Medical expert warns

Dr. Carpenter states, We have evidence…that exposure to radiofrequency radiation…increases the risk of cancer, increases damage to the nervous system, causes electrosensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects and a variety of other effects on different organ systems.  There is no justification for the statement that Smart Meters have no adverse health effects. “

Dr. Carpenter further advises, “An informed person should demand that they be allowed to keep their analog meter”

(For those of you already Smart Metered,  demand to have the analog meter restored, call your your utility and your state public utility commission)

BIG THANKS to Dr. Carpenter and to Maine’s Smart Meter Safety Coalition  who “recently caught up with Dr. David Carpenter, a Harvard Medical School-trained physician who headed up the New York State Dept. of Public Health for 18 years before becoming Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albany, where he currently directs the Institute for Health and the Environment” (

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  1. I just had a guy come out to turn on our gas. I opted out of the smart meter but he messed up and put one on. I told him we didn’t want it and he said he would just not activate it. Can I trust this will not affect my family’s health if it is not activated or should I demand it be removed anyway? His reasoning for not taking it off was because it would damage the original gas meter.

  2. @ Renee Marks- I have become severely electro sensitive since the installation of a TWACS power line communication smart meter. TWACS puts a pulse on the 60 Hz sinewave which causes a distortion. Distorting the sinewave creates high frequencies, transients and harmonics known as dirty electricity. Dr. Sam Milham has done extensive studies on the health effects of dirty electricity. Also, try the website for much info on power line communication and TWACS smart meters. It’s terrible stuff!

  3. Ask Steve about “unintentional radiation”. that’s the RF on the power lines.

  4. I spoke with someone representing my power company, Oregon trail Electric.
    This is what he said.

    [Renee, thank you for the inquiry regarding our new meters. Our Aclara TWACS (two way automated communication system) meters are not radio frequency…they are power line carrier. This means they send the information down the same line you get power from. There is no RF and the electromagnetic field around the meter is less than the one you have now. Please call me if you would like further explanation.]

    Steve Schauer
    Director of Member and Program Services
    Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative

    I asked him to please send me documented proof of safety. I have yet to hear back a reply.
    PS, I already have one. it was installed without my knowledge. Why dont they go around with RF monitors and prove to others their claims? And has anyone tested the old Analogue monitor?

  5. Wind generators and solar inverters are polluting, you might consider going off grid using DC solar.

  6. I have been hearing a humming noise on and off and having dizzy spells and did not know the cause until today. I found out today that the smart meter was installed right outside my bedroom wall and they did this a few weeks ago. It explains my anxiety levels too. OMG, this noise and feeling is driving me insane! We have our own generator and will be getting rid of Oregon Trail Electric. I think to fight this, everyone should get their own gas, or wind, powered generator. The old fashioned wind generators are not hard to build. Instruction’s can be found online. Show those big electric power corps we do not need them!

  7. People of the United States had better stand up for themselves and defend their home from giant corporations. Fight back. Protect each other. Giant corporations don’t care about safety or privacy…all they care about are profits. We must get giant corporation CEOs out of the US government. They are stealing our country and our freedom. I fear people in today’s world will just watch TV (owned and operated by giant corporations) and just won’t know what’s happening under their own noses. ..while they fry their neurotransmittera with cell phones….and drink genetically modified corn starch sodas…boo hoo.

  8. I leaved in Mississauga for 6 years and had the smart meters at my house. I believe that they could be dangerous, I am back in Quebec since last April and I have been diagnostic with breast cancer… We don’t have smart meters here in Quebec people are refusing to have hydro instal them because of risks…

  9. How We Are Titanicked Lab Rats.
    Our New Human Experiment Using The Old Water Fluoridation Experiment Model That Was A Great Success.
    ~ ~ ~
    The very positions of State government power set in place to serve the public interest and safety and specifically to protect the public from just such harmful schemes as engulf us now, the CPUC commissioner positions, have been hijacked and used instead to place millions of Californians into a real of danger and harm; into a virtual Titanic and set us
    loose in a virtual sea of icebergs. We are now on a countdown to collision with disaster.
    What are the health and medical implications that may be reasonably anticipated to result
    from the imposition of the of wifi smart meter device grid matrix over the Biobanked
    mass population groups delineated by the separate privately owned legal monopoly utility
    companies operating in California?

    What are the implications for the medical apparatus and medical and disability insurance
    apparatus when the seeds of deception, planted by the CCST’s dissembling report with it’s erroneous conclusions and the morally insane five at the CPUC who embraced such a report, bear their fruit ? They have served to place us in a Great Manmade 24/7 EMF Experimental Environment Matrix, a surreptitious, sub rosa Human Experiment. Millions of unwitting, non-consenting captive private utility captive customers in California are now lab rats in a long term artificial 24/7 EMF environment experiment. The outcomes are not known, but some things can be estimated. What is known at least is that life on Earth has no previous experience of long term exposure to this manmade EMF environment, and will not have developed any protective apparatus against the molecular level assault from the anticipated ELF RF radiations emitting 24/7 on our homes from now into the indefinite future. Our Titanic.

    Our Titanic is the artificial, Manmade 24/7 EMF Experimental Environment Matrix which will manifest when the wifi smart meter devices and grid are fully deployed. The baseline
    of 24/7 ELF RF radiations will be intermittently and randomly augmented by additional
    EMF radiations from optional wifi devices currently in use. Very few will be aware of the
    radiations permeating their bodies. The false SEAL of SAFETY provided by the CPUC-five-CCST-report-creators, when accepted as the norm, means we are induced to feel safe in our Titanic, we foresee no danger from icebergs of reality. With no such danger admitted, there is no need to anticipate and plan for dangerous contingencies. The mass media and our officials have little to say and our sense of safety and complacency in our newly imposed manmade EMF Experimental Environment Titanic seems fine.

    With the very young, the elderly, the infirm and immune suppressed being the most vulnerable as well as those who spend most of their time in the home, there are those
    with multiple vulnerabilities. It is they who are likely to manifest as the first wave of
    disaster. How long from today until then might be possible to accurately estimate. But I will estimate it to be some years hence and the manifestation that attracts some attention will be of the very young. Whatever the disease manifestations may be, of the very young [from their 24/7 ELF RF matrix radiations causing DNA damage and damage to and increased permeability of the Blood-Brain Barrier,-] will probably be what first causes a statistical increase in morbidity and death reported for that age group. There should likely be a reaction of surprise and bewilderment by Public Health officials as to what must seem to be a possible impending or emerging crisis for that age group in most of California.
    Shortly after that manifestation, the other vulnerable to exposure risk groups
    of elderly and infirm and immune compromised and those who spend most of their time in their homes will burst onto the morbidity and death statistical reports as an aberrant
    unexpected increase of unknown etiology. The wifi meter device. grid based Manmade EMF Experimental Environment will have retained it’s designation of SAFE
    so when experts look for likely causes of the alarming statistical spikes in
    morbidity and death for certain sub-groups of the California population they may
    not even reasonably suspect the actual etiology, and if they do, some report may be commissioned to examine whether the wifi meter devices are at cause and conclude dissemblingly that there are multiple possible environmental causes for the mysterious spike in morbidity etc. then being experience but it is INCONCLUSIVE as to whether
    the wifi meter devices/grid long deemed completely safe could have contributed to
    the burst of morbidity in young children, the elderly etc.

    The statistical spikes may plateau and create a new base for the normal statistical manifestation of morbidity and death in California. It make take some additional years
    before the second wave of spiked morbidity and death statistics, the second iceberg
    rams our Titanic and that iceberg may overwhelm the state of California medical/health care provision capacity and insurance apparatus which will also be caught unprepared and unaware of the reality because of the official and persistent assumption and assertion of the safety of the artificial manmade 24/7 wife meter device grid matrix which will by then have become the normal environment.

    This is, I believe a reasonable scenario for our future if we allow ourselves to be
    Titanicked by the corrupt CPUC- Utility Cartel Executive suite and their illegal,
    immoral, unethical, megalomaniacal scheme to place us in an artificial Manmade
    24/7 EMF Experimental Environment to see what happens to us.

    According to Wikipedia, the Nuremberg 10 point Code, which addresses what is ethical and what is not in the matter of human and animal experimentation, was incorporated into California Law. The first line of the first point of the code is this:
    “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

    I suggest that we bring the experiment to an end now. If there was some misunderstanding and it was assumed that the CPUC-five were authorized to give consent for us, we can clear that up now; No , the CPUC most definitely does NOT have the authority to do that.
    The 24/7 EMF Experimental Environment being created around us constitutes an illegal human experiment on millions of non-consenting California residents which will result, if
    not stopped now, in mass murder albeit stealth slow kill mass murder and mayhem.
    Such are my personal evaluations and estimations of the conundrum-like dilemma forced upon the captive customers of the private utility cartel in California.

  10. There’s NO proof that this is safe, and Sage Reports illustrates the possible FCC violations from banks of smart meters.
    Talk to your neighbors and landlord- and ask them to join you in refusing them. We are fighting this at the CPUC. If you do not get the support need you would likely need to move- or shield, but shielding can be tricky and require professional help. Class action lawsuits are sure to follow.

  11. What happens when you live in a complex and multiple smart meters are planned to be installed . All of these meters are in a small room attached to MY house. Has there been any kind of documentation on the radiation effects when exposed to mulitple smart meters? I put notes and signs up stating no smart meters, but am told the installers don’t care and plan to install anyway. How do I stop this?

  12. We should all ban together and file a class action lawsuit against the power companies for the Smart Meter’s causing our health problems. There is proof that it causes cancer, not to mention other health problems so we need to sue them in order to stop it. Just think how much it will cost in medical care did anyone think of that? As for the opt out program, why the h*** should the consumer pay for it to be removed, the consumer never asked for it to begin with, it was just another way for the power company to earn more profits for them.
    Also, the power company is basically eliminating jobs since there will be no need for meter readers, so now we have more unemployed workers out there as well.

  13. We as a people need to stand together and BAN these meters . In America we the
    99% are being represented by our citizens who are standing for us all in tents in parks in cities all across this nation for us. The troops just came home from Iraq and our Govt is watching Syria, North Korea, and only GOD knows who else. I salute our brave. I am honored to PhD’s who still have a voice to speak in this country about the welfare of us as a humanitarian gesture as well as a concern for our earth. If we don’t change: mankind will be the cause of its own destruction. May God Help Us AMEN

  14. Smart meters are due to come to my area of Waldport Oregon this spring and we have already posted a signed letter at the meter saying we will not allow them to put in a smart meter. None of our neighbors will resist though most likely because they believe what the power company tells them. If you ask the wolf if the chickens are all safe what do you think he would say? Refuse them! Go to for more info!

  15. I never knew about the Smart meter until it was installed at my place of residence less than a year ago. After a few months, I started getting anxiety, nausea, dizziness and could not explain why I was feeling this way. I recently saw a piece on NBCLA chanel 4 news and it featured a city fighting to not have a Smart meter installed in their city. There were a number of customers that had Smart meters installed at their place of residence and all the health issues they were experiencing because of it. Now I can have piece of mind of why I am feeling this way. Now I want this Smart Meter replaced with Analog meter that never gave me health issues like this.

  16. I live in Perris CA in an apartment complex that also has swap the old analog meters for smart meters. The meters are directly outside of my bedroom wall. Eversince these smart meters were installed every night while trying to sleep I can hear this buzzing, humming sound that gives me horrible migraine headaches n heart palpitations. I wake up feeling tired, nauseas and not well rested whatsoever due to all the disturbance this smart meter brings upon not only myself but also my little four year old daughter that sleeps with me every night. I know that these smart meters are a big health risk because of all the symptoms my daughter and I have been experiencing since they were installed. I really wish that this issue can be seriously investigated because I know that I’am not the only person experiencing the same issues and our electric company should be held accountable. I hope this matter gets resolved quickly before people become more seriously ill. We need our old analog meters back!!!!!

    Julie Reynoso

  17. it also transmits thru the wiring in your house, changes the footprint of the very electricity coming thru your wires turning your house into one big death chamber oven ..with the 10’s of thousands of people getting sick and some have died from emf radiation you’d think more people would wake the f up…this is war on your body and family …the new world order has brought war to your house…this is a high level agenda and this a serious serious health destroying agenda for whatever bullshit excuse the worthless shits at pg/e say…..these meters need to be removed at once and destroyed or we are all going to be seriously unhealthy…….thats what the action says …the words of pg/e are bull shit ,,its the actions we are looking at and it looks alot like they are conspiring to kill us ……

  18. Cathy, read up on smart meters. You don’t have to go near your meter, the radiation comes to you.
    I am in an interesting situation. I refused the smart meter so I don’t have one. However, my neighbors have them. Our houses are very close together and the house next door has a meter on the side of their house. Their smart meter is a few feet from my kitchen window. It also transmits into my bedroom. Cathy, you can’t get away from this. This radiation is like light, only it also goes through walls and through people. You get full body radiation, not just to your ear like from your cell phone. Also, it transmits 24/7.
    See for yourself:

  19. I called PGE and they refused to restore my old meter. I said I had a health condition that is highly affected by radiation, and I wanted the Smart Meter taken away… to no avail.

    I am very upset and disgusted that consumers have no say over their own personal health concerns and those of their family! Is this the United States still?

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