2 thoughts on “Smart Meter news report: “Be bold enough to say NO””

  1. How ironic that the pop up ad on this video is from SMUD asking you to join their Greenergy program and get a gift card. Here in Sacramento, the struggle to retain or regain our analog meters from SMUD drags on. A local grassroots effort is putting the pressure on SMUD to allow us to have analog meters as PG&E and other utilities have done. SMUD insists on a smart or so-called non-communicating digital meter and will not allow us to have SAFE analog meters. Last week, SMUD held a ‘workshop’ to ‘discuss’ customer owner concerns, but the deck was stacked. SMUD’s ‘experts’ went way over their designated time allotment giving their spiels on the imperative need for smart meters and the smart grid. They focused mainly on cost, efficiency and for-profit green-washing. All concerns about health risks and harm were summarily dismissed or discredited. We were allowed three 10 minute presentations and were cut off abruptly when our time was up. We were denied the ability to present PowerPoint presentations even with our own equipment. The SMUD experts gave slick PowerPoint presentations, while we were forced to use an overhead projector and manually change our printout ‘slides’ sheet-by-sheet by hand. The SMUD board engaged in a question and answer type dialogue with their ‘experts’, but there was no interactive process for the customer-owners. Even so, we got our point across. We will continue to push for the truth and justice and demand our safe analog meters.

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