CPUC President Peevey to public: “Shut Up”!

From Stop Smart Meters:

Michael Peevey has done enough damage to California: Now it’s time to go.

Yesterday, dozens of people descended on the California Public Utilities Commission (for the umpteenth time) to speak of health damage, fires, privacy violations, and inaccurate bills brought about by the “smart meter” and to demand major changes in state policy regarding the metering choices Californians have.

The room was shocked when, toward the end of public comment, President Peevey told the public- who in some cases had traveled hundreds of miles to be there- to “shut up.”

The heated exchange came as the last people who had signed up to speak before 9am were wrapping up their comments.  State law allows anyone present at the end of public comment period to speak for 1 minute  to the Commission.

People started raising a protest when it was understood that Peevey would not allow public comment to continue. The Commission under Peevey has made it increasingly difficult for the public to comment, requiring that people not comment on the same subject more than once and unnecessarily limiting speaking time.   Several people who have been made sensitive to EMF’s by the smart meter, and who had taken time off work to speak, were forced to leave before their slot came up as they could not bear the wi-fi and other wireless devices that the PUC encourages in the meeting chamber.

It is widely believed that Mr. Peevey is under increasing pressure to step down- from elected officials and by victims of the San Bruno explosion, smart meters, nuclear power, and various inappropriate infrastructure developments during his tenure.   The man clearly lost his cool.

When the head of the state agency responsible for utility services and safety tells the public- who pay his salary- to “shut up”during a public meeting, it’s time for him to step down.

We will not “shut up” and we will not go away.  

15 thoughts on “CPUC President Peevey to public: “Shut Up”!”

  1. http://www.wanttoknow.info/humanguineapigs

    America has a loooong history of using unsuspecting citizens as human guinea pigs for their evil deeds…this is no exception. They already know the toxic human health effects of this old and outdated technology as documented since 1933.

    Woe to these evildoers at the hands of a mighty God who will, one day, have His vengence against such as these if they keep destroying His creation.

  2. The title Mr. or Mrs. is usually reserved for people we want to show respect for, for their integrity and honesty. Does this man deserve such a title? Certainly not in my book! This emperor has NO clothes and his deeds are clearly seen.

    Since he shows SUCH BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PAY HIS SALARY AND WHOM HE IS SWORN TO SERVE… he is clearly NOT in a position to be so arrogant. He is no longer suitable for the position he holds and needs to be retired to work in his garden. At least his plants will not talk back – they may not grow either!! After all WE DO REAP, ONE DAY, WHAT WE SOW!!! He’s forgotten that.

  3. Why does he deserve the respect of calling him Mr. Peevery…Dick is good enough!!!

  4. I think we need to insist that PG&E can not charge us both to take away the ‘smart meter’ and then pay each month to have our meter read. We have been paying for this service for decades. Now that the PG&E is saving money with these ‘smart meters’ why should we have to pay for the service that has been included in our bills for all this time?

  5. Mr. Peevey, You have been representing P.G.&E. for much too many months. It is way past the time for you to leave the CPUC! This is our signature on the petition for that to happen!

    Jean Pauline and Tom Brown


  7. public officials need to be answerable to ratepayers, not the energy industry. the industry has lobbyists for that purpose. peevey is NOT a lobbyist, he is an appointed official, with lobbyist envy.

  8. If Mr. Peevey’s intent is to incite the people, then he is doing a marvelous job. If he thinks he is doing a great job for the Public Utilities, again, he is doing a great job. If he is stupid enough to believe he is acting in our best interest he is doing a lousy job and should be removed from his position.
    It is not a matter of improving services. It is a matter of 1. spying on the residents of each place a “smart meter”; whether it be for electricity, gas or water, it is still a spying machine which is not now nor ever will be for the interest of the people. I was shown to damage the health of those whose homes they have been initially installed. We are not yet planning to be part of those who were in George Orwell’s book “1984”; being spied upon, even in their bedrooms. The system we have had up to now has worked fine for the people, to include the employees who go out to read the meters. They have jobs that bring food and amenities into their homes, and security to the best of their abilities. But then, it is not CPUS’s intention to worry about that is it? They want to create an electronic peeping machine, a health hazard by radiation poisoning, and who knows what else. Mr. Peevey and anyone else on that commission who believes in those electronic vultures should be removed and replaced to have representation by the people of California who should have the final word; not some bureaucrats!

  9. I’m fed up with corporations having more influence with decisions affecting my family. It is time for corporations to be totally held responsible to everyday citizens health and needs not only profit margins

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