Smart meters affect bees, plants and people

Marianna Hartsong¬†recounts what happened to her after the utility in Sedona Arizona (APS) installed six “smart” meters on neighbors homes. Within a half hour after smart meters were installed her normally docile bees swarmed and dive bombed at her.

As a permaculturist she notices other abnormal changes: unhealthy chicken eggs; changes in laying patterns; broccoli plant abnormalities; and bee die off.  She also had eye problems, and other health effects.  APS, like many other utilities in the US and beyond, are not listening.

8 thoughts on “Smart meters affect bees, plants and people”

  1. I have the smart meters the back yard and there are organic plant right next to it? How far to you plant and seat next to the meter?

  2. Following up on Becky Baird’s comments: Emertitus Prof. Martin Pall has published numerous articles on how wireless microwave radiation activates voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) in humans and other living organisms which can lead to myriad symptoms, primarily with the neurological system since VGCCs are found in nerve tissue especially. This means tinnitus and even hearing loss could be caused by damage to the ear nerves from VGCCs being activated by chronic low-level microwave radiation. Heart arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation are another possible symptom. That it should damage bees and other wildlife – especially anything that has VGCCs – should come as no surprise. One mechanism of damage (VGCCs) has been identified. Calcium channel blockers are the only known way to protect from this damage. Unfortunately, once the ear nerves have been damaged, it’s too late for the calcium channel blockers to help. Should we try spiking sugar solutions near the beehives with calcium channel blocker medication?? The question is: by what mechanism are the bees harmed? That will reveal the solution (other than removing the smart meters and cell towers!).

  3. This is Wyoming. Open spaces. No crowding. The only thing new on place here is the meters high plains power installed. I’m hopeful when I call this morning someone sensitive answers and sends someone to put old meters back on my places here

  4. November 15th thru 30 2018 smart meters were installed here on my place. Birds disappeared from my place and I went to ER Christmas day for thumping in head and ear and cognitive skills failing. Cat scan, vitals bloodwork and MRI all good results. Healthy but sensitive to new meters put in less than 2 months ago. Tinnitus is all dr said

  5. Another good product to consider is sold at They sell heavyweight foil mainly as a radiant heat barrier but the foil would work for this purpose as well. This foil can be installed in the attic with a staple gun, and does not tear easily like the cheap imitation foil sold in stores. They will send you a product sample before you order and I would suggest checking the site often because they have sales from time to time. Install in the spring or fall to avoid the attic heat. We installed ours mainly for help with our air conditioning bill, and installed over a month’s time in February.

  6. There is a website: that may be helpful to Marianna and others concerned with protecting themselves in their own homes. It was created by Oram Miller, who is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant. If you go to that site and click on the ninth tab down on the left side of the page, you can learn all about his work on smart meters. He has many links on the website where you can learn what to do to your home to help you sleep better, etc. He has a link to where you can purchase products. We installed window film that we purchased from (company name: Concord Window Films out of Danbury, CT). This company will send you sample pieces of the film so you can decide which film works for you before ordering. It would be great if we could all move to the communities that have hard wired the smart meters. WHY wasn’t it done like that to begin with? All of this pain and misery that all human beings, plants and animals are feeling could have been prevented. I’m shocked that Sedona sells itself to tourists as the vortex center (a site where the energy of an area is concentrated. Because Sedona as a whole is known to be a spiritual power spot, a vortex site in Sedona is a place where one can feel Sedona’s spiritual energy most strongly) yet with this smart meter program they are actually messing with the very energy vortexes they lure tourists with. CRAZY! Common sense tells you to hard wire the meters, but COST must be overriding common sense.

  7. A devistating situation has been brought forward by the so called smart meter “deployment” (A milltary term now used by the power companies.) So, we must defend ourselves. One way that works is to get the neighbors and others to place shielding over their smart meters. They are available:look on the internet’ You can buy them outright, or make them yourself. They will stop over 95 % radiation it installed properly. Get petitions going use “people power”. Do not give up, you are not alone!

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