San Diego Earth Day Fair

2013-04-21 23.59.09On Sunday April 21, Center for Electrosmog Prevention, Stop OC Smart Meters and the EMF Safety Network gathered at the San Diego Earth Day Fair to educate the public about health and environmental risks of EMF and smart meter exposure.

2013-04-22 00.00.10The booth next door to ours was a 350 campaign raising awareness about the oil pipeline and they had a cut out of Obama on their booth which stood right next to the smart meter opt-out sign. It was a nice match.

2013-04-22 00.10.23Only one person came to the booth to argue about safety of smart meters, and the risks of radiation.

Every other person was very interested in having their cell phone measured.  This gave people the opportunity to “hear” the sound of the radiation their cell phone emitted, even when they were not using it.  Android and Iphones seemed to be the worst emitters, with many emitting “pings” and some emitting a wi-fi signal.

And finally here was one fairgoer who was willing to pose for the camera. 2013-04-21 21.59.39

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  1. I want to thank Sandi for flying down to San Diego to help with the Earth Fair Booth. It was an awesome day, everyone was so receptive and grateful for our info. We had 9 people working the booth and all of us were going hoarse from talking the whole day, people were just eager for the information, the interaction, and our materials. They lined up four deep waiting to have their cell phones measured for radiation levels, all day long. We explained to them what the safe(r) level was, per BioInitiative 2012, and the difference in what they were exposed to. This was a BIG hit and had a huge impact on each person. Also, they were VERY interested in the CCSSM and other smart meter brochures and handouts. All in all, we appeared to be one of the most popular booths at an event with 50,000 in attendance. Thank you for your vital support! For more photos of the day, visit

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