REMINDER: Wed Feb 1- CPUC meeting 9 am San Francisco

Tomorrow the California Public Utilities Commission will vote on President Peeveys PG&E Smart Meter opt out proposed decision that charges customers a $75 initial fee and $10 a month, or $10 initial fee and $5 a month for CARE customers to retain, or restore an analog meter.

Peevey’s proposed decision is half baked. The Commissioners need to bring intelligence, compassion and respect to their decision making, rather than vote with good old boy politics. Please attend this important meeting.

Wed. Feb 1, 9 am 505 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco

Arrive by 8:45 to sign up to speak to the Commission on item 28. Shortly after public comments the Commission will address the issue and vote on it.

4 thoughts on “REMINDER: Wed Feb 1- CPUC meeting 9 am San Francisco”

  1. As if the people of California aren’t already paying an astronomical amount each month already, So. Calif. Edison and PGE now intend to put an additional financial burden on customers. All we are requesting is to keep our existing analog meters and not be charged additional fees. Now you plan to charge customers a $75.00 initial fee and an additional $10.00 initial fee each month? There is no justifiable reason for SCE and PGE to charge customers for the meters they have always had.
    The Smart Meters were and have been forced upon people in the first place. Customers were not even informed in advance that Smart Meters were going to be installed.

    Shame on you and I hope the lawyers do file suit against both companies for what you are doing to the customers. We spoke out and gave our opinions about the Smart Meters and you just did not want to listen.

  2. Can’t believe you are handing PGE ANOTHER bail-out after the gas pipeline blow-up where the taxpayer’s money didn’t do the repairs, now you are making the consumer
    pay for products they don’t want, don’t need, and can’t refuse. I WANT MY SMART METER OUT and if this proposed fee passes, for you as commissions to pay them.
    I want to know who paid you off.

  3. I am a lowly Central Valley Edison customer who won’t be at the meeting tomorrow in body, but will certainly be watching on the website. So far I have resisted the use of a cell phone at work and at home. Everyone knows I am crazy and I’m sure eventually one day I’ll be forced to have one. I’d like to resist as long as possible. The same goes for the “smart meters.” With the rise in infertility and endocrine disruptions, there may come a day when those surviving on this planet will have some say over their lives. Until then, dear PUC, you might be wise to reign in the enthusiasm of PG & E and Edison.

  4. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I cannot afford to pay an extra $10.00 a month for services I am NOT using! However, as a recent cancer survivor, I do not want to take changes with my health ~ so congrats PG&E and the CPUC for throwing me even further into poverty. Way to go! I’m sure you are extremely proud of yourselves for this decision. I can only hope the the lawyers are gearing up out there to take these people on. I’m happy to sign on to any class action lawsuit that gets filed with the courts.

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