PG&E supports analog meter option

In Reply Comments sent to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today PG&E declared its support of an analog meter option.  “PG&E supports approval of an analog meter option, in addition to the non-communicating radio-off option, in response to customers’ and parties’ continued requests for an analog meter alternative in Opening Comments, as well as in customers’ direct communications to PG&E and the Commission.

“PG&E has received the very clear message that some customers will only be satisfied with an analog meter option.”

This is a major concession from PG&E.  However, we still need the CPUC to hear loud and clear that we need:

  • a no cost analog opt-out, no initial or monthly fees
  • meters co-located in banks banned and restored to analogs
  • immediate restoration of analog meters for people suffering  health impacts
  • evidentiary hearings and investigation into RF health impacts
  • Community wide opt-outs and safe zones

It will be up to the Commission to decide what they do with PG&E’s concession and whether or not they will include an analog option, and whether or not that will apply to utilities statewide.

Listen to a short radio interview with Sandi Maurer from KSRO news.

6 thoughts on “PG&E supports analog meter option”

    In the words of President Kennedy: “When one man is unsafe in his home, no man is safe in his home”.

  2. Seems like it would cost more to monitor the analog meters. I think it would be plenty fair to provide a discount to those who opt for the smart meters.

  3. Someone should be informing the public about Holbeck Group and other companies putting microwave transmitters in chimneys (both real and fiberglass imitations) for the wireless phone network and DBTV, 4G internet, etc. Much more than Santa Claus is coming down everyone’s chimney these days and they seem completely oblivious to this ubiquitous threat.

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