PG&E backs down

PG&E restores power to customers refusing smart meter

Today PG&E restored power to customers who removed the smart meter and restored the analog meter on their homes.  They removed the meters because they or their children were suffering health problems since the new meters were installed.

Earlier today Diane from Calaveras County said PG&E contacted her and said they will “jump” her meter to deliver her electricity (till they can find an analog).  She said they’d estimate her bills and they will do the same for others.

Diane confirmed PG&E has now restored her electricity.  News from Santa Cruz County also confirms PG&E has backed down:  “Santa Cruz Smart Meter Rebels 1, PG&E 0”

They did not install the analog meter, instead they used this device (see photo below) which does not measure electricity.   SF Chronicle reports: “Moving to end an embarrassing standoff, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. on Friday said it would restore power to a small group of customers… and  that PG&E spokesman Greg Snapper said, “This is a temporary solution for a very unique circumstance”.


3 thoughts on “PG&E backs down”

  1. I think everyone knows what this means.

    What a great Christmas gift! I lit a candle to thank God for protecting these precious people, and asked Her again to work on hearts and minds that would unleash a product like this on the American – and international – public.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I know mine will be a lot better knowing this has ended in such a positive way. And thanks again to the heroes at EMF Safety Network, Stop Smart Meters, and all others who are lighting the way to a healthy and happy future.

  2. Go Santa Cruz!
    I’m calling PG$E in the morning to tell them we’re ready to opt in for a pair of jumpers. “Hot”, low, sleek profile, it’s the sexiest surrogate meter they’ve come up with yet, with unbeatable efficiency and inscrutable accuracy.

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