PG&E cuts power for Smart Meter refusal

This week PG&E has cut power to at least four homes for customers who removed Smart Meters and restored the analog utility meter. Bianca in Santa Cruz county told KSBW news that she restored the analog because her children, who’s bedroom is near the utility meter, were suffering from headaches and bloody noses since the Smart Meter was installed.

Accusing Diane of Calaveras County of tampering, PG&E workers turned off this grandmothers electricity on Monday shortly after noon. Diane removed the Smart Meter and restored the analog meter because she was having sleeping problems, heart palpitations and tinnitus. When PG&E arrived she called the sheriff who told her PG&E was supposed to show her the work orders and PG&E refused to show her any work orders.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) President Michael Peevey told a PG&E customer that he could have an analog meter back at the Commission business meeting on September 22, 2011.  EMF Safety Network lawyer Rose Zoia sent the following letter to PG&E in response.

Santa Cruz Supervisors recently grilled PG&E representative Wendy Sarsfield about PG&E’s actions calling them unbelievable and unacceptable. (see video)

PG&E Rep. “As soon as we can replace with a Smart Meter, the power will be restored.”

Supervisor: ” So you’re holding them hostage in order to make the point.”

PG&E Rep. ” This situation is because of the public safety issue that’s involved.”

Supervisor:” Its just a couple of weeks before the holidays. I would seriously hope that PG&E would take another look at their policy.

Supervisor:'”This can’t be right that we can have a public utility refusing utility service to somebody who wants service, who will pay for service, who’s wiling to have an analog meter. I am having trouble believing that that is actually a legal position for PG&E to take.”

With  the recent release of Jerry Days’ video Replacing a Smart Meter and the threat of more customers removing Smart Meters in California its likely this recent show of force by PG&E is an attempt to intimidate and quash the peoples movement to restore analog meters.  In a recent SF Chronicle article PG&E spokesperson Jeff Smith admitted, “If this dangerous practice is allowed to continue without some sort of consequence, other people could do the same thing, and that’s what we’re trying to deter.”


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  1. I want to thank EMF Safety Network for this excellent article and video of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, individuals that I am tremendously impressed with. Comparing these Supervisors with our own San Diego County Board of Supervisors who have been entirely unresponsive to this issue, is quite educational. I loved what they said and recommend that all site visitors watch the entire video clip above. The Supervisors articulated the problems of these suffering families and the public very clearly. It is clear that, in America, people should not have to choose from being made ill by smart meters or having no electricity – no refrigeration, heat, or light. That is absolutely barbaric of PG&E to act like this, with CPUC support, and is an example of why the CA utilities and the CPUC must be revamped, entirely.

  2. I too am suffering from tinnitus since my smart meter was installed. I can also attribute my high blood pressure, sinus problems, and fatigue to the list of issues that I suffer from my smart meter. My husband suffers from severe headaches, insomnia and fatigue. Can’t anyone stop these powerful utility companies? Their convenience seems to be more important than my health.

  3. Yikes! Go Board of Supervisors! Please help us.
    How could PG&E send that lady in as a sacrificial Lamb. Man, OH, Man! What a mess.
    I feel very sad for the people that are debilitated by the smart meters. I only have heart palpitations, and I try to think of it as an RF massage. I hope that the board of supervisors gets really going soon and stops this nonsense with letting PG&E hurt us, before my heart palpitation massage ends. Not sure what is after heart palpitation message, afraid to ask.
    Best wishes to our supervisors and hope SF supervisors are also watching and take action.

  4. Thank you, everyone at EMF Safety Network. You are helping to save the world, literally! These “smart” meters are dangerous in so many ways, and your site helps the rest of us learn the right way to go where smart meters are involved. There’s a learning curve involved, but we’re always going in the right direction, because we look to the truth to light the way.

    I hope all of you, readers included, have the best of holidays. I know it’s difficult, sometimes, given the seriousness of what we’re all facing. But God will get us all through, and we’ll be better than when we started on this journey. God bless you all!

  5. Corporate lies have never been more transparent. PG$E rep Wendy Sarsfield’s robotic, default answer to every question is public safety, to the conspicuous exclusion of public health. The egregious hypocrisy of the contrived safety issue is addressed specifically by Redi Kilowatt on Josh’s website:
    “PG&E is a two faced sack-of-dung. They claim that they are worried about a licensed electrician changing out their meters, when they let Wellington Energy come in with temporary unskilled non-electricians and change out millions of meters POST HASTE.
    The evidence is very clear, PG&E will make up any kind of lame excuse to satisfy their own inflated ego. But that one about a licensed electrician changing out a meter is more dangerous than an unskilled temporary laborer (a Wellington employee) changing out a meter takes the cake. Can anyone say “foot in mouth”. It’s history in the making for stupidity on the part of PG&E. They (PG&E) have gone “hog wild” this time, they need to be punished big time.”

    The language of the Energy Policy Act of 2005–from which both PG$E and the PUC get their marching orders–is clear and explicit that Smart Meters are optional, not mandatory, and that having one requires opting in, not out. The CPUC is an outlaw regulatory agency, just as PG&E is an outlaw utility. Following is the pertinent citation and wording of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, pages 371-372:
    Title XII — Electricity
    Subtitle E — Amendments to the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978
    Section 1252 — Smart Metering
    (a)Amendment to PURPA (16 U.S.C. 2621(d))
    “(14) Time based Metering and Communications
    Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of this
    paragraph, each electric utility shall offer each of its customer classes, and provide individual customers UPON CUSTOMER REQUEST, a time-based rate schedule under which the rate charged by the electric utility varies during different time periods and reflects the variance, if any, in the utility’s costs of generating and purchasing electricity at the wholesale level.

    “(C) Each electric utility subject to subparagraph (A) shall
    provide EACH CUSTOMER REQUESTING a time-based rate with a
    time-based meter capable of enabling the utility and customer
    to offer and receive such rate, respectively.

  6. Wendy, You did not do your Quota of Credibility Any Good service ..with your Posed and well rehearsed ”rebuttals ” to the Clear and concise questions that were Presented to you. YOU Know very well that you were “Chosen to Do this ”rebuttal’ because you were a woman..AND ”The Powers that BE..Figured That your “”Inquision”would go lighter because you were. You did not Show up as being too bright. If I were you I would position myself as far as the Moon… away and Subtracted from this Smart-meter Fiasco before it all blows up in your obviously gullible face. The Public Does know now that there is Much more than ‘meets the Eye’ as to WHY this Renegade agency ( PGand E ) has Forced these Health injurious meters onto our homes and is invading our very lives. Eavedropping on private citizens without Due process of Law..Is Still a Crime. So.. People ! Don`t stop until every one of these insidious meters are removed and Destroyed. They are people-Killers. Bloody noses of serious consequences..Dreadful headaches, Ringing in the ears, Dizziness, Weakness of Body strength, and Constant nausaea are just a few More obvious Dangers these D..Meters Are spraying out to us. I can only imagine what they are doing to our internal organs And Killing us by the Radiation they Constantly Emit Into our .. Homes and very Lives. It MUST be STOPPED. People..Unite !!

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