Opt-out OUTRAGE!

Today the President of the California the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Michael Peevey issued a Proposed Decision on what to do with the thousands of complaints against the (dumb, too smart, not smart, spy, murder, dirty, hazardous, merd, smeter)  microwave computer utility meters that companies are stealthily installing with support from government and environmentalists.

The CPUC, whose mission is to provide safe and reliable utility service at reasonable rates, and regulate the utilities has once again rubber stamped PG&E’s demands. Peevey’s proposed decision says we must pay $90 upfront and $15 a month for a “radio off” meter. Analog meters are not included.  The fees are an obvious punishment, and likely illegal.

What can we do about this outrage in California?  Here’s an idea: We can REFUSE to pay. Deduct it from the utility bill in protest.

Here’s what others think about the concept of opt-out:

“We should not have to pay for NO CHANGE in electric service. We don’t pay for not getting cable. We don’t pay for not getting satellite. We don’t pay for gas if we don’t use gas appliances. What the heck is going on when we have to pay MORE for something we don’t want, don’t need, won’t use and can’t get out of. When the vacuum salesman comes to the door, and I don’t want to buy a vacuum, I don’t buy it and he doesn’t get into my wallet.” Anonymous survey comment

Just removing the meter from our home I don’t think will restore the peace and freedom from harm. As you know with all the homes having the meters on them, the amount of radiation is substantial. I don’t think I am overstating this. I am beginning to think they are trying to do a slow kill, so we don’t wake up to it. It is interesting that some of us have a super sensitivity to the radiation while others no less being slowly harmed by it are clueless because they don’t sense anything. CMC, Riverside County CA

“These folks are way better organized than the power industry, they are creating converts every day and they’re not going to stop with a puny opt-out option.” Phil Carson, Editor-in-chief, Intelligent Utility Daily

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  1. I don’t care what Peevey has proposed! PGE is NOT going to install a dumbashell meter on my house! I’ll be keeping the analog meter that’s there and works fine, whatever it takes. I WILL NOT acccept a radio-off meter. First of all, from what I read, they still cause health issues in many individuals, and second, I don’t trust PGE in the slightest. Does anyone “get” that we’d have to trust them to not enable the radio at any time they’d please? Plus, it’s still dangerous in other ways…no need to go into it here. It’s just a matter of time before it’s proven illegal that they were installed without our express permission and therefore we can keep our analogs. I’m so sorry for all the people who are suffering due to the careless and illegal actions of the utilities. Please people, flood your representative with letters of bad experiences and reasons why you don’t want them!!!!! Thank you to all the activists who are working full time to stop this outrageous assault on our individual freedom of self-protection.

  2. Does anyone have more info. on the problems with “radio-off” meters, esp. for people who cannot tolerate radiofrequency emissions and high frequencies on the wiring? Details about these would help anyone trying to deal with their utilities for opt outs. Thanks.

  3. This is corrupt Corporatocracy…… I can read my own meter if need be and email in a picture. I WILL remove any smartmeter placed at my home and replace it with an analog and call or email in the reading.

    How many more explosions and accidents will there be without meter readers walking the beat? How many people will be sacrificed because they are electrosensitive? How many more will profit from our “private” life data? How many corporate goons are being enriched at everyones expense?

    Too big is a huge failure. Small IS beautiful, and sane LOCAL control is, well, sane.

  4. It still seems to me that this should become a LEGAL issue and I hope someone with expertise in that area is already hard at work preparing an appropriate lawsuit. You simply cannot charge people for something they are not receiving. I don’t have broken equipment and I don’t want anythinng new. I have always been very conservative with my electricity use and I simply cannot afford to pay $15.00 more a month when I am disabled and on a fixed income ~ especially when I am NOT using $15.00 worth of electricity. Please take this battle to the courts! PG&E may think it’s above the law, but it is not.

  5. My trash service comes by once a week and charges me (based on a weekly rate) $5 a week for trash pick up. This requires the driver to get out of his truck and position the can for the arm to pick up the can. Takes probably 2-3 minutes.
    And PG&E, wants to come by once a month and take the same or less time to read my meter and charge me 3 times as much for their stop to my house!
    And I do have an analog meter, still, since I went postal on the smartymeter install guy.
    So where does that leave us analog users?????

  6. “Radio off” are meters without transmitting antennas. They still add significant RF transients to the home wiring, aka dirty electricity. http://eon3emfblog.net/?p=2180
    Recently PG&E has been swapping out the Smart Meters for “radio off” meters for customers who’ve demanded the analog back. One customer was told by PG&E that they don’t make analogs anymore, so he accepted the alternative meter.

    Can anyone who’s had a radio off meter swapped comment on how they feel with it?

  7. Two weeks ago I sent PG&E a legal demand letter that they remove their Smart Meter in 30 days or I would have it switched out myself. They installed it more than a year ago over my objections and those living here have suffered since. Yesterday I had my first extended phone conversation with them during which the guy tried to talk me out of removing the meter: all the typical spin and ending with promising to shut off my power if I went ahead with my plan. He had reluctantly offered to shut off the RF but leave the SM there. After this call I searched several websites for help and info. Apparently they are bluffing about cutting one’s power as state utilities’ code prohibits them from disconnecting the service of a paying customer.

    In answer to Charyl Zehfus’ question about the hazards of a “radio off” meter, I learned about the switching mode power supply (SMPS) aspect of all SMs from this website: eon3EMFblog.net
    This function emits sharp spikes constantly as the SM “steps down” the AC current from the power pole to the DC that it requires to run its digital electronics system. These bursts travel throughout one’s entire house wiring and are thought to be causing the most havoc with our biology.

    We absolutely must have class action suits ASAP (witness Peevey’s cop out). Fighting to protect our health individually is imperative but we also need collective action.

  8. Marla, thanks for the info that “state utilities’ code prohibits them from disconnecting the service of a paying customer.” Good info for the next time they make their empty threats.

  9. I refused a “smart” meter at my home, so they sent a guy to install it; when I refused, he threatened, “Well, we’re gonna come back and put it in,” but I said I would never approve it and they haven’t come back since. After that, they left some prerecorded voice mails saying that they had urgent messages for me about my “smart” meter installation; I didn’t respond, and they didn’t pursue that either. So what I learned is that they will try anything to scare people into complying.
    A friend who works for the electricians’ union in Santa Rosa and said that PG&E has rationalized not even paying an agreed-upon union wage of $50/hour for electricians to have them install the meters. They are circumventing it and paying non-union people (possibly not licensed electricians, and they also looked like temps: no uniform, young, kind of clueless) around $10/hour because they say it’s “not electrician work.” HELLO: how is installing the main power source to your house anything *but* electrician work? So PG&E is just scamming everyone all around.

  10. As outrageous and disgusting as the suggestion is,the clarity this proposal creates is excellent. We can see the CPUC as an opponent of the people it is supposed to protect. Here is an opportunity for massive civil disobedience. No one should pay these fees and a legal challenge to them and the CPUC should continue.

  11. Person said “Smart Meter add RF pulses to the home wiring, aka dirty electricity. We don’t have enough personal accounts of people who have a radio off meter (PG&E is starting to install them for people complaining) to know how much a problem they still are. You could call Mark Torres and ask for this type of meter . Mark Torres number is: 415-973-8677 or call Laverne Mitchell at 415-973-2781.”

  12. RF transmitting function turned off, would still not eliminate the ‘dirty electricity’ flowing into the buildings wiring, and so would not prevent negative health effects in the buildings’s occupants.”

    Please visit this link and Scroll down and look for RF is off.


  13. We need thousands of us to file a class action suit against them all. Sue them by organization and personally, jointly and severally liable for this malfeasance. A lot of money could be raised and a good fearless Constitutional attorney could take this to the Federal courts. This is criminal battery. You’d think fair minded knowledgeable people would have checked this out for safety before installing, or at least in the aftermath of complaints, at the minimum, would have publicly stated, “Oops, we screwed up,” and ordered them taken off and replaced with the old analog meter than\t worked since Edison started the whole thing. We the people are going to have to, must join together and stop this in mass. These powerful people need to see the power of the masses joined together to stop these nefarious activities. Their might does not make right, our might can and must set it right. My head is sizzling as I type this, and has been sizzling for months since this Frankentein abortion meter has been installed. Having mentioned abortion that our government supports, killing them in the womb, they must feel that it doesn’t make any difference if they kill us out of the womb. This is criminal arrogance!

    I am ordering my EMF detector and checking out my home and my neighborhood and see just what the hell we are being subjected to. By the way, what are all the streaks in the sky emanating from a fleet of planes going across the Coachella sky every now and them leaving trails. If someone can tell me it is legitimate I’ll relax, but there are rumors of chemicals being released from these high flying planes. If so, what kind of chemicals? We don’t see trails usually coming from commercial jets or even military jets, so what the heck is it?

  14. The analog meters should be put back on and absolutely no charge no way for them back on and no extra charge for meter readers. If their goal is just to eliminate the meter readers there are plenty of ways to do that. For example a flat rate, and then readjusted once or twice a year, or I’ll read it with a photograph and email it in, etc., etc. But, this is not the real reason. The real reason is for control of us and it appears that SCE, PG&E, etc. do not care what danger they put us in to do the dumb smart grid and control of our private property.

    Was it Thomas Jefferson who said, that the people can be afraid of the government, or the government can be afraid of the people. Right now, for many, it looks like they, the government are creating more than enough fear and we the people must put a stop to it. This is unprecedented in a free society, the United States of America.

    We must stop Agenda 21, this is part of it. Kick the UN out of the United States, begin by stopping the funding. It has become entrenched in our local and county government, as well as the Federal government. We must all put down our pleasurable diversions and join the fight. End the pain now or suffer much worst consequences later.

  15. Peevey’s not listening! You don’t force something on people that they don’t want. I really thought the CPUC might do the right thing, and let those that want to keep their analogs, KEEP THEM!! Keeping your analog meter MUST BE AN OPTION, or people will continue to be outraged! PERIOD!!

  16. I’m ready to have my “smart” meter removed does anyone have a reference I can index on how to do it?

  17. So we have to pay to protect our health? (WRONG)

    So only rich people can afford to opt out? (WRONG…and illegal) This one, if properly publicized, could embarrass them into retracting the fees.

  18. I am doing everything I can to hold Peevey to account before a jury of our peers in federal court to hold Peevey individual liable for violations of peoples federal civil rights under color of state law. My suit is currently pending. This is just one of Peevey’s many civil crimes for which he should be held to account.

    But don’t expect justice from the CPUC, your local government officials [with the exception of some few municipalities], or the federal government, since this is all part of their plans adopted without public input by the investment bankers and hedge funds that currently rule this planet.

  19. We were just called by PG&E and heard a recorded message about the plan outlined by Peevey yesterday. It said since we are on the delay list, PG&E wanted to let us know about this latest plan which they implied would be the procedure going forward (just like they acted like their proposal would be how things will be). It told me to start thinking about which option I would go for on the Smart Meter and visit their website for more information.

    So expect a call with a recorded message that you will not be able to talk back to.

  20. We must remember that this is a “proposal” (written originally by PGE) which we must in a very organized fashion fight against with everything we have. Josh, Sandy, please offer concrete suggestions with contact information in order to expedite mass, coordinated, and affirmative action. This is reportedly still a democracy and we have a right to refuse installation of toxic and invasive devices upon our homes and property. My gratitude to all of you.

  21. Everyone can comment on Peevey’s Proposed Decision. How to comment

    The public can comment on the California Public Utilities Commission’s opt-out proposal by writing, emailing or calling the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office.

    San Francisco –
    Telephone: 866-849-8390 or 415-703-2074
    Email: public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov
    Postal Service: CPUC Public Advisor, 505 Van Ness Avenue, Room 2103, San Francisco, CA 94102

    Los Angeles –
    Telephone: 866-849-8391 or 213-576-7055
    Email: public.advisor.la@cpuc.ca.gov
    Postal Service: CPUC Public Advisor, 320 West 4th Street Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90013

    TTY 866-836-7825

    The public can make comments until the commission votes on the proposal, according to Christopher Chow, a spokesman for the California Public Utilities Commission.

  22. Upcoming CPUC meetings- which allow public comment of 1-2 minutes will be held December 1st and December 15th at 9am at 505 Van Ness in San Francisco. A special update meeting on PG&E’s ‘smart’ meter program will be held Friday, December 9, 2011 from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm at the CPUC Building Golden Gate Room (Ground Level) 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA

  23. Are we surprised. It is clear to me that Peevey supported PG&Es idea from the beginning. His mandate (abuse of presidential power in
    a democractic (maybe) commission to set up the bogus Opt Out.
    I have a few ideas, most done but we need to be rigid on this:
    1. Protect your meter with a box or cage. This is the only way to insure they can not install.
    2. Occupy Your House or Occupy your meter and send a message as such.
    This is about the 99%. This is our home, we have control, not a corporation or a runaway, undemocratic sold out “regulatory” commission with Shill Peevey at the top. Peevey should be fired! He is a disgrace. He is every man’s example of a sold out regulator with too too much power!
    3. Send complaints per addresses you put in the comments to CPUC.
    4. Complain to Governor Brown. Peevey’s process is undemocratic, unfair, violates our personal rights and our sovereign rights to our personal property.
    Peevey should be canned. The Opt out should be free and analog meters should be a central part of it. Be sure to say both these things to Brown. Letters are best but calls work too.
    5. Call police if Wellington shows up. Be sure to have no trespassing signs clearly marked and take a photo of them and send to EMF Safety and CPUC. Tell Wellington to leave. You have the right to tell anyone to leave your property.
    6. Go for the CARE aspect if you have limited funds and get a no cost opt out but do not allow a radio off smartmeter.
    7. Call the number (PG&E change out to official analog here) and have an official meter put in but stand their as the PG&E guy puts it in by appointment. No Wellington criminals may come on your property.
    8. Send the letter saying your home is not to be a site of surveillance or a substation. PG&E does not have your permission to do this. They are taking our rights and we damned well better stand against this bully Corporation and their shill CPUC, which in my opinion smells worse than cow or horse manure because
    something is rotting and I am afraid it is our rights.

    We need to raise a ruckus. PG&E has bought out every aspect of our democracy with donations to cities, Sheriffs etc. using our money to do this so they can put this unnecessary technology on our homes and override our authority and rights. We homeowners are not the power problem. It is businesses and they can monitor their power via loaned meters to adjust their use. This whole
    action is about setting a precedent (CORPORATION RULE OVER !)
    No the buck stops here
    Occupy your meter and say No Way!

  24. To Mike Boyd,

    Is your lawsuit individual, or could you expand it to a class action?
    Is your attorney working on contingency? If not, what is the cost up front?
    Until when is your suit pending?
    If you don’t expect justice from the federal government, then why are you suing in federal court?
    If you’re interested in having others join, how to contact you?


  25. They told me they would turn off my power if I didn’t submit to a Smartmeter. Now,
    I get to pay to change it back and get stiffed monthly. I wonder how much it costs to install an analog meter? Maybe will rent solar… Hmmm.

  26. This is an outrage but it doesn’t surprise me.
    Ever since Obama was elected we have seen multiple GMO’s approved by the USDA (Tom Vilsack is a known Monsanto hack) and a lawyer for Monsanto (Michael Taylor) appointed the head of Food Safety!
    Add to Obama’s destruction of our food supply is the infestation of wireless ‘Smart’ Meters across the country.
    Obama can be bought and controlled by the highest bidder and he has no qualms about it at all.
    We have elected a motivational speaker without a moral compass and this corrupt POS needs to be removed from Office.

  27. For Jan:

    In my town we found a licensed contractor who will switch out the SM for an analog for only $100. That includes the analog. Check around where you live. I sent my guy the definition of tampering because he was a bit wary of repercussions from PG&E. I’m also checking into buying solar stuff.

  28. I would like to know from others in this movement how to end my relationship with PG&E energy wise completely without arrest, having my power cut off and being extorted by the CPUC while the EMF technology gets more extensive in slowing killing me, my cat, my guy and my community.

  29. Wonder how reliable they are? Are they EMP proof? What happens when there’s a line surge?

    On them not shutting off your electricity if you don’t pay the bill in full, good luck on that one. They don’t care one whit about that rule.

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