Melted Smart Meter

A melted Smart Meter. From the Vancouver Sun, from a report by the Office of the Fire Marshal Fire Investigation Services in Ontario.

The Vancouver Sun reported ‘Unusual’ number of fires, smart meters linked, which is one of a succession of news reports on Smart Meter fires in Canada.

“Smart meter installations are the suspected cause of an “unusual” number of fires similar to a recent electrical fire at a home in Mission, according to a recent investigation by the Ontario fire marshal’s office.”

EMF Safety Network has been tracking Smart Meter related fires since 2010 when a Bakersfield business found a Smart Meter exploded…”Basically it was an explosion. I saw the meter on the ground and the face plate was blew off and the whole meter was blackened…”

Smart Meter related fires have been reported in the US, Canada and Australia.

2 thoughts on “Melted Smart Meter”

  1. Can we rewind for a second?
    Question: Who owns the analog meters, the safe reliable mechanical meters which amateur installers hired off Craigslist remove by stealth before they install a s/”meter” under hot load, which same procedure arcs & corrodes house wires?
    Answer: According to legal opinion, in BC the property owners own the analog meter.
    So … even before rendering notice of removal null & void by failing to seek permission to remove & destroy the property owner’s analog meter, BC Hydro also seems to have failed to notify customers of this legal fact of ownership rights.
    Did the original service agreement that property owners signed inform customers that they must be asked permission to remove what is in almost every case the owner’s analog meter? Did anyone inform customers that they have a choice?
    Further, BC Hydro customers are controlling interest owners of BC Hydro.
    So far despite all efforts to bankrupt this utility in order to privatize it, all BC Hydro customers are also majority shareholders in a Crown corporation which is accountable to the Provincial government, which in turn is 100% accountable to us, its shareholders in a publicly owned utility called BC Hydro.
    By virtue of this separate fact customer shareholders doubly own these analog meters.
    The old analog meters are also owned as private property fixtures.
    This means that removal of the owner’s analog meter by Corix or Hydro is illegal.
    While no recalibration or maintenance is offered on the meters we own, instead we are given the pretext of property removal as a prelude to an unavoidable no choice “upgrade”.
    How & why does this device microwave enabling transceiver which couples humans & all biology into the smart grid circuit as involuntary conductors qualify as an upgrade?
    How is it an upgrade at all when at the same time the frequencies this device enables vibrate loose structural contacts & firewall separations & corrode house wiring not designed to withstand either these frequencies or the corrosion inducing method of installation?
    Sounds more like a downgrade.
    That aside, the removal of the owner’s analog meter constitutes multiple illegal acts in and of itself.
    For example how is this removal not:
    Violation of the terms of Hydro rights of easement? Violation of the BC Trespass Act?
    Violation of property rights?
    Violation of the 99% property ownership rights laws?
    Theft & destruction of private property?
    Additionally there are other questions.
    Is it not true that these meters cannot be certified because they fail the test to qualify to be certified?
    Hydro insists that utilities are the only authorities in Canada which are qualified to certify these s/”meters”.
    What other components in the smart grid are not certified and how many of them are also are not certifiable?
    Hydro argues the so called meter doesn’t have to be CSA or UL certified because it is not a consumer product. If they are not consumer products why are consumers of electricity paying a billion dollars to purchase what are already several years old and obsolete Generation One devices?
    So how is it an upgrade to remove a privately owned measurement device in exchange for a non CSA UL approved, non insurable, data mining, radiation emitting, multiple & interchangeable frequencies enabling, hackable digital device, outfitted with re-programmable software?
    The software is apparently able to “estimate” micro surges for motor start ups for each 15 minute interval & use the highest spike per 15 minutes as the base line for estimating “usage” for that same 15 minutes.
    Since when is estimation based on frequency graphing the same thing as measurement of usage?
    How doesn’t this use of software beg the real question of whether a smart “meter” even qualifies under Measurement Canada laws as a measurement usage device at all?
    A bait and switch move is not the same thing as a safe meter.
    Lock up your analog meter.
    After all it is YOUR meter. It, you and your home & family need to be protected from tampering by untrained individuals paid on a bonus incentive system to behave, in many reported cases, no differently than delinquents carrying out a B&E by means of stealth, covert action &/or the use of lies, bullying &/or deception.

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