O Accountability, Where Art Thou?

Several weeks ago PG&E called Sebastopol notifying the city they planned to deploy Smart Meters in the city within weeks. PG&E wanted to speak to the council members, and refused to put anything in writing. Sebastopol’s response to PG&E was to adopt a resolution to: “Delay all Smart Meter installations and deployment in the city of Sebastopol until the CPUC has formally concluded phase 2 Smart Meter opt-out proceedings.

PG&E’s response?  “we believe such a blanket delay would disadvantage most of our customers in Sebastopol and cannot agree to your proposal.”

 Today EMF Safety Network filed a Motion with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in the Smart Meter Opt-Out proceeding to request judicial notice and defer Smart Meter installation in the City of  Sebastopol (Motion).

*     *     *     *     *

Here’s a readers response to PG&E:

“PG&E has refused to abide by the Sebastopol City Council’s request for a delay on SmartMeter installation until the Public Utilities Commission has reached a conclusion. Their rationale, according to PG&E spokesman Greg Snapper, is that, “We believe that individual choice rather than community opt-out strikes a good balance.” PG&E thus gives itself permission to act while a legally appointed agency’s ruling is pending.

Following this example, my neighbor can remodel his home before he has a permit. A hotel can be built in a residential community while a zoning hearing is happening. A factory discharging chemicals into the Russian River can be constructed while an environmental impact report is still pending. Eminent domain over demolition of homes for a highway can happen while the planning commission is in the process of meeting.

Think about it, folks. Everybody has permission, just like PG&E, to do whatever they please, whenever they please, however they please, and to hell with the rest of the community, town, city, state, nation and the world. It’s bad enough as it is. Do we have to make it worse?”