Make your own smart meter shield

Here’s something that is relatively inexpensive to make that you can use to shield smart meter for temporary situations. (see video below) We recommend restoring analog meters on your home, however there are situations where a temporary shield would come in handy.  These are not for long-term use.  Thanks Amy for the video!

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  1. Indiana we have a smart meter. My husband has had 3 heart atracks. I dont know if we have radiation or rf whatever problem. How do i find out it can be durle to our meter. I never new this even can be a problem. Its obbious people are having problems. Thanks

  2. What about the back and sides of the meter? What about the house wiring? Isn’t that the main source of the signal for wireless transmission? I’m not sure if a Faraday Cage can help. The biohazardous microwave tech in the smart meter has to be removed, but the million years contract with the centralized power companies is in full blossom.

  3. until I see proof that shungite works, and I have not, I will not use it.

  4. Seems to me the utility companies have made a ton of money by already charging $10.00 per household to not have to read a meter. SO, why not put the meter with the phone and cable.

  5. What is your opinion on putting shungite on your smart meter instead of the foil? Are you familiar with shungite? And have you heard of this method?

  6. The antennas are on the side of the meter, and theres metal plate behind the meter but the shield helps.

  7. My guestion similar to 1st one. What about side of SmartMeters that is uncovered and can’t get to? Wouldn’t that be emitting end as well?

  8. I live in central nc & this killer was placed on the wall of my home with out letting me know in fact they went over a fence to do this awful deed , and I am having health issues as a result & I have contacted duke energy on multiple occasions to no avail they act like i am crazy , my doc has written a letter stating that i am not to be exposed rf radiation and it was notarized , but where do I take it?? What can I do , I even called the nc utility commission, but they are in bed with duke energy, no help there.

  9. At my apartment, at night just turning on a wall switch, or touching anything for that matter sends blue electrical streaks through and along my arm. All my sheets are like full of electricity, it looks like lightening. Often day or night I visually see blue flashes of light, sort of like a camera making a flash for a picture. What can I say to my electric company before all the excessive electricity kills me? I looked up on my phone why does Researchers using nuero cam make subjects have pain. They agreed that long term use of heavy spurts of radio freguancy will cause cancer because it heats up the body. However, having or making the electriccompany return to analog meters could restrict unruley research’s access to the public. It seems that research is a criminal act these days with neural cam and nueral lace. However, can I sue the electric company for exposing me as a paying customer to research companies indiscrimanately?

  10. My smart meter puts off emissions inside my house; EMF readings are very high on the indoor wall where the meter is situated on the outside. Virginia Energy just laughed. I had to move my bed from the affected room. It appears that the conduit that goes from the box to the electric panel in the basement gives off a very large signal, in addition to the back of the smart meter. What do I say to the power company so that they will 1) swap out the new smart meter for the old style meter; 2) replace the box that contains the meter so I have adequate shielding inside my home; and 3) shield the two electric conduits that run to and from the meter box to the electric panel in my basement.

  11. I paid to have analog meter put on – ended up renting my house and paid my renters the $10/month fee as they said they didn’t care…. when they moved out 3 yrs later and I switched it back to my name… 2 days later (before I could move in) PG&E switched it back to a death meter without asking .
    They say it’s their policy and now want to start they extortion process all over again to take it off— is there anything I can do? I’m so frustrated .

  12. Nausea, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue all within the first month of having a smart meter installed.

    Turned my house into a microwave hell. I opted out and in spite of telling hydro quebec of our suffering and loss of enjoyment of our residence they sounded amused and make us wait a week for a tech to come and make the swap to analogue.

    Instead of offering compensation or apology they charge us 87 dollars.

    Insult on injury. I hope people rebel bigtime against this mass torture of the populations of the earth by these heartless monsters.

  13. If you are forced by our ‘freedom loving’ government to get a death meter- I mean smart meter, also try to improve your diet- traditional diets incorporated a lot of animal fats and organ meats, which also helped protect them from toxic environments. Check out Weston Price foundation for more info on the subject, eating better foods may help with electrical sensitivity. I don’t know, but it’s worth a try, and also be suspicious about how the government is always pushing veganism and vegetarianism. There is an agenda, and also a conspiracy. It’s about global depopulation, any way and every way! That is why we aren’t given a choice in this matter. The freemasonry death cults are in full force and trying to kill us all off.
    I’m going to try and shield the infernal thing with aluminum foil, but I will have to shield behind the wall too, since there is a hole where the stupid meter is and any tiny hole will let the RF out.
    Our government is lying to all of us! Smart meters are not safe. Neither are cellphones, baby monitors, wifi and all the other wireless out there.

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  15. What are you all talking about here?
    Shielding your smart meters?!
    Whatever for ?!?

  16. You can try layers of aluminum foil or screen, but be sure to test it with an RF meter. WIth that many meters on your wall you will be exposed to very high fields. Consider moving.

  17. I live in a condo and have 20 to 30 of these up against one of my bedroom walls. Is there anything I can do to block it from the inside? Something I can put up against the wall? Ideas?

  18. So I just got replaced the energy saving light bulbs in my house, with conventional 60/40w bulbs. The energy saving florecents contain mercury, just made bout ten of these shields, cost less than 5$ each to make. I gave one to my neighbor and my nephew and made one for my dad when I see him. Showed my brother in law the video and I gave him two one for the office he works in and the other for his home. Although 10% of the radiation can still make it through I thinks that is good because it shud still be able to communicate with the network. Just bought 4 dracena houseplants (#3 best for indoor pollution control) a majesty palm, and bout to go buy some Areca Palms (#1 best for indoor air pollution) according some study that I’ve seen.

  19. So I just ordered some cell phone protection and I know antenna for my Wi-Fi thing reduce the radiation now I’m trying to reduce my smart meter radiation and produce negative ions in my home.

  20. Yes, it is a very difficult problem, and unfortunately one the CPUC has not helped people with. 5 smart meters 1 and a half homes away can cause a person symptoms.

  21. Hi Sandi, I live in California and as there are 4 apartments right behind my house so there are 5 smart meters on one wall. This is brutal for the people in that apartment and though I am about 1.5 house lenths away, I still feel sick. I would love to make 5 shields but cannot afford them and covering just mine won’t be of much help. Do you know if meters a distance away are as bad? It isn’t on my house at all. This must be a huge problem in apartment complexes!

  22. Can this method be adapted to an outside ‘smart’ gas meter? In Chicago, we have no choice in having the gas company install these meters. Can I use the materials in an outdoor setting?

  23. First, try to get it restored to analog meter. If not, you might cover it with aluminum foil!

  24. If I put a shield on my smart meter, isn’t the electric company just going to remove it? Can they get their data if I shield it?

  25. I am being forced to pay 10$/month by PGE and $75 upfront. Really I am being forced into a smart meter, because PGE seems to have a monopoly and I am trying to research other companies. I have been calling the public advisor at the public utilities commission 1866-849-8390. I was told to speak with Sherly Lee at 1415-703-2059. I feel it is a safety issue and am wondering why so many of us are getting cancer… young ones…..We need to look to Europe and our research on Cells and DNA reactions

  26. The before and after measurements are taken from the outside, however I would be interested in knowing the before and after measured on the inside of the house in various locations. I am assuming that the meter emits frequencies in all directions. You don’t live outside your house and the shield only protects from frequencies trying to pass the shield. So how is the shield effective for frequencies moving from the meter inside the house?

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