An Electronic Silent Spring by Katie Singer

An Electronic Silent Spring CoverKatie Singer is a gifted writer and has authored a new book, “An Electronic Silent Spring”.  The book features fifty physicists, electrical engineers, biologists, MDs, medical implant patients, lawyers, policy makers, mothers and business people who speak about the impact of electromagnetic radiation on human health and wildlife.  This book is impeccably referenced and includes solutions for everyone from newcomers and longtime activists.  It is published by Rudolph Steiner/Portal Books.

“An Electric Silent Spring illuminates how human-made electricity and wireless devices impact bee colonies, birds, cows and human cell structure. It describes actions we can each take to reduce and mitigate the harm caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile devices. This is an important and thoughtful book for every person concerned about the environment and human health.” -Kenny Ausubel, Co-CEO and Founder, Bioneers

“A must-read for those of us rushing heedlessly into the wireless age. Katie Singer describes the dangers of EMFs in a way that goes beyond the science with moving personal stories.” -Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Traditions

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Katie Singer is a medical journalist, an author of The Garden of Fertility, Honoring Our Cycles, and a novel, The Wholeness of a Broken Heart. Learn more about Katie’s EMF work by visiting her website:

5 thoughts on “An Electronic Silent Spring by Katie Singer”

  1. I am reading now your book The Wholeness of a Broken Heart. I was in the middle of a move, and your book disappeared. I just found it and grabbed it up. Wonderful, wonderful.

    Looking at your subsequent books brings me to the same thing we have been following. Your work goes in the same direction, and my does too, but you are going forward and I am going backward. You are pointing out where we are heading, and I am growing back to “goodness,” so to speak. I call my approach “Never obsolete.”

    We can talk about those things when we can speak on the phone. My number is: 510-525-7502. Won’t you call me? I really think we must get together.


  2. katie singer (in this book) has produced a landmark in an extraordinarily challenging and rapidly developing field. As the cover comes off of the 50 year coverup of the toxic effects of emf and electro-sensitization…a stunning body of research and knowledge…all developed in spite of a quarter billion dollar per year expenditure by military, corporate and telecom investitures…and the guacamole is rapidly hitting the proverbial fan as people dump their cell phones/ wifi and get the hell out of dodge…with their pets…before they fry.

    The conspiracy theory/ whacko labeling long the mantras of cell manufacturers and wireless technology psychopaths unravels quickly in the face of this science…but it’s too overwhelming for all but the physicists…even for this physicist…it’s overwhelming.

    Katie, in this book, combines a steeply honed journalistic sporty of words coupled with a stunningly capable mind and deep understanding of the research and players in the field.

    If you’re looking for the one book to get yourself started…and you’d best be getting started…even if you are already…this one is a must…this is it.

    The most comprehensive overview published to date.

    Ps…I don’t know Katie from Adam…though I assume they’re not the same person. But 21 years as a severe electrosensitive, researcher, wild lands Refugee and networker makes me one of the best qualified critiques you’ll find. You won’t find better than this.

    Congratulations, girl…keep on firing.

    Gary Duncan…director
    Smart Shelter Network (Colorado/Utah)

  3. Katie –
    Thank U for letting me know I am NOT crazy.
    People just brush me off when I say I don’t think I want wifi in my place………for health reasons.
    The Coast to Coast show confirmed many things I have been suspecting………..and way more.
    Thank U very much.

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