Dr. Oz: Could your smart phone cause cancer in kids?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Lisa Thornton talk about how wireless devices are affecting kids’ health. Dr. Thornton is a pediatrician and the Medical Director of Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation at the Kids’ Rehab in Chicago. She says our children are in danger. This video is now unavailable.

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  1. My mom is a doctor and one she said that in 80-s there was a man at Hospital with double tail sperm. He used cell phone already for 10 years.

    But at that time cell phones had more strong digital signal.

  2. The fourier transform shows the frequency content of a fast rising edge (in the voltage/current domain) for a digital signal. Since digital signals rise very fast the number of sinusoidal frequencies that are produced are very vast. (digital pulses in the voltage/current time domain are formed by sinusoidal frequencies. The faster the rise time of the pulse, the more sinusoidal frequencies. The probability of sinusoidal frequencies created that hit upon a sensitive biological frequency receiver grow immensely rapidly as the repetition rate of the digital signal increases. Current repetition rates of cellular digital signals make generate a plethora of frequencies. Blue tooth and Wi Fi exhibit the same effect.

    Refer to the introductory paper by Dr. Ross Adey, UCB, “The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”: My interpretation is that the biological interneural communication system is listening for very low intensity important biological signals (frequencies) coming down the axon from neurons. These biological systems amplify important frequencies greatly in order to effectively pass along appropriate signals for biological activity, (for example to signal the immune system that there is an attack that needs attention).

    When a man made digital signal (particularly the plethora of sinusoidal frequencies generated by the fast rise time of the digital pulse,every digital “one” is a pulse that rises from logical 0 to logical 1 in voltage extremely rapidly) impacts this sensitive biological system, then the interneural communication system is logically swamped and potentially jammed.

    When the interneural communication system is swamped or “jammed”, the biological response is stress. Under stress the body limits its activity to “flight and fight”. One of the subsystems that is dropped during this stress situation is the immune system. Proper interneural communication to the bodies defense against disease etc. theoretically can be compromised.

    For this effect, since the body amplifies key biological effects, it’s not so much the intensity of non ionizing radiation that is important, as is the plethora of sinusoidal radio signals. The higher the number of sinusoidal radio signals that comprise the rising edge of a digital voltage/current level, the higher the probability of hitting on or close enough to the high Q (highly selective amplification) biological amplifiers.

    With the higher data rates of digital signals, cellular, blue tooth, wifi, etc. the digital rise times are required to jump faster and faster in order to be up then down and ready for the next logical “one”, at repetition rates of a million million rising edges per second.

    Distance might help since if the plethora of signals does not hit exactly on the biologically sensitive frequencies, a strong signal might still be amplified if it falls near the peak amplification,but still along the slope of the fast rising Q (triangular shaped amplifier).

    There are other reports of direct action. For example the US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment was closed down by the Gingrich lead congress in 1994.
    Prior to being closed down the Office issued the statement logical cells are affected by environmental electromagnetic fields’. I personally remember reading the report and hearing that the Office was closed down. This left Europe as the remaining center for knowledge on the subject.

    It doesn’t take a report to understand, given knowledge of what goes into the creation of a high repetition rate digital signal, and neuroscience, at the level of College educated electrical engineers and biologists, to reason that high speed digital microwave communications systems are a poorly considered concept.

    Beyond all the more complicated interactions being considered, this simple concept is quite obvious. Unfortunately it takes a very expensive spectrum analyzer for the lay person to visually see the frequency content of a fast rising edge electrical pulse. It is very common for electrical engineers to consider this problem in day to day design considerations. Unfortunately that profession has a dearth of biologically educated people to put both factors together. It’s an elephant in the room.

    Education sources to google: ‘fourier transform of fast rising pulse edges’, ‘sum and difference frequencies’, papers by Dr. Ross Adey including “Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”, etc.
    and “Warning, Electricity May Be A Hazard To Your Health”, Sugarman (which reports on one event during the State of CA Epidemiology Task Force on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, 1990-1994), as well as State of CA 1989 report on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, CA Energy Commission, CA PUC, CA Health Department joint effort. My efforts to find remaining copies of the latter report, 3 inches thick, 8″x 11″ came up blank by the mid 90s to my knowledge. I had stupidly donated my copy to the Napa CA library where it was subsequently discarded in less than 6 months along with a file containing more State of CA information on the subject.

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