College project: 90 days without cell phone, social media

Jake Reilly, a college student gave up his cell phone and computer for 90 days. No texting, facebook, email, twitter etc. What he learned changed his life. He writes, “Everything was so much simpler, I had relationships with people, not profiles.”
“I had nothing but time on my hands.” “I was immeasurably more calm and peaceful.”
After doing it for 90 days, I didn’t want it to be over.” Here’s his video:


5 thoughts on “College project: 90 days without cell phone, social media”

  1. Beautiful, Sandi! Just beautiful! I gave up my cell phone and office dect phone a year ago….and the world did not crash!

  2. One thing that was different – Jake’s brain and other organs weren’t constantly being bombarded with radiation! This is a refreshing approach, and I hope others follow his example, for however long a time they can. (:

  3. Good news for the weekend; bad news for anyone who wants to slap a radiation-spewing meter on the side of your house! Why is the U. S. government still allowing these untested-for-human-safety electric meters to be installed all across America? Since Americans coughed up over FOUR BILLION dollars for this disastrous boondoggle, I think they deserve answers!

    [UK] Smart meters for energy to be voluntary

    Plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed have been shelved over health and privacy fears.

    By Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent

    [United Kingdom] “Officials are devising plans to allow people to reject the smart meters, which communicate remotely from households to energy companies.

    “The move is a victory for campaign groups and backbench MPs, who raised concerns with ministers that the devices emit electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day and cannot be turned off.


    “There has been a public outcry recently about the potential health effects of smart meters in the US and Canada.


    “Campaigners are worried about the build-up of [radiation-emitting] devices in the home.

    “Some people claim to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields, saying it gives them symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and headaches.

    “In America, utility companies have been hit with multi-million dollar class action lawsuits [emphasis mine] from people who have had the devices installed in their homes.


    “…protesters point to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s opposition to the devices.

    “Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central, is now urging the Government to say whether smart meters will come with health warnings.

    “Charles Hendry, the energy minister, said: ‘We believe people will benefit from having smart meters. But we will not make them obligatory.’”

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