Mass tort lawsuit filed over smart meter health injuries

gavel-judgementAttorneys David Kyle and Paul Overett have filed a mass tort lawsuit against two California utilities:  Southern California Edison (SCE) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) for health damages from exposure to smart meters, and or smart grid.  Also named in the lawsuit are smart meter installer companies, Corix and Wellington and smart meter manufacturers, Itron and Landis and Gyr, with possibly more defendants to be added as the lawsuit progresses.

Attorney David Kyle has previously won a small claims lawsuit against SCE over smart meter installation, and  settled with PG&E in a wrongful death suit involving an alleged smart meter fire.

Sixteen plaintiffs, ten SCE customers and six PG&E customers allege they suffered health effects ranging from headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears, dizziness, heart palpitations, to heart attacks and medical implant interference from exposure to smart meters.

The suit alleges the defendants withheld important safety information associated with the use of smart meters as well as multiple violations of CA laws, including California Civil Code section 1710 which defines deceit as an untrue assertion or suppression of a fact so as to mislead.

Plaintiffs allege negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and deceit, and products liability.

Elizabeth Barris, organizer for the lawsuit invites customers from other California utilities, including municipally run utilities, whose health has been effected by smart meters or smart grid to join the lawsuit. Elizabeth can be contacted at 310-281-9639 or email:

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  1. My SM made me very ill. I’ve refused to pay the opt out extortion fee to my CA utility. They’ve threatened me for three years with potential disconnection, but have not yet. My plan is for a small claims action if they try. Legal assistance would be much appreciated if that happens.
    My guess is the class action suit has stalled due to the CPUC opt out decision?

  2. I’m having all the symptoms mentioned in the many comments listed above do you know of a law firm in San Antonio that may take this case?
    I’m about to lose my mind my head hurts ears never stop ringing can’t sleep and my eyes crust over every night so I can’t see in the morning I had 20/20 vision. I am more than willing to go public and am sure I can find more victims in this area .

  3. My family & I live in London England,& we have a council run apartment.Therefore our local council is our landlord.Yesterday we received a letter informing us that, from January the 30th a company called Energy Assets will be installing Smart meters on behalf of a company called,UKPN.Not only our home but the entire block.We have not been asked for our advice,there has been no consultation what so ever.It would seem that we have no rights at all.And after reading some of the letters on your page,we are becoming rather worried.Can you please advice us,on what we can do to stop this from happening.Thanking you in advance Mr Laurence Donohoe.

  4. Ryan, the court deferred to the California Public Utilities Commission…we have an appeal pending there on smart meters and unlawful fees since January 2015.

  5. What was the result of this suit? We have a landis gyr meter on our home and had devastating health effects since it was unknowingly installed on our home

  6. These meters are just straight up evil. After SoCalGas installed their new crap meters in January my health went right down the toilet. Constant tinnitus, chest pains, panic attacks, insomnia. I am convinced they are contributing to the epileptic seizures my sister’s dog is having. I am going to order covers for both their meters to help block the radiation coming off of them, but it won’t do anything to reduce the constant humming I hear all the time. These things suck and I hope any utility installing them winds up having to pay millions of dollars for the misery they are causing.

  7. We were forced, after 4 doctors confirmed that the digital meter on our home has intensified and made me deteroriate healthwise to being in a wheelchair. Since my husband put the analog meter on the house when he found the digital meter was the problems, Consumers , Mr. Dennis McKee, came over and said if I didn’t take a digital meter my power would be turned off. I am perm. disabled, had a “stroke” and no one can get my power back—with THE ANALOG METER. The last 2 years I suffered terribly from the digital meter intensified my health problems. Can the energy company force me to take a meter that will harm me as my improvement was almost over night or do I live without electricity?Mr McKee of Consumers Energy terrorized us by forcing her to have a meter that could do her more harm or have no power with winter on the way.How legal is all this? Mr. McKee is making this personal as we got a public mtg. together about the health effects and I believe this is retaliation. what country do we live in? Jaime Jaime

  8. I have been trying to sale my home for almost a year now, i got a Edison’s biggest High Voltage Tower on my next parcel, my last escrow just got canceled for inspection showing EMF at 10 and 11 Gs.
    Can I sue Edison for DEVALUATION OF MY PROPERTY?

    mANVEL sOLAKIAN 818 381 7722

  9. For two months I have had severe problems with high pitched frequencies in my home, resonating from the four smart meters (gas and electric) that are attached to my home (or neighbors’ homes). I am unable to relax, or sleep in my home–and have had to resort to sleeping at someone else’s home.
    I am constantly tired, where before I was energetic. I am ill as well with Lyme disease and Babesia Duncani (incurred due to a tick bite in December of 2012). I am on four antibiotics and have to pay out of pocket to see specialist. I was getting/feeling better; but now am getting sicker (as my immune system seems depleted).
    I DO want to join the class action lawsuit. I live in Davis California and have PG&E. I am thinking of going with propane and going off grid (as I do have solar PVCs about 12 total). I try hard to do the right thing, but my health is at stake and PG&E is callus to say the least.

  10. A smart meter was installed on our home aprox. 3 years ago while we were away from home. I am a 55 year old female and have always felt great!! I started having diarrhea every day going on 2 years!!, I had every test at my doctor’s, and they couldn’t find the problem. This is devastating! I get very dizzy, can’t think straight, feel confused, severe insomnia, and very forgetful!! I was having tingling in my arms, hands and legs, and I get nauseas, . I know it’s the smart because we took a week trip a lot of this went away. I am going to have them take this off our our home! I am going to join in the class action lawsuit. My husband is having very strange symptoms as well. It’s horrible to go through this.

  11. since the neighbors have put in smart meters all around this house , i have been dizzy, ill at my stomache, major teeth and gum problems,had a whirwind fall,broke my hip and left groin muscle,i am foggy minded and now dyslexic,i am deeply concerened about what affects my dog,baby choctaw is getting, he is super sensitive and all animals are specially gifted with keen sense ,sight and smell, beyond humans,i can not concentrate ,i can not sleep,it has been 9 months of hell,
    why can’t we make smart meters a weopon of mass destruction and illegally installed in all 50 states,these are military,and never past any fire marshall laws or tests,fire hazards, the cities are being set up to burn,once the elite has collected all resources from mother earth,ghostdancers

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