FCC seeks comments on wireless risks

FCCThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees the “safety guidelines” for public exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation (wireless) from a myriad of common devices now in use in many homes and communities.  Industry routinely points to these guidelines as proof of safety, however they were only designed to protect from thermal harm, and only for thirty minutes of exposure.

A majority of wireless devices, (cordless phones, cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi routers, baby monitors, smart meters and more) constantly emit RF radiation, 24/7.

The FCC says it’s now taking another look at their guidelines, (See FCC proposal) These guidelines were created in 1996 and they have not been reassessed since then. They also state they “have confidence in the current exposure limits and notes that more recent international standards have a similar basis.”

Phillip Janquart of Courthouse News Service recently wrote an article on this issue and he recognized the BioInitiative 2012 Report, “with over 1800 new scientific studies, indicating current guidelines are inadequate to protect the public from physical harm, which warns that cell phone users, pregnant women and young children are at particular risk.”  He further noted the following:

“There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma (a tumor near the ear) with use of mobile and cordless phones. Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency should be classified as a human carcinogen,” Dr. Lennart Hardell, of Orebro University in Sweden.

New studies also purportedly link phone radiation to sperm damage, according to the BioInitiative report.

“Even a cell phone in the pocket or on a belt may harm sperm DNA, result in misshapen sperm, and impair fertility in men. Laptop computers with wireless Internet connections can damage DNA in sperm,” according to the BioInitiative report.

The report added there is “strong evidence” that EMFs can increase the risk for autism and alter brain development of fetuses.

“This has been linked to both animal and human studies to hyperactivity, learning and behavior problems,” according to the BioInitiative report.

Dr. David O. Carpenter, co-author of the BioInitiative report, said “there is now much more evidence of risks to health affecting billions of people world-wide. The status quo is not acceptable in light of the evidence for harm.”

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The FCC does not want to impose an “undue burden on industry”, but is seeking comments on whether the limits should be “more restrictive, less restrictive or remain the same,” but purely as a matter of “good government.”

The EMF Safety Network will be submitting comments on this proposal which are are due by Sept. 3, 2013.  More on this subject later…

3 thoughts on “FCC seeks comments on wireless risks”

  1. When will this mass extortion stop,$350.00 gas bills in the summer really who’s running heat flat out crooks.At this time I would like to know who’s saving money,cause it damn sure ain’t my 83 old mother…I hope you all fall down the hole you crawled out of.$299.00 electric bills in the summer yall done lost yall damn minds if you think for a minute this is going to continue…When I find a way to stop them,I’m telling everyone.

  2. My smart meter is Killing me .I was in perfect health I never take meds , no diabetes, no obesity, no heart issues , no allergies , no high blood pressure.
    I eat only non GMO organic food drink alkaline water, do yoga, swim and walk several miles a day . Now my brain wants to explode my eyes burn my heart palpitations my insomnia my teeth hurt just to name a few
    I want my old analog meter back now !

  3. Smartmeters were installed in our apartment building over 2 years ago. Since then, many of us have disturbed sleep patterns – especially, around 3am when all the meters seem to surge.

    Before the installation, I could sleep 8 – 9 hours; after installation, 4-5 hours at best.

    My friend on the 2nd floor developed tinnitus very soon after installation.

    These so-called Smartmeters have ruined our quality of life.

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