Chicago utility peddles free ice cream to children to promote smart meters

smartmeter Ice-cream_2A Chicago utility is scooping real low to promote smart meters by driving a red ice cream truck passing out free ice cream cones to children and families.  They must be hoping for easy access to deploy their cancer causing fire starters.  Beware of the armed guard.

  • Stop Smart Meters list of flavors:
  • Vanilla Grid
  • Chocolate Implanted Chip
  • No-Privacy Pistachio
  • Smart Metered Mint
  • Surveillance Sherbert
  • Radiating Raspberry
  • Cancer Peppermint Stick
  • Burning House Brownie Fudge
  • Bugged Blueberry
  • Controlled Creamy Caramel
  • An assortment of Intelligence Gathering Ice Cream bar

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One thought on “Chicago utility peddles free ice cream to children to promote smart meters”

  1. Is it ultimately about DNA?
    I was listening a few days ago, online, to a radio interview from mid-2013 with
    Dr. Jennifer Daniels by radio host Deanna Spingola [based in a Chicago suburb] in which Dr. Daniels, a medical doctor, was speaking about vaccines, and viruses which attach to human DNA and when the DNA replicates itself, it includes replication of the virus or viruses as well, meaning that the DNA is altered permanently.
    The discussion branched to public concerns about GMO foods, and Dr. Daniels made a remarkably percipient observation that I want to share with you.

    Dr. Jennifer Daniels suggestedthat there is an over arching concern [my terms, this is what I understood Dr. Daniels to have said] uniting the fragmented organized resistance movements including anti-GMO, anti-fluoridation, anti-vaccine anti-wifi-smart meters, etc. movements, which collectively are a reaction to an onslaught,[and I would add: by a hostile elite] on human DNA; fragmentedly these movements are
    all saying: Leave My DNA Alone!

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