Brainwashing vs. Brainwashing: Eastern and Western World views and Wireless Woes

By Patricia Burke, 9/9/2019.
A few months ago, while lying on the acupuncture table, I broke my nose. Understanding how and why that happened, and the danger it presents, could change everything.

Brain-Washing: Timeless Ayurvedic Knowledge and Wisdom

Chiropractor and Ayurvedic expert Dr. John Doulliard has written a number of articles about ancient medicine’s practices of “brainwashing.”

But he isn’t referring to the kind of brainwashing that Westerners think of when they hear the word. He is speaking about practices developed by Indian sages, thousands of years ago, to support the cerebral-spinal fluid’s action in detoxifying the brain.

I have written numerous articles on the new discovery of lymphatic vessels that drain 3 pounds of toxins annually from the brain while you sleep at night, but this understanding is just the tip of a massive health-promoting iceberg—and I am super excited to share these latest developments regarding the best ways to detox your brain.

For me, the most exciting part is how the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, which directly addressed brain cleansing, are now being supported by new studies linking cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow to brain lymph drainage.

Dr. Douillard goes into further detail about the glymphatic system recently “discovered” by modern science in his article, “The Brain Cleansing Process.”

Brain States: Cool, Cushioned, and Lubricated, or Overheated, Compressed, and Dehydrated?

In addition to detoxification responsibilities, while studying yogic anatomy, I learned from one of my mentors, Swami Nirmalananda, that the cerebral-spinal fluid flows up and over the top of the head to perform 3 functions:

  • To cool the brain
  • To lubricate the brain
  • To cushion the brain

When the human energy field detects what it perceives to be a dangerous frequency in the electromagnetic environment, is it responding with a mechanical defense strategy that inhibits this process?

I propose that a remarkable thing happens. Alongside the other well-known components of the fight-or-flight response, the bony plates in the skull can contract in order to create a protective helmet-like physical barrier to protect the brain.  At the same time, the sac that surrounds the heart (the pericardium) can tighten up in order to act as a shock absorber.

Why does the body do this?

Because nature endowed humanity with an emergency response system for a danger found in nature – a lightning strike?

Is Exposure to Wireless Technology Interfering With The Brain’s Natural Inborn Process of Detoxification?

I believe that exposures to artificial man-made pulsed radio frequencies powering wireless devices are eliciting this “helmet-forming response” in at least some portion of the population.

In some cases, symptom onset is immediate as well as relentless, including urgent thirst, heat, headache, anxiety, sudden nosebleed, ringing in the ears, eyesight challenges, and cognitive difficulties.

Many of these symptoms were already being reported, but ignored, when new wireless smart meters and smart grid infrastructure was installed in the United States beginning back in 2009. The symptoms continue to be reported today in association with increasing wireless exposures in different parts of the country and around the world.Artwork by Brian Narelle

At this point in time, the symptoms may be misdiagnosed as anxiety in an adult, or oppositional defiant disorder in a young child, and treated with drugs, when in fact the patient’s issue is microwave poisoning.

In the long run, this perfect storm of a toxic brain most likely not only destroys health, but also leads to disease.  If this mechanism and its cause is directly tied to the enormous cost and emotional toll of caring for older adults with neurological illnesses and dementias, now being reported in even younger age groups, now is the time for a course correction regarding the wireless consumer and surveillance society.


Possible interactive factors that have contributed to the increases in Total Neorological Deaths may be related to the emerging increase in “early-onset dementia,” that could be related to lifestyle changes, rather than wider environmental factors, such as greater alcohol dependence and possible drug-related neurological disturbances but would this have so markedly affected the over 75’s rates.[ ] Moreover, the extent of “early dementias,” often seen in people under 60, was virtually unknown 30 or more years ago and the more than doubling of the over 75’s TND rates in the US within just 20 years, suggests that interactive multiple environmental and lifestyle factors are operating.

The nature of any environmental factors are uncertain but there have been major environmental changes; including increased population, economic activity, substantial rises in road and air travel; increased home technology involving background electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers), which are unique to these later years and these possible environmental factors cannot be ignored, especially as they probably interact. This list of possible features might be described as “modern living” and the USA is the epitome of “modern living.”

If the brain’s inborn defense against man-made frequencies is also tied to increases in autism and Asperger’s, and to increases in childhood illnesses including allergies, asthma, ADHD, cancer, and behavior issues, as a society we are criminally negligent not to stop and question the assumptions we hold about radio frequency “science.”

One of the Many Way We Remain Brainwashed: Muscles vs. Meridians vs. The AMA

The Western medicine model recognizes that muscles contract to move bones, but without an understanding of the Meridian System of Oriental Medicine, it is difficult to comprehend that the 22 bony plates in the skull have “a mind of their own” and can move. Looking the Gallbladder Meridian alone, it becomes obvious that there is a plausible explanation. In concert with the other Yang meridians, the puzzle pieces can fall into place.

Cranial sacral practitioners and many chiropractors know that the cranial bones move in and out of alignment, and so do their patients.

Back in the 1960s, the Eastern masters who traveled across the world to share their teachings could not tell their students that stretching a particular muscle could affect a certain organ or gland, or that a headstand could detoxify the brain because they would have been imprisoned for practicing medicine without a license. Yet they planted the seeds, with one teacher stating, “the future of the planet depends on Western women waking up to the urgent need for a course correction in the consumer culture. Put the postures in their bodies and the wisdom will re-emerge.”

Are we as a society now able to consider that Eastern practices including Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Yoga may allow the practitioner to detect and address imbalances in the energy field before they manifest as illness?

Can we consider that the meridian system developed in China over 5,000 years ago reveals a vast body of insight about constitutional strengths and weaknesses that form the foundation of self-care and health maintenance? (This was achieved through observation, without torturing any laboratory animals or engaging in societal exposures amounting to experimentation without knowledge and consent). Could we consider the 60-year luni-solar agricultural calendar against our expanding fear of and lack of recognition of the planet’s cycles?

Rather than being extolled to “Tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease,” what if we were to recognize and reclaim our own self-care capabilities?

Although a course correction is being forged in the areas of chemicals, pesticides, and plastics, the assault by wireless frequency is still expanding exponentially. New products promising more convenience, like self-driving cars and smart diapers, are competing with our consciousness and our collective conscience. This is further compounded by involuntary exposures to wireless being introduced due to new infrastructure.

Much of Western medicine developed as the result of warfare, unlike the devotional and reverential practices that resulted in insights about how to harmonize human endeavor with Natural Law.  Now that science can verify that electrons through the meridians, [1] can we ask: Does man-made radiation also follow these pathways, unleashing unseen harm?

Another Way We Are Brainwashed: The FCC, the FDA, the Mass Media, The Industry

The FCC, which is responsible for oversight of the wireless industry, has recently announced that it is going to investigate claims by the Chicago Tribune that some cellphones have been found to exceed FCC exposure guidelines. The FCC will investigate these claims by doing what they have always done to test phones – they will take the internal temperature of a plastic dummy head filled with the equivalent of Jell-O.  As shown in artwork created by activist Flo Freshman and colleagues, “The FCC has been protecting plastic heads since 1996.”

The FDA has now joined the FCC effort with plans to develop artificial tissue samples in the laboratory for test use.

Can we as a society admit that none of this testing answers the question of whether or not our use of wireless technologies is safe for humans or the environment, and that the FCC is unsuited for this task?

Carl Sagan noted, ” We’ve arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces. I mean, who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it.”

Do we know enough to know that we have gone too far with wireless?

More Brain-Washing by Experts: The Tobacco Scientists, and Psychologists Like Stacy Eltiti and “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity”

Psychologists like Stacy Eltiti are proponents of the Nocebo theory, claiming that provocation tests are proof that wireless is not harmful. Researchers test whether participants can reliably state whether or not a cellphone base-station frequency is on or off.  (For an explanation of the research done in Essex and the harm that it caused to some of the participants, see the documentary film Resonance, Beings of Frequency by James Russell.)[2]Independent non-industry funded researchers and physicians including Beatrice Golumb, Magda Havas, Dominique Belpomme, Olle Johansson, Deitrich Klinghardt, Sam Milham the late Dr. William Rea, and others have provided expertise regarding the diagnosis and treatment of EHS.

Initially, the patient needs to be stabilized. (Even driving to Stacy Eltiti’s research lab could already place a patient in fight or flight). Then the researcher introduces one frequency, and measures the physiological response. Then the researcher tests another frequency. Then the researcher determines which frequencies, if any, are affecting the individual (cordless phone, WiFi, cellphone, smart meter, base station).

This is the scientific way to evaluate reactivity. Biomarkers of harm and oxidative stress have also been identified in EHS patients.

In addition, populations that have demonstrated a measurable reduction in symptoms when their environment is electro-sanitized include Lyme, MCS, and MS patients, and autistic children.

Stacy Eltiti’s research only indicates whether or not a person believes that a frequency is on. It does not indicate that frequency is not causing harm. We don’t test tobacco, or asbestos, or lead with provocation studies. And, like radio frequencies, we used these products with abandon, until we stopped believing the corrupted science provided by the industries involved. They are the work of “tobacco scientists” – mercenary researchers in the pockets of harmful industries.

Given that huge numbers of Americans may be walking around with their head in a vice grip caused by exposure to wireless technologies and not know it, as well as experiencing damage to the blood brain barrier, provocation studies are a primitive and inaccurate approach to the research question of health damage.

Actual tobacco scientists like Peter Valberg serve as health experts for the wireless industry, enabling the National Conference of State Legislators can tell politicians that these technologies are safe. [3]

In a constant state of overcharge and reactivity, within a competition-driven culture, most Americans do not posses the skillset to be able to perceive that the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system has been hijacked by stress. This was, however, the domain of the yogis, who were in essence practicing the deepest form of ecology. They were purifying their bodies to be more efficient conduits of the universal energy field, and they recognized that it was sourced from the sun and encoded in time. The gift of their knowledge is ours, if we choose.

How I Broke My Nose on the Acupuncture Table

After falling into a deep sleep on the acupuncture table one afternoon, I was jolted awake by a high-pitched frequency that I hear several times a day and also during the night.

Needles had been placed in acupuncture points under my eyes (on Stomach Meridian) to treat my sinuses.  As I awoke with my heart pounding, the bones in my head and face instantaneously contracted to protect my brain. The needle on my right cheek flew out of place, while the needle in my left cheek was driven deeper into my face. The force of the bones in my face attempting to clamp down, and meeting an immovable object (the needle), broke the bridge of my nose.

When I visited my chiropractor, he could track the injury in the unusual pattern of misplaced bones in my face. Now, when I am awoken several times a night by frequencies, that place of injury in my sinus still makes a popping noise, and my frame drum will also pop.

When these facial bones repeatedly contract, any point of stress or imbalance in the head or face will be re-activated and weakened, including a misaligned jaw, sinus, ear, or eye condition.

Is it a weather satellite, or the utility company, or surveillance, or the commuter rail WiFi or the town’s solar that is inadequately filtered, or a neighbor’s WiFi, or the celltower that pummels my head at 11 pm, 2 am, 5:30 am, 7:15 am, and most of the morning and afternoon?  If this suffering were being inflicted on American citizens by another nation, it would be considered an act of war.

In an un-corrupted society, a course correction regarding wireless technologies would have already taken place. A citizen experiencing harm would be able to ask for an investigation into the source of the offending frequencies, and be entitled to sovereignty over their own biology.

Sleep deprivation is a recognized form of torture and prohibited by international law. We have the capability to monitor sleep and exposures at the same time. We can verify the suffering of our neighbors and friends, who are the canaries in the coalmine.

Those individuals who detect both the presence, and the danger of microwave radio frequencies are dismissed – by those who benefit from keeping society in the dark.

Addiction and Fear Hijacks the Brain and the Soul

As the vernal equinox approaches, unnoticed by most, mystics reflect on the balance of darkness and light as a metaphor for the balance between destruction and saving grace. Eighteen years ago, after September 11, the traumatized world reached for unprecedented connectivity that also enabled unprecedented surveillance.  

The goal of yoga is liberation. The ancients observed the natural world, noting that the moth cannot resist the open flame. An elephant can’t turn away from the seduction of rolling in mud on a hot a day. Pounding the earth makes the deer run, seeking to join its herd. Bees are drawn to flowers. Creatures are hunted and captured by seducing their senses.  The ancients taught that the senses were to be mastered.

Perhaps never before has a planet enslaved its young so extensively in the throes of addiction, to all that is enabled by wireless technologies. We have not given safe passage and protection from predators to our youth, and electronic cigarettes are not the only problem. We could change this.

Jump Time

Cultural anthropologist Jean Houston is the author of the book Jump Time.

In this optimistic look at the future, Houston characterizes our era as “jump time” — a pivotal moment in history where we can harvest the genius of the human race in new ways of being, knowing, relating, governing, and believing.

On September 1, it was announced that “U.S. Air Force to spend $31 million to research ‘bioeffects’ of directed energy weapons.”

According to the Air Force Research Laboratory’s website (link opens in PDF), DEBR aims to quantify the effects of directed energy weapons (optical radiation, radio frequency radiation, microwave radiation, and electromagnetic propagation) in order to “develop non-lethal weapons and the defensive means to protect our own men and women from this type of weapon.”


5G (fifth generation) telecommunications is not sustainable. Many of the initiatives under consideration to address climate change, ranging from smart grids to telemedicine to New Green Deals, do not recognize the need to restore and preserve the natural electromagnetic environment. Yet. But as more insight evolves about the true nature of health and healing, we might find our way back to the garden.

The Air Force could begin its research by providing secure housing, transportation, and jobs for those who are already underwater from microwave poisoning. The offices of acupuncture practitioners need to be shielded, to prevent the needles from acting as antennas and driving ambient radiation into their patients.  Health care facilities could be just the beginning.

There is a smoking gun. We’ve been lying to ourselves since 1976.  Over 42 years is long enough.

Artwork courtesy Flo Freshman

About the Author/Disclaimer: Patricia Burke is an American writer who lived in Southeast Asia as a child and was exposed to and immersed in Eastern traditions from an early age. She is also a “thunder walker”, meaning that she is a survivor of a lightning strike. She has not slept through the night since 2008 due to radio frequency exposures and dirty electricity.  Based on her unique perspective, she is proposing in this article that:

  • exposure to wireless devices elicits the lightning strike response involving tightening of bones in the skull in some portion of the population
  • that this response can be verified through measurable tests
  • that this response is the basis of many of the symptoms being reported by individuals who recognize that they are adversely affected by microwave radiation powering wireless technologies (EHS – electromagnetic hypersensitivity)
  • that this response to a recognized threat by the body is linked to many symptoms and illnesses in the general population that have not yet been recognized to be caused by exposure to man-made wireless radio- frequencies interfering
  • that this phenomenon of a toxic brain is linked to a continuum of diseases across the age span, from autism to Alzheimer’s that can be prevented via appropriate environmental and human rights protections
  • She is not a medical practitioner. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The author declares no conflict of interest or financial ties.)


[1] HEALTH: Does Free Electrons Flow Through Specific Acupuncture Meridians? As published in AcupunctureToday by Dwight Chien, Alumni Member ESATM
[2] ResonanceBeings of Frequency is the first documentary to investigate the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. … Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are suffused with them. Our cells communicate using electromagnetic frequencies.