Australia Smart Meter Forum: Wireless effects on health

From Stop Smart Meters Australia: “Nicole Bijlsma, author of Healthy Home, Healthy Family, a Building Biologistand founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies, presented a moving account of the effects of increased electromagnetic radiation levels on the population and, in particular, on children. She said that our children are the “canaries in the mine”. Nicole pointed to overseas standards for radio frequency emissions which have been set at a fraction of our standards. She called for urgent action on smart meters, saying that smart meter emissions affect the population in their home, the one place in which children were able to rest and should be safe. Nicole said that already 30,000 papers have been produced on electromagnetic radiation in the last 30 years. “By the time the data is available [on smart meter effects], it may be too late.”

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  1. Thank you Stop Smart Meters Australia for educating the public on this very important issue. I am a former academic clinical researcher, now a full-time Mum battling the challenges of protecting an electrohypersensitive child from the ever increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation in our environment. My child’s immune-mediated skin diseases resolved completely when we reduced the EMR levels at home. I wonder how many thousands of steroid-dependent children are out there who just need removal of the environmental offender, EMR, instead of masking symptoms with medication.
    There is an absolute abuse of microwave/radiowave EMR out there despite hundreds of scientific studies indicating potentially serious biological effects.

  2. I would just like to comment on what I have heard so far – a few minutes into the forum. Marc Florio says that smart meters is a ‘new’ technology – which it is – but the energy it uses – microwave radiation – has been around for almost 100 years. Since 1924 it was found to cause adverse biological effects eg. tumours in plants, and for the past 8 decades has continued to cause serious health problems. His second point, that ‘some’ people are adversely affected, is also not entirely the full picture. Since 1976 both the American and Russian governments agreed that microwave radiation affects everyone, it is lethal. In 2000 the New Zealand doctor, Dr Neil Cherry confirmed yet again in his report, more than 122 research studies found evidence that microwave radiation causes cell death in all flora and fauna on earth, and damages every organ in the human body. It is the biggest open secret since World War 11 that this radiation is genotoxic. Yes, some people are more sensitive and feel the effects more, but everyone is affected, whether they ‘feel’ it or not. Smart Meters are detrimental to health because of the microwave radiation they operate with, and there is no living person. no living thing, which is not damaged by exposure to this radiation.

  3. Finally broke down and had 2 Smart Meters installed in my Duplex in October 2014….The 2 Analog Meters were costing me $660 a Year Fee….B.C.Hydro calls it a Legacy Fee….another Money Grab for the Mega Corporation. SINCE THEN ANOTHER HEALTH PROBLEM HAS Emerged…Constant Humm that sounds like a Diesel Engine. …nobody Else can hear it….I had B.C.Hydro check Transformer outside House…No avail….Did Research. ….Check out the…..Worldwide research is being done on this white noise EAR Sensitivity… causes Headaches & sleeplessness. ..How about a a Class Action Suit against the Mega Corporations. …..Will they Finally listen?Respond to Emfsafetynetwork. ……..No Response to date from this Newsletter or Network. …..Have you given up!?

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