Speak Up! Oppose Smart Meters and Extortion “Opt-Out” Fees at the CPUC on Thursday April 18th 9:30 am

From Stop Smart Meters: We need to continue to tell the CPUC that smart meters and their mesh network are unacceptable and should be recalled!  Come to the next business meeting in San Francisco!

At the last CPUC meeting, Commissioner Florio stated that, “We will not tolerate consumer abuses in any shape or form.”

That is really fantastic news. Let’s hold the PUC at their word.  They can start by taking action against current utility abuses such as:

  •  giving people who pay hundreds of dollars to ‘opt out’ a wireless- transmitting ‘trojan horse’ meter that looks like an analog meter (especially SCE)
  •  threatening to disconnect people who insist on their right to an analog meter
  •   forcing people to spend 1-2 or more hours on the phone simply to “opt out”
  •  failing to respect the democratic decisions and laws of local governments who represent the public in the areas these companies do business
  • threatening homeowners with analog meters who let their dogs out in their own yard with disconnection of their electricity (SDG&E)
  •  refusing to remove smart meters mounted on the wall even with a doctors’ recommendation (do the utilities know better than our doctor what is a health threat?)
  •  allowing smart meter surveillance and selling the collected data to third parties
  •  using our homes for commercial purposes (mesh network) without informed consent
  •  lying about how often smart meters transmit pulsed radiation
  •   forcing smart meters on businesses without informed choice or consent
  •  utility employees spying on activists and then forwarding ill-gotten messages to CPUC staff who do nothing about it?

We look forward to this brave new CPUC who is willing to stand up for the rights of the public.  Let’s hold them to their word.

April 18th 9:30am (arrive by 9:15am) CPUC Meeting 505 Van Ness Ave. (at McAllister) in San Francisco.  Members of the public are guaranteed at least 1 minute to speak if they arrive before the end of public comment.