Time magazine on EMF Injured: “Searching for a Golden Cage”

Time magazine writes, “In our increasingly interconnected world, technology feels inescapable. But what if the same devices that are supposed to make our lives easier were actually threatening our health?”

Watch the TIME’s video here:  http://time.com/golden-cage/

Daphna Tachover writes, “When I got sick, about 4.5 years ago, I contacted  Nadav who is an accomplished international Photo-Journalist and also a childhood friend. I called him on the phone and told him what happened to me and we had a long conversation. I was sad & disappointed as it sounded as if he does not believe me. I could not understand how a person who knows me so well for so many years is doubting me…. A year later he called me and said he wants to make a movie about it.”

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3 thoughts on “Time magazine on EMF Injured: “Searching for a Golden Cage””

  1. I think the MCS community is aware of EHS, and there is some education (Dr.Magda Havas) on EMF’s/dirty electricity and MS.

    I am very skeptical of far-infrared. I don’t know, but considering its electromagnetic frequencies…maybe if it’s used very carefully therapeutically? They are finally issuing black box warnings on tanning beds… As for me, I’m avoiding the far infrared. Sandi

  2. Hi, do you know if anything is being done to enlighten those with MS that the possible roots of their conditions were EMFs?

    Ditto for other AI sufferers such as Lupus, FM, CFS, Eczema, ad nauseum.
    Instead they’re all neatly labelled & compartmentalized, like the story of blind men & elephant, and yes, the vast majority have been falling for it.

    Also, have any of those with EHS and/or Lyme (etc) tried this:

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