One thought on “Smart Meters: Forced Installation, Energy Usage and Higher Bills”

  1. My Feb bill from bge Maryland was $540. I have solar panels leave on top of that. My smart net meter was installed at n Nov and we didn’t know that until this week. Beginning on n December my husband started complaining that we had to work at saving electricity as our bills were going up. Jan it was 1.5 time the previous years usage for the same timeframe. The February bill is more than double the same time last year from a daily average of 65 kWh to over 147.5 kWh daily average. Prior to the solar panel installation and new high efficiency heat pump our largest bill was 340. Bge is supposed to come out and test our meter Bill t what else could it be. The heating system was tested and verified it is working properly. I will be interested to see what bge says after the testing.

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