Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart

by Warren Woodward, Sedona, Arizona ~ May 31, 2017

Some people weren’t satisfied that my last video was proof enough that “smart” meters affect the human heart. They want to see me get tortured repeatedly, and they want to see others get tortured.

According to one skeptic, I may have had a condition that just happened to coincide with the “smart” meter transmission. How did he know my secret? I must confess I do have a condition. It’s called being healthy, and what the video showed is what happens when a healthy heart gets zapped by a “smart” meter.

Part II of EKG Proof That “Smart” Meters Affect the Human Heart shows that the results of the first video are repeatable. There’s another victim in the video too, so it should be obvious to all that “smart” meters affect everyone. If it’s not obvious to you then hook yourself up to an EKG and hang out near a “smart” meter; I’ve done it enough.

Some people were also concerned that the “smart” meter may have interfered with the EKG device itself and not the human heart. So we have a segment showing what happens when the “smart” meter transmits with the EKG running but with no human hooked up to it. Spoiler alert: nothing happens!

Can we get “smart” meters removed now, or do I have to show someone getting a heart attack?

6 thoughts on “Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart”

  1. I have one too and tried to get them to give back my analog meter and boy did they keep trying to lie to me. My meter was old – didn’t work they threw it out. I said bullshit- they last over 40 years, it’s been 10, quit lying. I’d done my homework though and finally got the one in charge to agree to change it back. She says I have to sign some paperwork which she will send and I said so why didn’t you need that signature to remove my meter behind my back and install this abomination? No answer. She tells me it will be a one time fee of $125.00 to change it back and $25.00 extra a month. I can barely swing that if I eat beans a couple of nights a week. I wrote down the amounts while arguing with her. Paperwork comes and it’s 250.00 to change it back and $60.00 extra a week. I can’t do it. She was such a nasty piece of work and they know these cause heart attacks and must have protection from lawsuits. I had a heart attack and 1 stint put in and she just scoffed. I would look into farady cage. Something is coming back to me. A very large magnet under it or taped on top of it for an hour or so will really mess it up. I will look into that angle. I had no heart pain before attack but now I do. I’m a retired nurse and sounds like they messed up as first thing, well only thing they did right off the bat was give me aspirin. Then they started me on Plavix to keep my blood cells from attacking the stent. Watch the lady doctor who testifies on 5G on youtube, blue scarf, and what she says about how they make rats diabetic to study it.

  2. I had a WIDOWMAKER (N-STEMI) Heart attack, 3 months after moving in to an apartment where an entire bank of smart meters was on the outside wall of my bedroom. Seems it was a clotting issue with my blood…and they also determined I was DIABETIC!! I had been on a low carb diet, doing cleansing, had no arterial issues was ALWAYS QUITE HEALTHY, until the moment i had this heart attack. 2 stents installed, 45 minutes later in ICU, my blood attacked the stents, clotting and causing a 100% blockage and I flatlined. I was resuscitated obviously, and recovered…had no idea about smart meter health effects and dangers, this was 2016. I moved from that apartment in 2017. Fast forward to 2019…my mother had a stroke and I came to care for her. 2 months in,I had another heart attack. When I started learning about smart meters, I came to realize that our smart meter is RIGHT OUTSIDE my bedroom window on a post, and the direction of pulses goes out sideways, thus right into my room. AND its in an area (carport)surrounded by metal siding so whatever its putting out is bouncing all over and probably magnifying and now Im really on a mission to learn all I can and try to get rid of this damned meter and all that it implies…

  3. Hi my step dad died from a freak a heart attack last November the smart meter at there’s in the kitchen where the bins are, he was the one who emptied the bins, would there be any evidence this could of caused his death

  4. Warren, I sleep about 10 feet above a smart meter at a new tonhome im living in. I’m going to request to have it removed, but until then what do you recommend I do to protect myself?? Thanks and God bless!

  5. Why are you limiting this test to smart meters? Doesn’t WiFi use similar frequencies for transmissions? And cell phones? Cordless phones? Walkie talkies? Radio and tv broadcasts? Were any of these active during these tests? Do you have similar tests for those other emf sources by themselves?

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