Smart Meter Health Impacts- Testimony

From Maryland Smart Meter Awareness:  “Garic Schoen submitted testimony to the members of the Economic Matters Committee on March 14, 2013, the date of HB 1038 Smart Meter Opt Out without Penalty hearing.  Mr. Schoen experienced adverse health effects following a Smart Meter installation, as documented by his doctor and physical therapist. Upon removal, those adverse health effects stopped.”

One thought on “Smart Meter Health Impacts- Testimony”

  1. The utility companies should pay for uninstalling their untested radiation-emitting meters, and should pay reparations to all victims who suffered personal or property damage as a result of the involuntary installation of the meters. Future meters should only be installed if the homeowner signs a waiver releasing the utility company from responsibility for any ensuing harm to person or property. If the home is sold the new owner should likewise have to sign a waiver, or have the meters uninstalled. Meters should not be allowed on any commercial property or rental units. Finally, utility company top executives should be arrested for their crimes, private utility companies disbanded, and true public utilities be instituted at the municipal, county, state or regional level.

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