Smart meter extortion in Illinois: pay $21.53 a month to delay the inevitable

extortionUtility customers in Illinois can delay smart meter installations on their home by paying $21.53 a month…but eventually everyone will be forced to have a smart meter, according to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Sky Vision Solutions reports the ICC has ordered ComEd to install new wireless smart meters for all customers over a ten-year period.  “If customers make the decision to refuse a [smart] meter now and incur monthly charges associated with this choice, it should be with full knowledge that this refusal is simply deferring the inevitable,” the ICC said in its order.  Beginning in 2022 the ICC has stated that customers will receive the smart meters regardless of whether they want them or not.

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3 thoughts on “Smart meter extortion in Illinois: pay $21.53 a month to delay the inevitable”

  1. So the ICC says we must have a very dangerous, radiation emitting, eavesdropping device attached to our homes. I will half to introduce the ICC to a court of law to issue an injunction for installing these devices that cause harm to home occupants. There are enough studies done that clearly show people being affected by these meters.

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