Restore the Analog Meters!

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    California Public Utilities Commission
    505 Van Ness Avenue
    San Francisco, California 94102

    This letter is to inform you that as a California utility customer, I demand the removal of wireless utility meters, and wireless Smart Grid infrastructure and an immediate restoration of analog utility meters.

    The World Health Organization has classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields (wireless) a possible carcinogen. It is a violation of our rights to force the installation of wireless devices upon utility customers without fair process of public or environmental review, or proof of safety.

    I demand an investigation and evidentiary hearings into the safety impacts of wireless meters, including over billing, interference, burned out appliances, fires and explosions, and health complaints. The people of California deserve an opportunity to be heard.

    Paying to opt-out is an inadequate responses to the problems consumers are experiencing. A pay to opt-out option is only available to the wealthy. This option is not equitable and therefore may be illegal. In addition, paying to opt out of a safety hazard is wrong.

    We are already paying more for the Smart Meter that we don't want. We want the same reliable service of an analog meter with a meter reader, and at no additional cost.

    Impose an immediate moratorium on wireless utility meters and provide immediate relief by restoring the analog meters!

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter!

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