Save the analog meters in Maine

Maine Utilities New Smart Meter Scam

Simmering in the background with little notice since early 2019, Central Maine Power Company’s (CMP’s) proposal to get rid of analog electric utility meters opened for public comment at the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC). The comment period ends Monday the 22nd. (Docket 2019-00044)

In 2011 the MPUC ordered CMP to provide two “opt out” alternatives for customers who didn’t want the controversial smart meters, an electromechanical (analog) meter, and a “radio off” smart meter. CMP was ordered to retain enough analog meters for the opt out customers. At that time they had 600,000 analog meters.

CMP now claims they are out of analog meters. They are proposing to only offer “solid state” meters. Solid state meters are in fact smart meters. “CMP appears to have violated their requirement to keep enough electromechanical meters for opt out customers”, said Ed Friedman, spokesperson for the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters. “If they truly “misplaced” or scrapped the approximately 594,500 meters not being used by current opt out customers, they need to be held accountable.” he added.

Former State Representative Andrea Boland pointed out CMP’s history of vacant pretenses of expertise and failures. “Now”,she said, “they set out to again dissemble and deceive in an attempt to convince the MPUC that smart meters are not smart meters and the order permitting opt-outs by customers (even at a hefty monthly penalty) is not a valid order.”

Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters wants to save the analogs because smart meters, including “radio off” smart meters, create dirty electricity which is a heath hazard.

Elisa Boxer, one of the original complainants to the MPUC in 2011 said: “We presented evidence from engineers and other experts that digital solid-state meters were not an acceptable alternative to analogs for several reasons, including the emission of transients onto the home wiring. Voltage transients, otherwise known as one type of “dirty electricity,” are spikes of electromagnetic interference (EMI) that travel along the wiring in the walls and have been implicated in cancer cases worldwide.” (see Woodward & Harding oscilloscope comparisons)

Woodward & Harding-Power Quality Comparison: Smart Meter v Analog
These emissions from home wiring may be one reason why smart meters have had such devastating health effects. Dr. Beatrice Golumb MD PhD, Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego said:  “Our survey study shows this smart meter induced electrical sensitivity often led to catastrophic impacts in the lives of those affected”. She requested the PUC “please ensure purely analog electromechanical meters remain available for those who wish them”, citing this as an issue of importance for the health of vulnerable members of the public.
Golumb, 2020, EMF Medical Conference 2021
Dr. Albert Manville, retired wildlife biologist specializing in bird impacts from towers, powerlines and wireless radiation wrote: “concerns with smart meters (with or without transmitters) include radiation sensitivity, cancers and other health problems caused by the radiation frequencies, issues with dirty electricity, high maintenance costs, privacy and hacking concerns, fire dangers, and unfair opt-out fees we pay each month (at best, our meter is read every other month but we’re billed each month – double dipping).”

Thanks to: Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the smart meter removed. Be sure to sleep at least 6ft away from where the meter is, even an analog.

  2. Thank you so much for this info and what you do! After coming to realize we were switched to a “smart” meter in 2019 with out our giving consent or even knowledge and connecting symptoms my 13 year old daughter has been experiencing (her head is on the other side of the meter), I called and demanded it be removed and replaced with the analog we consented to. They originally said they did not have the old analog meters anymore, and said they would replace it with a digital meter that was not a “smart” meter. After a little research I quickly realized what was going on and that the digital was in fact still a “smart” meter that still exposed our family to EMIs. I called back and had to loose my sh*t a little, but the next day the we had an analog meter. They also refunded me the 40$ fee they charged me for putting the analog back in after I confirmed I never gave consent and threatened to sue them for the health affects this has had on our EMF sensitive family (we all have Lyme). I was previously told the 40$ was un-waivable when I told them I would not pay a fee to put our analog back in when I never consented to it’s removal or replacement to a different technology with known health detriments. As a health professional I am appalled with CMP/Maine Utilities Commission for pulling this sh*t!!!! Proven to cause cancer worldwide, it’s absolutely sick that this was approved and implemented without ANY informed consent!!!!

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