Peevey OKs Analogs!

On Thursday September 22, at the California Public Utilities Commission business meeting, President Michael Peevey told Chandu Vyas, who’s been suffering from headaches, that he could talk to PG&E and they would provide that he “could go back to the analog meter”. President Peevey directed Mr. Vyas to contact Mr. Sidney Bob Dietz, whose number is: 415-973-5921.

If you want to remove your Smart Meter and have an analog restored, contact Mr. Dietz, or contact Thomas Bottorff,  415-973-3889.

President Peevey could not just allow Mr. Vyas his analog, without allowing others, right?

4 thoughts on “Peevey OKs Analogs!”

  1. Although President Peevey told Mr. Vyas he could have the analog back, PG&E has not compiled with the President’s announcement. PG&E replaced the Smart Meter with a different type of digital meter a GE I 210, which is likely a power line carrier (PLC) meter, not the analog. No accountability for what the CPUC offered and what PG&E delivered.

    You could call Peevey’s office at 415-703-3703 and tell them you would like your analog meter returned based on Peevey’s announcement at the CPUC business meeting. Ask who at SCE will help you. It helpful overall to keep pressure on them to make good on their words.

  2. Am in SCE land and would like to know who the contact is in the utility monopoly here that one can contact re getting my analog meter (or as sce so smoothly call it my “legacy” meter) back?
    Thanks much!

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