One thought on “Melted smart meter at heart of SF house fire”

  1. Smart meters are just chock full of horrible surprises, aren’t they? But I wanted to share some good news. Last night, my husband and I spoke in front of a local city council. The council, at the end of the meeting, talked about a resolution to at least ask for answers from the power company. After what I’ve seen from other cities, we were very heartened by that response.

    We also distributed what I call “Smart Meter Survival Kits.” They are gallon size ziplocks with a sign inside that says “DO NOT REPLACE METER. We refuse the smart meter due to health and privacy issues.” Also inside are several sheets explaining what makes smart meters so dangerous, and numbers and websites that will help people either avoid getting a smart meter, or what to do if they already have one. We handed out around 40, and probably already have that many more people around here refusing a meter (I think and hope I’m seriously underestimating that number, since we’ve had a letter to the editor and an article based on a previous visit to another local city).

    Keep up the good work, everyone. We are, slowly but surely, going to save as many people as possible from the smart meter debacle. They’re so bad that I think, eventually, every single one of them is going to have to be removed. And we’re going to speed up that process considerably!

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