15 thoughts on “Replacing your smart meter”

  1. I currently have a complaint registered with the CPUC and SDGE. A SDGE representative lady had the nerve to tell me these meters were mandated by the CPUC and I told her not to lie to me, that I knew different. I put in a request to change it back to an analog meter and will keep people posted so as they know how to deal with SDGE and their utility companies. I can be emailed at “my name” at cox dot net if you’d like to communicate. I’m going back to analog one way or the other, or I’m getting solar and having the meter removed alltogether.

  2. I knew there was going to be a way to combat these not so smart “smart meters” – thanks – we all need to get on the band wagon and get this done – I am so tired of being told what I can and cannot have or do – I want our democracy back –

  3. Thankyou for your information and suggestions, my wife has been suffering all
    manner of upsets and sleepl depravition since BCHydro installed the ‘Stupidmeter’
    just prior to Easter weekend. I am going to implement as many recommendations as humanly possible. I thought we were alone.

  4. I have a question. What if people put grid tied solar on their house? We’ve been told that it needs to be a digital smart meter to be able to work it in reverse. All the solar systems I’ve installed have these meters, so I’m trying to figure out what issue will each customer have, what issues might they have and what issues won’t they have?

  5. The meters do not need to be smart meters to run with solar. I am told analogs can be used.
    Inverters need to be set back and away from wherever people spend time. Inverters can also add RF to the wiring…I’ve heard Sunny Boy are not so bad. Wireless transmitters on the panels is a problem, can that be eliminated?

  6. I loved seeing this description of how to replace a wireless meter with an analog meter. It was a very thorough explanation, but I still don’t know that I would trust myself to handle the replacement. I would probably choose to hire an electrician to handle this job for me.

  7. I just changed to analog from smart meter and the EMF reading is much higher in analog. I wonder what happened! Edison won’t give me back my $75 even though it was done 3 hours ago if I go back to smart meter. Is there something wrong with analog meter or did Edison not install the true analog?

  8. I’m doing this, they replaced my meter just a month ago and I have had severe headaches almost daily and my bill doubled. I want to only give them 14days notice bc of their meter casing headaches and sleep disturbance and other things.
    Thank you for all this info

  9. Dear Sir,
    Would you please send me the documents to protect
    my rights in objection to utility co. to have us use
    a smart meter.
    I tried to have public library to print off documents off
    link offered by Mr. Jerry Day from Freedom Taker.com,
    but, library assistant, stated security in computer wouldn’t
    allow it. Would like the document on forced vacinations, as
    well. Address: Julie Magaha
    659 McCauley Dr.
    Augusta, WV 26704
    Thanks so much !

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