Make your own Stop 5G sign!

From Europe to USA!

Thank you to graphic artist Valérie Jacquemet from Switzerland who designed this symbol of resistance to 5G.  Her goal is to imagine fun solutions to raise awareness of  the problem of 5G.

How to make a double sided 8 inch round sign.  Print out both images below full size on card stock letter size paper. You can also use regular paper but you will need to reinforce it with card stock in between the images.  Cut the circles out. Find a small stick and tape it halfway to the backside of the image, then using a glue stick paste the images together.

This sign could also be used as a mask.  Imagine many people holding this over their face at a council meeting!




10 thoughts on “Make your own Stop 5G sign!”

  1. The graphics are awesome! I don’t recommend putting them on balloons however because countless people release balloons into the environment which kill multitudes of other species. After a creature is killed by such debris the victim decomposes and the debris can kill again! #balloonsblow

  2. Thank you very much for this, I printed many of the signs, to hand out with other facts on EMF and it’s harms! I will put them on poles in my neighborhood, on my car, 😉 and, in my yard! I am proud to be smart!

    I’m using the bees info page, and the stop 5G page, they are going on the hydro poles and some trees, I know the trees will be happy about that! 🙂 If you can’t make people save themselves, maybe the fact that it’s killing our animals and plants, maybe that will help them see how bad our electrified planet really is, and how much it’s harming all living things!

    I went back to wired PC yesterday, happily, proudly, going to do what I preach! No more Iphone cell tracking for me, or their EMF poisoning, I’m sick to death of the ignored horribleness on our planet, caused by the very people who say their saving us with covid! It’s just to control us! I’m done with wifi, and my contribution! Thanks for your sanity! It’s SUPER appreciated!

  3. Thanks for the symbols & resistance tips! Love them. Folks: Pick one or the other (sorry, you can’t have both…super-fast downloads PLUS your health).
    Die early from very dangerous EMF radiation exposure and have super-fast downloads, or live longer and avoid all kinds of unimaginably wicked SymptomS? I sure know which one I’m voting for! ResistResistResist

  4. Thank-you, Valérie!

    I thanked you for the use of this graphic but did not write down your name. I just found this post again and will add your name to future postings!

  5. Glad you like the image and that you want to use it in NZ. A reference to the artist is not a requirement for using the graphic.

  6. U R G E N T
    Hi, we’d like to use it in New Zealand, but I think making mention of the artist in the protest banner is really beyond the pale. This is not about that, this is about getting peoples attention and encouraging them to get themselves educated and to action. Can we use it as it is, copyright symbol and all please? I am in the process of helping by designing some banners for local protestors for this coming Saturdays protest.

  7. Glad you liked this symbol of resistance to 5G. This was designed by graphic artist Valérie Jacquemet from Switzerland. People can use it, yes and it would be good, if possible, to give the artist credit too.

  8. Dear friends,

    My name is Maja and I’m from Croatia. We’re planning protest day 25.1.2020. in few citys in Croatia about 5G. We love your logo – smiley and we are hopping that we can use your graphic idea. We are planning stamp your sign on balloons if you let as 🙂

    Thang you very much <3

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