Locking ring cut by SCE

Deborah Tavares, a leader in the nationwide Refuse Smart Meter movement, who owns property in Southern California, secured a metal locking ring around her analog meter to protect it from being  replaced with a ‘Smart’ Meter.  She also changed the lock on the cabinet where the meter was enclosed.  Many people have taken similar action to protect their analog meters.  Today, however, Southern California Edison (SCE) cut off both the cabinet lock and the analog locking ring, forcibly installing the new meter.  Deborah said, ” This is tyrannical take over, a technocracy takeover- we are at war!”

SCE has been ordered to provide a delay list by the CPUC, but they have not complied.

6 thoughts on “Locking ring cut by SCE”

  1. I suggest that the Smart Meter Opt-Out Workshop on Sept 14th in San Francisco at the public CPUC auditorium (9:30 AM – 4PM) be filled to overflowing with hundreds of demonstrators outside, if possible. This type of conduct should not be tolerated. Plse notify the CPUC Administrative Law Judge, Amy Yip-Kikugawa

  2. Since they feel free to destroy our private property, it wouldn’t surprise me to see someone decide that their equipment,is similarly fair game!

  3. Isn’t this YOUR meter? You are defending it and your family and your neighbourhood and your country from violation of easement right of access use, from illegal tampering, (theirs) and from their illicit removal of your property which you bought when you paid for your house in exchange for for installation of an illegal weapons grade frequency radiation device which violates all international EMF safety code laws everywhere since it causes electrical induction, which is against the law.
    Where did anyone originally get the idea that the analog meter belongs to the Utility?
    From the Utility, of course.
    You take THEIR word for it?
    Most of the people I know who built their own homes still have a receipt for their own purchase of their own analog meter which they bought for themselves along with the private pole owned by most on private rural properties. Nowhere on the analog meter does the meter say it is the property of the Hydro company. In fact they bill you for a smart meter which means you own it too. Besides, the luck of it is here in B.C.we are shareholders with a controlling interest in B.C. Hydro.

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