Pulsed Radiation Nightmare

Amy O’Hair investigates and measures pulsed radiation from a bank of 42 utility ‘smart’ meters installed below an apartment bedroom. The clicks you hear in the video indicate a transmitting pulse.  The FCC safety standard for radiation exposure is for 30 minutes only.  There are no long term safety standards for continuous exposure this couple now lives with.  Resident Tom Rossi told Amy his wife has “weird, violent dreams”.

When asked what one thing he would say to PG&E, Tom responds, “I don’t want to be part of your experiment”.

3 thoughts on “Pulsed Radiation Nightmare”

  1. THANKS YOU for doing this. I wish I could go around taking readings, but I might get too sick being that close to these meters. If I go near the one on our house, or in our backyard where all the neighbors’ meters are pulsing every 4 seconds, my thinking gets dulled. I so wish I could do it, though. Bless you, Amy.

  2. The blog attached to my name says Second Sight in the comment I just made. That is not right. It should be First Do No Harm Blog. Thanks.

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