Kim Goldberg’s book project: REFUGIUM

Author Kim Goldberg
Author Kim Goldberg

In Nanaimo, British Colombia, Canada, award-winning journalist and author Kim Goldberg is writing a book about people living with electrosensitivity, and about the consequences of a society that is poisoning itself with wireless technology.

Although Kim is not electrosensitive herself, she has lived her entire life without ever owning any wireless devices or having them anywhere on her property.  She embarked on this book project as a result of her own involvement in fighting smart meters in BC.

“Through the fight against smart meters here in British Columbia, I became increasingly aware of how many people are disastrously affected by wireless radiation in general and by smart meters in particular,” Kim says.  “I was hearing stories of a person confined to a wheelchair after 24 smart meters were installed on her wall in an apartment building, or the school teacher who now has to sleep in her car in the driveway each night because she can no longer sleep in her bedroom, or the musician who became so sick after smart meter installation that she had BC Hydro disconnect all the power to her home.”

Kim says she wants to “put a human face on electrosensitivity” with her book project.  “In many ways we are drowning in data about the very real health risks and consequences of our increasing exposure to wireless radiation,” she says. “There really is no shortage of evidence. I think what’s needed now is to humanize the problem.  And that’s what I hope to do with my book—show the public how lives are devastated by daily exposure to this radiation coming from cell phones, wi-fi, cordless phones, smart meters, etc., and how we are all at risk.  I also want to show the world the ingenious and courageous strategies electro-sick people are using to find or create safe havens for themselves and their families—for this is a future we may all be facing, and sooner rather than later.”

You can visit her growing list of Sanctuaries here: Kim says she is always looking for more electro-safe sanctuaries to add to her list—official sanctuaries as well as unofficial places around the world that happen to have low signal.

Kim’s book Refugium: Wi-Fi Exiles and the Coming Electroplague will be published in 2015.  For updates on her progress, you can sign up to follow her Refugium blog, and you will be notified by email of new postings: