Jury awards Vermont couple $1million in cell tower lawsuit

Felix and OlgaA jury awarded a million dollars to Olga Julinska and Felix Kniazev in a big win against  Vermont Electric Power Corp  for building a communications tower right next to their mountain top property.

Julinska and Kniasev are artists who purchased the mountaintop home as much for its inspiring 360 degree view as for the privacy it afforded.  They said the jury verdict was a victory for themselves and every other Vermont resident bullied by an imminent domain process that takes property for public good without always compensating property owners fairly.  Read more. 

12 thoughts on “Jury awards Vermont couple $1million in cell tower lawsuit”

  1. I live in costa rica and a cell tower put 150 feet in front of my house. I have become sick with many symptoms, can you help me please with how to proceed against the company ICE in costa rica. is there any precedent law suits for illness? thanks

  2. My name is Matt I worked on my farm under two cell towers for 3 yrs now I have major health prob was forced to sell out cause of my health! I was 50 ft under them they told me it was safe and even good for me? I need help w this

  3. I live in Tenn with a tower facing my bedroom. Ambien is my only relief to sleep and am very upset with this humming noise daily. Ive called and written to complain with no response. Ready for environmental lawsuit. Any suggestions.

  4. Hi Carol, Please protect yourself first by either shielding (if possible) or moving to a safer place. If you want to sue them you bear the burden of proof of harm, so having your home professionally measured and also having medical records will be needed. -Sandi

  5. The City permitted the installation of 125′ monopole cell tower with a striking distance of my dwelling 200′ from the School and 20′ feet away from 100% bluff which is geologically sensitive area with a numerous slides as per geoteck report.
    Please help us to appeal this matter. Any suggestions??

  6. Verizon put cell tower real close to my house. The headaches and tumours in genital now dr documented trying to sell house no one wants now. We have 6.8 acres neighbor got tower built on property line. If it falls it will fall in my yard hit my house. No notice before being built. Memory loss I’m only 49 years old.

  7. I live in a high rise with a huge tmobile antanea array on my roof, I’ve been here 17 years. our manager and his wife who ran the building 20 plus years both died of cancer, my two cats have also died. I’m not working because of neurological issues that can’t be pinned down. how do you look for proof of any radiation that can be harmful? any help would be appreciated. I’ll leave my number here. 720-381-8642…

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