Dozens of smart meters explode from power surge

According to CBS, KCRA, and other news media, dozens of smart meters exploded and caught fire after an electrical surge cut power to about 5800 homes near Stockton CA.  A dump truck crashed into several power poles causing extensive damage.  More than 700 customers were still without power.

CBS News reports, “A power surge left thousands without power for most of the day in Stockton after smart meters on their homes exploded on Monday.”  “Neighbors in the South Stockton area described it as a large pop, a bomb going off, and strong enough to shake a house.”

The Stockton Record reported fire Capt. Bryan Carr described the scene as “unreal” when his engine pulled onto Fairbury Lane, a residential street in southeast Stockton.

“In some cases, meters were literally blown off the panels. People described it as hearing a whirring sound like the meter was speeding up, then like an explosion. Some of the meters weren’t blown off, but they were fried and the glass was gone,” Carr said.

According to Carr there was no pattern to the damage.  There would be three houses with damaged meters, then one or two in a row that were intact. He estimated there were up 50-60 homes with significant damages.

5 thoughts on “Dozens of smart meters explode from power surge”

  1. Smart meter are dangerous. These meters exploded off the walls of homes. Imagine if this happened where meters are installed inside buildings- in restaurants etc. Or if someone was standing next to it.

    PG&E has installed voltage and heat sensors in their meters now because they know there’s a fire risk.
    Here’s a data response on smart meter fires from PG&E to the CPUC Energy Division. It is mostly redacted, and PG&E still claims it has not found a smart meter that has caused a fire. However the questions and redactions indicate fires are a serious problem and they know it. PG&E says they are now using temperature sensors on smart meters and have changed out many electrical panels. Waiting until a meter overheats and or arcs and sends a signal to PG&E may be too late. This is unacceptable. The public deserves to know more about the risk.

  2. This comment is so full of misinformation and falsely stated facts (calling them lies would be un-p.c.) it is silly. Do your homework on smart meters. They are not dangerous. If the power surge from the truck accident is the cause of the damage to the meters rest assured it would have happened to an old, spinning meter, as well. Maybe not in exactly the same way, but damage nonetheless.

  3. This is an extreme example of how dangerous smart meters are. They are a new, unproven, untested device being forced on the public. The damage caused in Stockton to the home wiring is obvious for some and not so for others, which can lead to future housefires. Just try getting PG&E to rewire your home completely, and quickly, after an event like this! So-called “smart meters” (really dangerous and dumb) can CAUSE fires, EXPLODE, and the rf radiation they emit is equal to the exposure of 160 cell phones, cumulatively, Reasons to opt-out, Stockton – and all Californians! Call your utility company and say, “I want to opt-out from the smart meters on my property.” They will then have to provide you with an old-style analog meter, legally. They will charge you a fee ($10 – $75) which can be paid over three months, and for three years you will have to pay for a meter reader $5 – $10 a month. A lot cheaper than replacing your refrigerator or having to This is because the state’s corrupted CPUC (CA Public Utilities Commission) won’t allow people to opt-out free or ban smart meters. The city of Stockton should SUE the CPUC and PG&E for this damage and hazard to its citizens, many now left with unsafe, fried wiring in their homes, and maybe damaged appliances. PG&E and the CPUC have consistently refused to make sure the new meters are safe – because they know they aren’t! That would be the basis for the lawsuit. Emails between the CPUC and PG&E show they KNOW the smart meters HARM people and that they aren’t accurate, that they OVERBILL. But these are so profitable that the company and CPUC (state) won’t give them up, even if they are dangerous, emit hazardous pulsed rf radiation, cause house fires, and explode. What can you do? First, get the smart meters off your property and have PG&E place a safe analog meter there. Secondly, if you have been part of this damage, consider having an electrician evaluate your wiring. Next, file a complaint with the CPUC (, and write PG&E demanding reparations. You may wish to contact an attorney. Contact the city of Stockton and get the city to file a suit protecting its citizens from further harm from smart meters and an unsafe electrical infrastructure.

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