Cell Phone Radiation Disturbs Honey Bees

Honey beeDaniel Favre examines the connection between cell phone radiation and honey bees in “Mobile Phone Induced Honey Bee Worker Piping“.  Colony Collapse Disorder has been linked to a variety of potential causes, including pesticide poisoning, and varroa mites. With the onslaught of environmental radiation from cell phone, cell tower and Smart Meters networks it is important this study be widely read and disseminated. The study abstract states,

“The worldwide maintenance of the honeybee has major ecological, economic, and political implications. In the present study, electromagnetic waves originating from mobile phones were tested for potential effects on honeybee behavior. Mobile phone handsets were placed in the close vicinity of honeybees.

The sound made by the bees was recorded and analyzed. The audiograms and spectrograms revealed that active mobile phone handsets have a dramatic impact on the behavior of the bees, namely by inducing the worker piping signal. In natural conditions, worker piping either announces the swarming process of the bee colony or is a signal of a disturbed bee colony. ”

Other publications on radiation and bees include:

Bees, Birds and Mankind, Destroying nature by electrosmog by Ulrich Warnke

The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution, by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, May 2009

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  1. We have started manufacturing acoustic/thermal waterproof covers for bee hives here in the UK, under the umbrella of “Thermal Bee”.
    In addition, the use of ‘Plexfor’ insulation helps to create the Faradic cage that your articles refer to
    If you wish more info/pricing, re these covers please contact us:

  2. Its sad to see this its more about the actual cell towers than it is the people using the cellphones. Which is hard to use one without the other so they are both equally bad. One thing I have been doing that is part of the gifting movement. Is placing Tower Busters TB’S Orgonite near cellphone towers. It takes the ELF waves from the towers and turns them into positive harmonious energy. By way of the piezoelectric effect of the Quartz Crystal. I have seen and felt an improvement in the humans around. So it has to help the Bees. It easy cheap and simple to do. Its a action you can take to help the bees.

  3. If you have a beehive and would like to shield it from electromagnetic radiation, simply wrap it with foil.

    For added protection stake a wire into the ground and connect it to your foil lining.

    A large galvanized or stainless steel nail or screw hammered into the ground would do the trick. Other metals would do fine but might rust sooner. Copper and iron tend to corrode. You’d have to replace them eventually if they do.

    Instead of foil, you could use a fine-mesh metal screen or some sheet metal if you so choose. I just say foil because you ‘prolly already have some in your house.

    Make sure it’s secured so the wind doesn’t blow it off, say with some weatherproof caulking or other weatherproof glue.

    I would ‘prolly look for something like 100% Silicone. If it says “safe for food contact” or it’s made for sealing aquariums, that’s cool. I’d think it to have less of the industrial solvents in there that might interfere with a bee.

    If you use a metal that is prone to rust, be sure to paint it where it’s exposed, but make sure the metal on the lid can touch the side without any paint in the way. Leave that bare so it makes contact.

    Be sure to leave enough space for the bees to get in and out, and be certain to leave enough space for ventilation. Air is good. We don’t want to suffocate them in there. They can regulate the temperature if you let them.

    Bees can always fill in gaps if they need to, but they can’t make the air gaps any bigger if you don’t make ’em big enough to begin with. This is especially true in the wintertime, as moisture can freeze in there.

    The idea of the foil wrap is that the electromagnetic radiation will stay outside of your box, especially if you connect this to the ground. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage

  4. Posted on WEEP news service: (weepinitiative.org)

    1. Why our bees are dying

    I am a scientist who has worked for many years on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

    The bees’ problem lies in a substance called cryptochrome, which is present in every living plant and animal cell where it is part of their body clocks. Bees use the sun for navigation and need their body clocks to compensate for its changing position throughout the day.

    Cryptochrome is also affected by magnetic fields and birds and insects also use it for navigation in the Earth’s field. Because of its extreme sensitivity to magnetic fields, both functions of cryptochrome are badly disrupted by the electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and their base stations.

    They are simultaneously deprived of both of their means of navigation, become stressed and disoriented and may not be able to find their way home.

    Also, animal immune systems are governed by the body clock (they work best at night) and these too fail, making them more susceptible to pathogens. The perfect storm.

    – Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, London UK, 12/5/2011 16:01

    2. What will happen if the bees die out?

    Many of our most valuable crops are bee pollinated. Without the bees, they will not set seed and die out.

    Even our cereals, which are wind pollinated, are not safe since they do not host the friendly nitrogen fixing bacteria needed for sustainable agriculture. They would depend instead on mined fertilizers or the use of fossil fuels to make them from the nitrogen in the air. Neither is sustainable.

    Also, cereals on their own do not give a balanced diet. In particular, they are deficient in vitamin C. If we had to depend on them alone, there would be a mass outbreak of scurvy, where vitamin C deficiency stops our bodies making connective tissue. This leads to a very slow and painful death.

    Any government or vested interest that does not take this seriously will have a lot to answer for. Ironically, most other animals make their own vitamin C and would be spared.

    – Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, London UK, 13/5/2011 18:19

  5. Statement from Dr. phil. nat. Daniel Favre
    Biologist and apiary adviser

    and concerning the scientific article entitled
    “Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping”
    Apidologie, DOI: 10.1007/s13592-011-0016-x

    “Active mobile phone handsets have a dramatic impact on the behavior of the bees, namely by inducing the worker piping signal ”

    “In natural conditions, worker piping either announces the swarming process of the bee colony or is a signal of a disturbed bee colony”

    “For future experiments, in complement to the present original study and in order to reach more “natural” conditions, mobile phone apparatuses should be placed at various increasing distances away from the hives”

    “We should ask ourselves, whether the plethora of mobile phone masts also have an impact on the behaviour of the honeybees”

    “Among other factors such as the varroa mite and pesticides, signals from mobile phones and masts could be contributing to the decline of honeybees around the world ; I am calling the international scientific community for more research in this field. ”
    Thank you very much,
    D. Favre

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