BC HYDRO Cuts Power for Refusing a Smart Meter: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ANNOUNCED

Press release from our Canadian friends at CST:

BC Hydro has taken the draconian step of cutting off power to a customer who refused to accept a wireless smart meter.

Last May, a Hydro customer had a wireless smart meter installed on her home despite her refusal. This person suffers from electro-sensitivity and, as a consequence of the radiofrequency radiation emitted by the wireless smart meter, her health began to deteriorate.

Despite pleading for months with Hydro to remove the wireless meter and to re-install the analog meter; they refused. Finally, with her health in jeopardy, she ordered a non- radiating analog meter from a company in the US that provides calibrated, tested meters to utility companies. With the supervision of a certified electrician the analog was installed, and the wireless smart meter was returned to Hydro.

When Hydro advised that the analog was not approved by Canadian agencies, the customer located a Canadian analog meter that met all the requirements and then asked Hydro to install it. Hydro refused, ignored her health condition and insisted that she must accept a wireless smart meter or they would cut her power.

On April 17, 2013, Hydro followed through with its threats and cut off its supply of power to her home.

Hydro’s conduct constitutes a violation of our autonomy and our right to determine what potentially harmful emissions do or do not occur from within our own domestic environment; our right to be free from physical intrusion by the state.

Due to Hydro’s actions over the last 2 years, culminating with its cessation of service to a customer for refusing to allow the installation of a wireless smart meter, the Citizens for Safe Technology Society and the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters are filing a class action lawsuit.

2 thoughts on “BC HYDRO Cuts Power for Refusing a Smart Meter: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ANNOUNCED”

  1. With an election just around the corner, and the Liberals facing court action against the
    smart meters, I’m surprised that this is not mentioned by the other political parties.
    Heaven forbid, that the “Liberals”, should win this election. Smart meters are dangerous,
    now proved world wide. Why than is no further action taken through the media.
    Only a short strip underneath the news casts, which was not even sufficient to get the message across. Are not “Rich Coleman and Cristy Clark”, responsible for this intrusion. Are corporation now controlling our homes to?
    Do not vote for the “Liberals”. It could be the downfall of our Democracy.
    I’ve gained more respect for the N.D.P , i.e. Adrian Dix, because he is straight to the
    point and seems to be very much in control of the situation.” PROTECT YOUR HOMES BAN THE SMART METERS” Fight for that which is most precious.
    The freedom to chose.

  2. Face it, come people’s biggest fear has been realized. THE BIG CHILL. Far too many fear far too much. Among such fears is that if people act as individuals instead of as a herd, if they dare to expect & demand a guarantee that smart devices, which are ALL programmed to double as intense frequency cell relay collector hubs, will not cause any harm to life, limb and home, and if anyone takes matters into their own hands, this is why they must & they will cut off the power. Why? Because you have stepped outside THEIR safety zone, not yours.
    Pretty much gives us the answer we were looking for, doesn’t it?
    But is a power cut necessarily the end of life as people know it? Haven’t innovative thinkers had enough time to come up with alternatives to this addiction, & affordably? Shouldn’t people be given a little more credit for actually being able to become resilient & adaptable?
    Maybe Hydro has inadvertently done this couple (and all of us) a huge favour by pushing everyone to confront & address the degree & nature of our energy dependency issues?
    Who is not a bit envious. A woman with debilitating microwave sickness is fortunate enough to be off the grid!
    Is it not possible that by cutting their “power” off Hydro has empowered this couple to find alternatives to dealing with corporations which seek to abuse power (energy) and to disempower (customers)?
    These people are faced with real challenges they are addressing about how best to continue their home based business, with half a dozen employees.
    They are doing very well.
    In fact, one of the most striking characteristics which comes across is just how autonomous, independent, prudent & adaptable they are when faced with this situation. They are not merely passively coping & hoping. They not fearful, resigned or depressed.
    Instead they are reworking the upside of this situation magnificently.
    What some might see as a crisis they see as an opportunity. They have taken this time & situation to reexamine everything, beginning with their own electricity use, as well as the irreparably degenerate “modern” nature of the customer/utility relationship.
    ONe singularly defining characteristic here is that the utility is in the middle of creating a significant paradigm shift.
    In reality, they no longer offer a service, let alone an essential one.
    So are more & more of their customers changing, many by revisiting their own long taken for granted relationship to electricity.
    The utility is shifting from “use more/pay more” to “ration more/use less/pay more”.
    Coming next, already under consideration in Germany, is a flat fee for service whether you use more, use less, are cut off, or use none.
    Speaking using none, why not get into the mind set. Try shutting off ALL your power. Then watch how a smart meter continues to measure you at the same rate, just as if you were still on the grid.
    It’s a regular Barnum & Bailey side show, the smart grid.
    No longer do they provide a service or a commodity to you.
    Instead, they squeeze you, charge you more for far less, & make the REAL money by data mining & then provision of data to anonymous third parties, taken from you without your knowledge or compensation, data about you sold for trillions to others.
    Your health?
    Collateral damage.
    Every utility has put in place premeditated statue laws to exempt them from all liability for any and all harm from smart meters (and since these are also collector hubs, the harm is assured).
    Hence they cut you off if you make a sensible decision to use a meter which IS certified, which does measure actual usage, does NOT measure any & all ambient static energy in the area, & which ISN’T dangerous.
    If you go all independent on them, then potentially they COULD be liable, since there are no laws to protect corporations from certified approved safe analog meter use, whether it is the analog meters which some still have OR the one which this couple put in after they obtained hard evidence of harm & removed the offending device. See why it is so important to keep your analog meter? This degree of predatory corporate practice has tried to convince any willing customer that they are an electricity junkie who simply cannot do without the hard stuff.
    At the same time the utility now behaves no differently than a crack cocaine dealer, so sure are they that most if not all of us are prey who act in herds, who do not think for themselves,who cannot get along without what for some, yes, remains an essential service.
    Nothing which a few solar panels could not rectify, for the hot water heater, and essentials.
    What with prices so depressed down by 70% top quality solar panels can now be had for about $150 each.
    And off grid, not grid tied is the only way to go, since you go down if they go down if you are tied to them. Divorce is the only answer. And it is doable.
    What is $150 – probably less than ne quarter of the new “smart” power bill?
    Or maybe even cheaper?
    DYI solar panels.
    Pick up a few 2nd hand deep cycle refurbished batteries, + if you are not going 12 volt or DC then a true (not “pure” – dirty electricity) sine wave inverter. If doable, set up your system separate living or sleeping quarters and you too could be laughing at your savings.
    Costs considerably less than the “no end in sight” next few year’s utility bills, that’s for sure. There is no ceiling on how much they can bilk you once a s/meter has latched on & begun to “estimate” your usage, as well as to measure your neighbour’s meters, not to mention all stray voltage in the area.
    One issue in the article above which needs clarification is this: This couple is independent and hardy.
    Sure, they had Hydro’s power severed from their own UL and CSA approved certified meter base.
    Other than the fact that one meter is deadly dangerous & the other one they replaced the high risk one with is safe & reliable, the fact remains that the energy was cut off by the utility before it could reach the meter base or beyond the base, the certified meter, the one which they themselves installed to replace a non safety approved smart meter.
    What the utility installed was a dangerous, non certifiable, non CSA approved, non UL certified bi-directional microwave emitting & enabling transmitter smart meter/cell relay collector hub device.
    BTW? This couple are not members of, have not joined, & are not in any manner involved in any purported or actual lawsuit associated with any collective.
    the problem with associating their names with this story is that this runs the risk of blurring & eroding clear boundaries by false association with actions which may or may not succeed.
    BC Hydro & the Liberal government had already changed statue law in their favour. This grant statute law immunity to the sole authority for the smart grid in BC, BC Hydro.
    Which is all the more reason to use common law documents to prevent installation, or arrange for removal.

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