A Plea For Help

A man in Sonoma County contacted the EMF Safety Network, and the local newspaper with the following plea for help. Why isn’t the CPUC investigating cases like his? Why doesn’t PG&E send over someone to remove these meters? Is anyone listening?…

I am going to take on PG&E starting tomorrow for damaging my health due to the installation of 4 smart meters right outside my bedroom window, and since then my health has been continuously deteriorating. I have insomnia, nightmares, headaches like an ice pick is being jammed in my head, fogginess, blurred vision (and getting worse by the week), tinnitus, and heart palpitations, all of which never existed until the installation of the 4 smart meters last Summer, and gradually getting worse.  I moved my bedroom into the living room, of which reduced the effects by half, but that’s not good enough when something that is killing you is still in your home!    All of my symptoms are documented by my physician, but he said they are vague and cannot be evidenced as produced by smartmeters.   I was a trained Naturopathic Doctor and absolutely know my own body, and every time I leave the house for extended periods of time, all the symptoms miraculously vanish! It has been a 5 month ordeal calling countless times, PG&E, the Smart Meter reps, both of which tell me there is nothing I can do since they claim they cannot remove the smartmeters… PERIOD!  In retaliation, last month I gave them a decision to remove the smart meters in 10 days or I would remove them myself.  A man called me from the Smart meter office and said the moment I remove even one of the meters, the police will be called and I will be put to jail.  So, the only decision they gave me was to sit at home and die. Seriously… I think I have only a few months to live if they leave these meters outside my bedroom window.  I spoke to 2 supervisors from Smart Meter company and both told me there is nothing they can do, and that there was going to be a public hearing about other complaints, but don’t know when, said it’s going to be a while… and couldn’t give me any date as to when I can expect a public hearing on the matter.  Both confirmed to me on the phone that there is no reported adverse affects due to the smartmeters, and started trying to convince my body on how safe they are!  However, because I know all too well here, one supervisor recommended that if I’m not happy where I live that I should just move out!   I can’t afford to move out, and why would I want to if I’m very happy here apart from the damaging health due to the meters. This weekend I have finally had enough!  I decided to take PG&E to court in a lawsuit.  I am in process of locating the attorney as I write this.   I am going tomorrow into the office of PG&E and giving them 10 days to remove the smart meters so it will be recorded on my account since jail or death is my only option at this point! So, my constitutional right to health is being outright violated by ELF Wave poisoning with Big Brother in complete control as someone who is slowly torturing and murdering me! PLEASE HELP, in any way you can, and QUICKLY!  Please help do something about this before I am murdered by the PG&E company!  I feel like my brain is exploding in my head and it’s getting worse by the day!

A.S. Sonoma County

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  1. Can you get that meter off your house? Have your house tested for EMF safety? How about a lawsuit against the utilities?

  2. Dealing with this nightmare as of recently…i was completly imcompasitated… Full memory loss, loss of motor skills and impeded speech..on top of being woken up with current flowing thru my body… This sounds crazy…long story short… We had some power surges and it ramped up the smart meter to sending hazardous level emf readings…it was charging all rf reicevers…clock radios, stereo and bluetooths that were unplugged. They dont have a ground so the emf energy disperses thru the air…and causes high emf. I was getting burnd and felt like i was walking on coals…everyone thinks im crazy…be hypersensitive is getting harder then ever nowadays. Thats real radiation that transfers thru conduction and oxidation.. Its real scary..get a tesla/guass…don’t take my word for it…sounds like im living next to an aquarium.. Remove all stereo,clock radios and wireless speakers…my new blutooth was registering 6.5 utesla…thats crazy!!!

  3. Excellent information by Jan. Thanks! I’ve read about 100,000 pages of study on the EM radiation issue over a period of 30+ years. It is obvious that governmental agencies like the FCC have been privy to this information the entire time, and simply have no interest toward protecting the human population from this bio-hazard. There ARE ways to protect yourself from pulsed digital fields, but what about the rest of life on this planet? We are destroying ALL life on the planet with pulsed digital radiation. This is a proven fact in a number of environmental studies. Is this acceptable?
    I sign petitions all the time, knowing they are little more than a pathetic joke. Legal remedies are an even worse joke. Your governments are not going to help you, because they are in collusion with the corporations who control the game.
    Aside from the above technicalities: This is a massive and intentional snuff job. I’ll repeat: This is an intentional snuff job. Your utility and communications companies need to be brought down with physical force. There is no other effective way to get their attention. Time is short. Your planet is dying.

  4. Here is a way to stop the people working for the corporations who have installed the smart meters. There has been a UCC Uniform Commercial Code filing recently which has collapsed all corporations, lawfully now everything falls under common law. There is paperwork downloadable that you can direct to Name of employee, care of company PG&E or whomever is carrying out the job. You can send one (s) of the Courtesy Notices, informing the employee they are now personally liable for any damages inflicted upon you by their actions. You can NOT pay the Bill and send a notice. If they do not cease and desist you can invoice them for liabilities and damages. Here is the web site of original paperwork, http://www.PeoplesTrust1776.org and the easier to understand user friendly http://www.OPPT-IN.com < if this site is unresponsive know they are up-grading the site. But much is available on youtube and Face Book, also in web news articles, or google the name Peoples Trust 1776 .org Lets stop them, I have all the bad symptoms too and can't take it anymore. We could hit them in the wallet hard and that would make a big difference.

  5. There may be a Smart Meter free zone, at least for the time being, in California.

    Pacific Power services part of Northern California. It looks like Siskiyou County is their biggest service area, with part of Shasta County, Del Norte and others. They have no plans to deploy Smart Meters at present. Here’s some info from an article:


    Are SmartMeters in our future?

    Some Siskiyou County residents are concerned about SmartMeters, a new technology that provides two-way communication between customers’ homes and the utility company. Pacific Power says it has made no official proposal at this time to install SmartMeters in California.

    By Skye Kinkade
    Mount Shasta Area Newspapers
    Posted Sep 21, 2011 @ 10:22 AM

    Your question answered: Are SmartMeters in our future?

    The question: What are SmartMeters? When might one be installed at my home? Is there anything I can do to prevent the power company from doing so?

    The answer: SmartMeters are not expected to be installed in the Mt. Shasta area any time soon, according to Pacific Power’s Communication and Public Affairs Consultant Bob Gravely, who said the company has made no official proposal to bring the devices to its approximately 40,000 customers in California.

    A SmartMeter allows two-way communication between customers’ homes and the utility company. Some are concerned that the radio waves they transmit could be detrimental to human health. Others fear the new technology is an example of “Big Brother,” asserting that utility companies would be able to keep track of customers’ personal information.

    There are two kinds of new technology, Gravely explained, including the SmartMeter and Automatic Meter Reading.

    In Washington, Pacific Power installed AMRs, which allow meters to be read from a car driving down the street. This saves the company time and money, because an employee doesn’t need to go into the yard to take the reading, Gravely said.

    Automatic Meter Reading has been proposed for Oregon, said Gravely, but so far no proposals are being considered to bring AMR or SmartMeters to Pacific Power customers in California.

    “We haven’t seen that the change provides a cost benefit when the cost of installation is considered,” Gravely said.

    Before either of the systems can be used, Gravely said a plan would have to be submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission. The process would include public hearings and comments.

    Pacific Gas & Electric, whose California territory stretches along the farthest western edge of Siskiyou County, according to their website, is planning to install 64 SmartMeters in Somes Bar.

    PG&E is also scheduled to have 88,083 meters installed in Shasta County, including more than 42,000 in Redding.

  6. I’m going through difficulties now because I found a bank of 14 SmartMeters near a workspace with a loft I was going to occupy, after I had put money down. I’m unhappy with myself for not having been lucid enough to find the meters earlier. I must have been hypnotized in a microwave haze.

    Because I refuse to commit myself to absolute misery, I’m backing out of the month-to-month arrangement and losing some money. What’s worse for me though is that I gave notice to move out of my present situation (a house with one Smart Meter’s subtle effect on me) and have to leave, and still don’t where to.

    The bank of Smart Meters, while I won’t let them destroy me, (I feel like I might have aged at least 5 years in 6 months if I tried to stay) has in effect disrupted my life. You just can’t move into a space that looks good for the price anymore, you have to make sure it’s not a microwave oven in disguise.

    One night I stayed in the space to test it, and the next day experienced a peculiar heavy headed tired feeling, as well as forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating. I had attributed that to having worked everyday for five weeks, involving some traveling and hard work, and thought I was further burned out from the disrupted night’s sleep in an unfamiliar place I hadn’t made my own yet. It’s now obvious to me I suffered badly from just one night’s exposure to the radiation.

    I cant’ even use the workshop space for more than a half hour without feeling like my brains are getting zapped, and experience a numb emotional downer sensation in my head that can linger for hours, or even the rest of the day. This is a similar sensation I felt when working for a busing company, coming and going from a yard that had two cell phone microwave towers at it’s edge.

    I love California, but if there are going to be SmartMeters everywhere I’m either out of here, or PG@E will hear me, as they do now (better up the amperage on me guys) as someone who will actively oppose and expose their assault on the sane, clear, healthy, uplifting life anyone deserves. The problem is, the minority of extremely wealthy people who make the biggest profits simply don’t care if we suffer, as we’ve seen expressed and applauded in recent political debates. They aren’t ever satisfied, so why should we be so with our simple lives? Some surely like to see people struggle in pain. Smart Meters, like Mass Media, TV alcohol, drugs, etc., certainly are, on some spiritual level, insidious tools of negative powers used to confound and weaken people, rendering them powerless, and reducing them to the darkness of confusion, fear and anguish. If and when martial law comes, the Smart Meters could no doubt be used to manipulate and create further confusion and distress. It’s already happening as we read the sad stories here. They know it’s happening and apparently don’t care.

    This may reek of conspiracy theorizing, so be it. But I’m not saying this kind of diabolical activity was consciously planned. Most people involved at PG&E might actually think they serve some good environmental purpose beyond company profits their salaries. The point is that it is a negative trend and some power is persisting in this trend and ignoring the evidence of human suffering caused by the implementation. They want us to accept it like climate change and global warming, as more and more people drive bigger and bigger vehicles with Keep Tahoe blue bumper stickers. It’s a Smart Meter and it’s good for the environment. Oh, maybe one of my nutritional supplements will take care of that annoying pressure in my head…

  7. I have been given a ferrofluid and get really sick when emfs are high. Actually someone is making emf get really high and make me go to the emergency room. I believe this is people close to me.police dont help….what can I do…my new puppy gets sick. I get sick too.help!

  8. ok,so the pge smartmeters were affecting me when installed.then in april,2011 they insalled a wireless data collecter meter on the street corner outside my apartment,so all 150 meter signals pass through my apartment to get to the data collecter.in april,i went crazy.the symptoms are too many to list.they are crippling me.well,if that wasnt enough,today i woke bolt upright in bed,my heart racing,my ears ringing,my body trembling,severe nausea.i looked out the window,i saw a couple of trucks installing new cameras above the intersection.i have no access to an rf meter.i am disabled and recieve 647$a month ssi to survive on.i dont drive,never have,AND im on section 8 housing.i couldnt save enough to move to save my life,and have no idea where to move that has no smartmeters,wifi,and wireless cameras.they r killing me.

  9. HI! I posted this on site on facebook and Whitehouse facebook. Its time our President Obama realize what these Smart Meters are doing to our health! I just sent a letter to all of my Senators, State and Federal and a bunch bunch more…Our meters are made by ITRON or China and Mexico.! I moved in this quadraplex in May of 2009. And the meters were put on in Feb. 2010. In June it started with being awaken suddenly at night all through out the night. These things are not regulated is why by the FCC. They are considered low frequency. However, they pulsate 938mhz or 938,000,000 hertz 24/7! It can go through walls , steel, cement at the speed of light. Mine is next to my bedroom wall inside the building, 3 ft from my bed. I have metal in my teeth , a post and an old metal root canal, is why I am aborbing the EMF’s which are Microwaves and Radio frequency waves. My body has heated up , due to the microwaving my DNA ! Which that is what will cause cancer. I had a blood dyscrasia happen to, it resolved but my doctor was really worried. I have back pain and heart irregularlities, my back hurts , right in back of heart! Ringing of the Ears. Sharp pains in my head, or hot left side of face with pain going into my left eye into my brain. Fatique, due to sleeplessness and not being asleep long enough to go into dream and RIM sleep…..I haven’t dreamed for a year and half! Until last week I moved my mattress into the living room! I have dreamed now every night. I sleep through without waking up. I feel rested and am not fatigued like I used to be. The backpain has disappeared. The ringing in the ears started back up again tonight for some reason and my belly feels really hot for some reason…I wonder if they have increased the EMFs for some reason…..due to me complaining about it. I have spoked in ITRON 3 times, they just keep trying to tell me its safe, because these companies are making big bucks on this one time implementation of these meters worldwide…..These things can stop a pacemaker ! Do they care? Infants sleeping next to it can get leukemia ! I have some websites you can check into . There is EMF Microwave absorbers also you can buy and put on your walls and windows, but it costs $9 sq ft. ITRON lab workers are in a Copper enclosed area, that I guess protects them from the EMF’s as they are studying them. They could be covered with a Microwave Absorber probably, and they would still register the utility usage but the meter reader couldn’t read it with his electronic hand held meter reader. And they do not have to cycle every 7 seconds either. they can set them to measure the usage twice a day….and not at night……..if they wanted to…..They just want us to pay more for our utilities is all . I do feel they should be liable for any health damage or house fires they cause…And we should be able to opt out as well. Its our life and we are paying rent or own the home…..so we have property rights. and I think too they need to disclose these meters to buyers….Maybe they don’t want that on their home. I’ll bet yah Gore owns one of these companies……I’ll list some websites I have found that might help. Oh also, I called my county prosecutor and he said that for me to call the Police department and fill out a report of criminality against the City Hall and it would get to his office and he would then investigate it! Or our State Attorney General. I have contacted the Pubic Service Commission and they were ready to take the complaint but this little town owns its own Electric and Water Department. So they can’t touch them with regulations he said…..And the City Manager didn’t want to talk him he said either, he only listens to the FCC and W.H.O. ! Are we really living in the USA now I wonder? Who do these people think they are? It is so over the top the responses yah get from these people…..they have no common sense or reasonablity or critical thinking skills left …….why I do I don’t know? But we know our rights in this country still and if we have to force the government to abide by the Rights of the People then we do I guess… This is so wrong……..It makes yah wonder when a pack of Hitlers came over here and all wanted to get into government positions!
    The EMF health effects listed below are just a sample from the mountain of research that has been reported in scientific literature.

    Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
    Here are some of the biological changes caused by electromagnetic radiation, as observed and reported in various studies (most recent first):

    Protein Changes in Skin. Ten women volunteered to participate in a study in which radiation (900mH) from GSM cell phones was applied to them for one hour to simulate a phone call. Scientists then screened their skin cells for any stress reactions. They looked at 580 different proteins and found two which were substantially affected. (One was increased by 89% and the other decreased by 32%). New Scientist February 23, 2008

    Excited Brain Cells. Researchers from Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Isola Tiberina,found that the electromagnetic field emitted by cell phones can cause some cells in the brain’s cortex (adjacent to the side of phone use) to become excited for about an hour, while others become inhibited. Health24 – June 27, 2006

    DNA Damage. German research group Verum studied the effect of radiation on human and animal cells. After being exposed to cell phone frequencies the cells showed increased breaks in their DNA. These DNA breaks could not always be repaired by the cells. The damage would therefore be passed on to future cells which could predispose them to becoming cancerous. USA Today December 21, 2004

    Brain Cell Damage. A study of the effects of cell phone frequencies (applied at non-thermal intensity) on rat brains showed damage to the neurons (brain cells) in various brain parts, including the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia. June 2003 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives

    Aggressive Growth in Leukemia Cells Researchers at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy found that Leukemia cells exposed to cell phone frequencies (900mH) for 48 hours replicated more aggressively. New Scientist October 24, 2002

    Increased Blood Pressure. Researchers in Germany found that one-time use of a cell phone for 35 minutes could cause an increase in resting blood pressure of between 5 and 10mm Hg. Lancet June 20, 1998

    Harmful Effects of ElectroMagnetic Radiation
    Here are some of the pathological (disease producing) effects attributed to electromagnetic radiation and reported in the media (most recent first):

    Salivary Gland Cancer. An Israeli study reports that people who used cell phones for 22 hours a month or more were 50 percent more likely to develop parotid gland cancer than those who used cell phones infrequently or never. Health24 February 19, 2008

    Brain Tumour. An analysis of several previous studies has concluded that cell phone use over 10 years causes an increased risk of acquiring certain types of brain tumour (2.4 times for acoustic neuroma and 2 times for gliomas). News24 October 3, 2007

    Lymphatic Cancer and Bone Marrow Cancer. Researchers from the University of Tasmania and the University of Bristol studied records of 850 patients who had been diagnosed with lymphatic and bone marrow cancers. They concluded that people living within 300 metres of a high voltage power line for extended periods (particularly in childhood) were up to five times more likely to develop these diseases later in life. Internal Medicine Journal September 2007 Physorg.com August 24, 2007

    Miscarriage. Researchers in California found that EMFs from electrical appliances (such as domestic vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and food mixers) could significantly increase the risk of miscarriage. (Epidemiology January 2002)

    Suicide. American researchers found that the rate of suicide among 5000 electricity utility workers who were exposed to extremely low frequency EMFs was double that of a control group of the same size. The effect was particularly noticeable among young workers.(Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine March 15, 2000)

    Many other studies have been performed and not all of them have received media attention. For further evidence, see our EMF Articles page.

    Summary of Electromagnetic Health Effects
    Life-threatening Diseases
    Brain cancer (adult and child)
    Breast cancer (male and female)
    Depression (also leading to suicide)
    Heart disease
    Leukemia (adult and child)

    Other Conditions
    Blood pressure (raised)
    Electro sensitivity
    Hormone changes
    Immune system damage
    Nerve damage
    Sleep disturbance
    Sperm abnormalities

    How does EMF Radiation Harm Us?
    Some scientists previously believed that the only way that EM radiation could produce damaging effects was if the radiation was sufficiently intense to cause a heating effect on the tissues. (It has been reported that talking on a cell phone for half an hour can raise the temperature of the brain on the affected side).

    This theory has now been roundly discredited by many studies in which biological effects have been observed at intensities far too small to cause any measurable heating effect.

    The mechanisms by which electromagnetic radiation may affect disease processes are not yet fully understood, but promising candidates include

    DNA Damage. Our cells have mechanisms to repair DNA damage to a limited extent, but it appears that EMFs can overwhelm these mechanisms. Damaged DNA is implicated in several disease processes, including various types of cancer.

    Interference with Melatonin production. Electromagnetic radiation appears to interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone that is normally produced in the body. Low melatonin levels have already been linked to several diseases, including cancers. (Recent research indicates that seratonin production can also be affected by EMFs).

    Interference with Cellular Communication. Our body cells communicate internally and externally by means of electrical signals. These signals can be altered by EMF radiation (which generates electrical currents within the body) causing changes in both cellular activity and cellular structures.

    Electromagnetic health effects may depend on…
    At this stage we don’t have all the answers, but clues from various studies indicate that EMF health effects may depend on:

    EMF Intensity. Exposure to strong EMFs may cause damage, even though the exposure is of short duration.
    In one study, researchers asked pregnant volunteers to wear a device which measured the highest intensity (peak) EMF in a 24 hour period. Results indicated that higher peak EMFs correlated with higher rates of damage (miscarriage).

    Cumulative EMF Exposure. During a normal day a person will be exposed to EMFs of various frequencies. For example, these could arise from electric shavers and hairdryers, traveling by car, bus or train, domestic appliances such as heaters, ovens and microwaves, neon lights, household wiring, power lines, cell phone carrying and use, to name just a few of the more common sources. The combination of these exposures may overwhelm the body defenses and repair mechanisms.

    EMF Exposure Duration. Many studies have indicated that various health effects are only noticed after many years of exposure to electromagnetic pollution, for example high voltage power lines, or cell phones.

    EMF Transience. It could be more biologically stressful to be exposed to the fluctuating EMF which arises from an electrical appliance which cycles on and off (for example a photocopier or printer) than from a similar appliance that remains steadily on all day.

    EMF Frequency. It is not yet known with certainty which electromagnetic frequencies cause which health effects, but it does appear that different frequencies cause different effects.

    Superimposed Signals. An electromagnetic wave can be modulated in various ways to carry a signal, which might be digital or analogue. Where the wave is used for communication (e.g. radio, television, mobile telephony etc) it is normal to have a signal imposed on a carrier frequency. There is evidence that, in some cases, the signal component can be more harmful than the carrier wave EMF itself.

    EMF health danger is real
    The danger to our health posed by current levels of man-made electromagnetic fields, is real. This is the consensus of a growing number of responsible scientists and professional healthcare workers.

    Fortunately there are many ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones, before our health is affected. See our page EMF Protection.
    Hazards of EMFs – Sous le feu des Ondes (Jul 22, 2009)
    EMFs and the Brain – Sous le feu des Ondes (Jul 22, 2009)

    Controlling EMF Research – Sous le feu des Ondes (Jul 22, 2009)

    Studying EMFs – Sous le feu des Ondes (Jul 22, 2009)

    60 Minutes with Mike Wallace (April 1977) – High Tension – PART 1

    Electromagnetic Radiation Health Effects

    In the early 1960s, Dr. Robert Becker, an orthopaedic surgeon working at the Veterans Hospital and Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York developed the insight that we were electrical beings governed by electrical laws, and he published an important series of papers describing the role of neurogenic electrical signals in the control of the growth of nerves, muscles, and bones. He conducted well-controlled EMF experiments to develop treatments for orthopaedic diseases, but he saw that man-made EMFs could both injure as well as cure, depending on the circumstances. In a 1968 invited report intended only for the eyes of Congress, he warned that serious public-health consequences could arise from uncontrolled use of EMFs because electropollution induced currents in the body comparable in strength to those that mediated the body’s natural growth and regulatory systems.

    Mobile phones are increasingly more common, and questions have

    been raised concerning whether the electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

    they emit are partly responsible for brain cancer or other diseases

    [11]. Mobile phones transmit and receive high-frequency

    EMFs (∼1 GHz), and also emit low-frequency magnetic pulses

    (217 Hz) from the phone’s circuitry and battery currents [16]

    (Fig. 1a).
    EMF in Facilities
    FMS provides EMF/EMI consulting, analysis, measurement, mitigation and shielding

    Generally, there are few human health concerns associated with static or DC magnetic fields, except at extremely high levels, exceeding 20 Gauss or 20,000 mG. There are however, a number of “safety” related concerns from elevated DC magnetic field levels including possible interference or failure of cardiac pacemakers or other medical implant devices at DC levels in excess of 5,000 mG.
    For the past 30 plus years, concerns about human health risk and exposure to AC magnetic fields from passing transmission power lines and other electrical sources such as a building electrical system, have been extensively researched with generally conflicting or inconsistent results. Research continues on AC magnetic field exposure and possible increased risk for increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig ‘s disease, and miscarriage. Presently in the US, the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS, 1999) Director has concluded that:

    “The scientific evidence suggesting that [EMF] exposures pose any health risk is weak …[but they] cannot be recognized at this time as entirely safe because of weak scientific evidence that exposures may pose a weak leukemia hazard.”

    Learn About EMFs — EMF Pollution is the fastest growing pollution on the planet. Get informed!
    Project Censored Releases a New study on the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons.


    What is Happening to Patients?
    Click to listen 28:26

    Thomas M. Rau, MD
    Medical Director
    Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland.

    Click to listen 45:08

    Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
    Director, Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology
    Expert in the health consequences of electromagnetic fields and leading
    educator of physicians.

    Click to listen 21:50

    Sam Milham, MD, MPH
    Pioneer in studying electromagnetic factors in health and author of “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.”

    Click to listen 55:42

    Karl Maret, MD
    President, Dove Health Alliance
    Physician and Electrical and BioMedical Engineer

    How Serious is This Problem?
    Click to listen 56:40

    Olle Johansson, PhD
    Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Sweden;
    Professor, Royal Institute of Technology; Authored Bioinitiative Report’s section on EMF and the immune system.

    The DNA & Cancer Connection
    Click to listen 43:03

    Jerry L. Phillips, PhD
    Director of the Science Learning Center
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

    Click to listen 36:50

    Henry Lai, PhD
    Research Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington.

    Public Health in Jeopardy
    Click to listen 35:55

    David Carpenter, MD
    Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, and Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, School of Public Health, University of Albany, SUNY
    Co-Editor, The BioInitiative Report (www.BioInitiative.org)

    Click to listen 28:38

    B. Blake Levitt
    Award-winning science journalist and Author, Electromagnetic Fields, A Consumer’s Guide To The Issues And How To Protect Ourselves, the classic book in this field.
    Member, Bioelectromagnetics Society.

    What’s Happening in Nature?
    Click to listen 49:30

    B. Blake Levitt
    Award-winning science journalist and Author, Electromagnetic Fields, A Consumer’s Guide To The Issues And How To Protect Ourselves, the classic book in this field.
    Member, Bioelectromagnetics Society.

    Deceptions With Science
    Click to listen 25:58

    Magda Havas, PhD
    Associate Professor, Environment & Resource Studies, Trent University, Canada.
    Expert in radiofrequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity and ground current.

    The Call to Action!
    Click to listen 28:40

    Whitney North Seymour, Jr., Esq.
    Retired Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP;
    Former New York State Senator & United States Attorney, Southern District of NY
    Co-Founder, Natural Resources Defense Council

    Wisdom Traditions Perspective
    Click to listen 40:48

    Robert A. F. Thurman, PhD
    Jey Tsong Kappa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies
    Department of Religion Columbia University
    President, Tibet House
    Author of Why The Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the
    Solution for China, Tibet and the World, and many others.

    Media Teleclass on Cellphones and Brain Tumors

    Click here to download.

    Re-Evaluation of Interphone Study With Lloyd Morgan, BS
    Re-Calculation of Interphone Study Results to Correct for Design Flaws, by Normalizing Odds Ratios, Depicts Strikingly Greater Increased Risk of Tumors from Cell Phone Use

    Click to listen 10:56

    Lloyd Morgan, B.Sc.
    Lead Author, “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone”
    Member, International EMF Collaborative
    Scientist and Member, Bioelectromagnetics Society
    Senior Fellow, Environmental Health Trust
    Brain Tumor Survivor

    Radio Interviews with Camilla Rees:
    KGNU (Boulder/Denver) – “Living Dialogues” with Duncan Campbell, Esq. (December 2010)
    KSTE (Sacramento, CA) – “Wide World of Health” with Cary Nosler (December 2010)
    WOR 710 (NY, NY) –“Health Talk” with Ronald Hoffman, MD (August 2009)

  10. hey, i have some question about others’ experience. I can hear the loud high pitched zing, all the time- but it is also in my neighborhood outside. we do all have smart meters. but also lots of cell towers and big tv towers. Do you guys hear it also outside? it seems most invasive up in my bedroom, but it is present everywhere in and outside of my apartment. certain metal-produced sounds seem to dissipate it momentarily-

  11. My heart goes out to the Author. I sincerely hope he finds a new place or location soon.
    About a month after PG&E installed the smartmeters, my husband and I both started developing those very same symptoms this gentleman is getting. We both started getting headaches, some so severe that sometimes I was getting blurred vision. We both had very loud piercing sounds in our ears.
    Finally my husband said it sounds like a telephone poll or something buzzing outside all night long.
    Last Easter, my sister offered to let us stay with her at the Horse Ranch for 2 weeks. First day the headaches went away, and that loud piercing sound in our ears went away overnight. Our sleep went back to normal. The eintire time there, we both felt so refreshed from 3 months of agony.
    Not less than 2 days after we came back, it all started up again. Now I was nervious and my heart also started racing all of a sudden at times. From what all heard, it almost resembled an anxiety attack! Just that weekend at the PG&E office was people gathered about the smartmeters. I was curious and decided to listen in.
    Well, I was shocked! I just remembered that our smartmeters had been in for 4 months, and two of them were outside our bedroom wall. We immediately decided to switch the bedroom with the living room. In fact, sometimes if my husband leaves the bedroom door open, the whole house becomes infected with that piercing hiss and a pain at the back of your head.
    We looked for another appartment without a smartmeter, and found one in Santa Cruz. Since then, the only small hiss I heard of the marvelous ocean waves instead of that nagging piercing sounds.
    How on this precious earth can something so monsterous be allowed to continue??????

  12. I concur with the author. What these utility companies are being allowed to do, and the failure of the PUC to step up to the plate when they have thousands of health complaints identical to this poor man’s complaints, is CRIMINAL, literally Criminal. Allowing people to be irreparably damaged, even in the face of physician’s letters so stating is unbelievable. If someone had written a horror story with these facts I would have never believed it as plausible. I know at least 10 people personally including myself that are being physically (no exageration) TORTURED by this smart meter emissions. It is the same as someone with a peanut allergy was told, oh don’t worry, peanuts are safe. If utility companies were emitting peanut dust all over the neighbor hood and people with peanut allergies were getting violently ill in the thousands of people, would we just stand by and ignore it and allow the utility companies to continue to spew out toxic (to people with allergies) peanut dust so that these poor people could not find a safe place to breath and rest in the entire state or country?
    Where is the outrage from the general public. Is everyone asleep? This is not the country I grew up in. Our government is spending TRILLIONS in fighting terror based on less than three thousand people being killed yet sitting back and watching thousands more people being tortured to death by an ill conceived wireless smart grid. The PUC is fully aware of the science that is already published on dangers of radiation illness, dangers of non – ionizing radiation and fully aware of the severe damage suffered by a huge number of our citizens—- yet fails to order a health study or put the brakes on the roll out, and order the utilities to stop the carnage of formerlly healthy people as well as the already vulnerable. OUTRAGED IN SAN DIEGO.

  13. Sorry to hear about PG&E’s attitude problem in your case.
    If you own the building or are a loan (mortgage) payer, then you can simply remove the meters yourself. You can go to City Electric Supply in San Rafael , Santa Rosa, San Francisco and many other locations and buy your own new analog meter for $73 each. They are very easy to install after pulling out the smart meter. I recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to do this, unless you know what you are doing.
    Be sure to take the cumulative readings of any meter before you have it pulled, and also if you have multiple meters, write down the meter number with each individual reading. You will need to furnish this to your meter reader because your new meter will start at zero, and you would not want to risk getting into trouble for cheating PG&E.
    Even though all customers have been charged for the manufacture, profit markup, shipping, and installation of the new radio meters a few years ago, the meters are still property of PG&E and must be returned to them.
    You should not have to move because of this problem.
    If you are really hurting and cannot afford a new meter, have your electrician take some #2 solid bare copper wire and after pulling the new radio meter, insert the copper wire as jumpers. That would be cheating PG&E, so be careful.

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