We are suing the CPUC!

Cartoon by Jim Heddle EON

On June 7th, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) denied the EMF Safety Network Rehearing Request on the grounds that, “the evidence does not support re-opening a review of Smart Meters.” Because the Rehearing Request is denied we can now sue the CPUC for failing to address serious Smart Meter issues, including health and safety impacts, and FCC compliance.

The CPUC has buried it’s head in the sand!

The CPUC rubber stamped PG&E claims of Smart Meter safety!

Although no new evidence can be added to the lawsuit in Appeals court, this lawsuit is important because it could force the CPUC to address the issues it has been ignoring.

The CPUC has NEVER addressed the health and safety impacts of Smart Meters.  They’ve only provided an opt out with a penalty!

We need to raise $25,000 for legal costs ASAP!  Attorneys James Hobson and Joshua Nelson of Best, Best and Krieger will represent us in the California First Court of Appeals. The lawsuit will be filed by the July 11 deadline.

If every customer on PG&E’s delay list would donate 15 cents, we’d have it covered! Considering we probably won’t reach those 177,000 people, if people donate $10-$100 this will help! Please give whatever amount you can!

The results of suing the CPUC, if we win, will be that the Court will mandate the CPUC to address our original EMF Safety Network Application which includes:

  • Re-opening both of the Smart Meter proceedings (D.06-07-027 and D.09-03-026)
  • Evidentiary hearings on radiation health, environmental, and safety impacts
  • Review of actual Smart Meter program performance
  • An independently prepared RF Emissions Study

Your contributions will enable us to step up and challenge the CPUC!!

Thanks to all of you who’ve already given to this cause. Legal costs are ongoing, as we are still participating in the CPUC opt-out proceeding, so any amount you can contribute is a HUGE help!

We believe that whatever the CPUC rules for PG&E, they will eventually apply to other utilities! So, please support our efforts, even if you are a customer of another California utility!

Inching towards justice!  THANKS TO ALL YOUR EFFORTS!

13 thoughts on “We are suing the CPUC!”

  1. Does PG&E charge one opt out fee for all meters &75/ $10/mo or one for each meter
    ie electric, gas and water?

    Has anybody done research on different effects of different smart meters.
    ie electric meter is usually 6 ft high, gas meter 1-2 ft high and water in ground.

    Antenna patterns and mesh topology must be completely different.

    Why were they not ganged to together into one meter, one transmission?

  2. This is excellent to see occuring. It’s good that people are rising up against this total lack of concern for our health and safety, and to think that bills are increasing due to this is outrageous. Thank you all for doing your part to fight this. I live in Senior Housing near Dallas TX. and was told that smart meters are all over, however, even though I’m e.m.f. sensitive I haven’t noticed any difference in my apt. here, however, often I do wake up with a lot of e.m.f. symptoms, racing heart, pain of the sticking -needles- in- me but I don'[t know what’s causing it since it’s been going on for the last year or so and it can be due to rados or t.v.’s’s or the washing machine on a lower floor. I haven’t found out where the meters are and now I will. Keep plugging away on this. Much thanks for everyone’s efforts. Ronda Dee

  3. Hoping people will get a refund as a result of the current CPUC Smart meter opt-out proceeding, the lawsuit is to force them to address health, and safety issues.

  4. Well, if this doesn’t beat all:

    I’ve been noticing that for the last three months since I opted out (and KEPT my analog meter), that my electricity bill — not including the outrageous opt-out surcharge — has increased by a consistent 60 percent over the same months of the previous year. Yet my actual usage each month has, if anything, DECREASED since last year.

    If we win the lawsuit against the CPUC, will we be eligible for a REFUND of the money taken from us for the opt-out fees?

  5. Yes, we need help with donations and with fundraising for the legal costs of suing the CPUC and for legal support at the CPUC in the opt-out proceeding. Please consider sending a declaration of your experience with the Smart meters. http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=7684

  6. Are you still looking for donations for the lawsuit? My husband is very sensitive to EMF and is awoken in the middle of the night ever since our new smart meter was installed without our permission. The many complaints and requests we’ve had to have it switched back to analog have been denied. 🙁 We’re hoping to unite with other people who have these concerns to raise awareness. So glad you’re fighting!

  7. Go get em!

    I am compiling a list of all known lawsuits, please forward any information you have.

    p.s. We just won a similar case in Portland.

  8. I beleive that these lawyers should not charge a dime to protect the health of americans, they are so flithy rich as it is, it is time to give back. I am in GA and we went without power for 3 months to fight and hope to have a opt out program here and no lawyer would touch our case. We had lots of other ripples from this stand against them. Like I said the blessed one that have the means by the knowlodge and really do not need the money should step up to the plate and fight for the health of the people.

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