One thought on “Sedona residents speak out against smart meters”

  1. I traveled to this area not knowing what the town’s big draw was for tourists. Here’s from a local description online which said: “It’s the vortexes that surround Sedona, which have given the town its spiritual reputation. Found among the red rocks around town, vortexes are supposed to be sacred spots, where ENERGY FLOWS radiate the Earth’s power and you feel heightened spiritual and emotional awareness. Even before the vortexes were discovered the area was a spiritual site to the Native Americans who lived here.”

    So if this is their big draw that the City of Sedona supports as a way to generate income, WHY would they damage it with Smart Meters? If they are that enlightened as to the vortexes that radiate the Earth’s power, surely they would understand that Smart Meters are damaging to humans. I would think they would BAN Smart Meters outright, no discussion necessary, and make that another BIG DRAW to the area. They could use that as another way to increase their tax base, promoting a “Smart Meter FREE Zone”, knowing all the people that would move to the area. It’s very weird that the City of Sedona is even discussing the pros/cons of smart meters. Maybe they aren’t that enlightened after all, or the federal money is just to enticing to pass up, vortexes or not?

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