CPUC President Peevey “There really are people who feel pain related to EMF”

In April 2010 the EMF Safety Network filed a CPUC application on smart meters. We asked for a moratorium, an independent technical review, evidentiary hearings on health and safety, and the right to opt out.

In December 2010 CPUC President Michael Peevey approved PG&E’s motion to dismiss our application.  He stated “I believe that relying on the FCC in this case is reasonable, prudent and fully consistent with our responsibilities to provide safe and reliable electric service to ratepayers.” He concluded his statements by stating, “You should take these concerns to the FCC, it’s the proper body.”

Nearly five years later 65,000 emails between PG&E and the CPUC have been publicly released. Emails reveal the collusion between CPUC and PG&E. They discussed the smart meter problems privately, violating their own rules of procedure.

In September 2010 Peevey emailed PG&E’s Brian Cherry on smart meters.  He did not say he thought we should take the issue to the FCC.

Peevey believed people were suffering from smart meters.  He believed PG&E should do something about it. However, instead of regulating the utility to ensure public safety,  he deferred his lawful responsibility to PG&E.

CPUC President Michael Peevey, “There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF”

Michael Peevey wrote, “One thought for the company: If it were my decision I would let anyone who wants to keep their old meter keep it, if they claim they suffer from EMF and/or related electronic-related illnesses and they can produce a doctor’s letter saying so (or expressing concern about the likelihood of suffering same). I would institute such a policy quietly and solely on an individual basis. There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF,etc., and rather than have them becoming hysterical, etc., I would quietly leave them alone. Kick it around. And, it sounds like the company may already have taken this step, based on a couple of the comments at yesterday’s public hearing.

He writes, “If it were my decision”.  As the Commissioner assigned to the proceeding- it was HIS decision. Yet, Peevey defers his lawful duty to PG&E.  And he delayed on this case for years.

Peevey wanted PG&E to keep it quiet– didn’t want other customers, or the rest of the world to know there’s a problem with smart meters causing customers pain, etc.

President Michael Peevey email to PG&E


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  1. Good Morning,  
    In 2007, I was working in a calling center and the lighning came in to my head set, I wish that I die because I have no more life beside Doctors and Specialist.
    After all these years, they still not sure what to do with me ?!? The pain in my head are like someone with M.S. plus all that burning sensation inside my left body side!
    If you have a horse that get hit by lightning, I don’t think they let him souffer for that many years, after that kind of accident when they survived…
    Even the Specialist for pain when he meet me the firt thing he said: ” I don’t understant you’re not dead “? And he found that, on top of that accident, I also have FIBROMYALGIA… like I did’nt have an off pain due that lightning accident.
    I have terrible pain since, even with 28 pills that I have to take every day due to this accident, even marijuana (pills)… I try to take one away two weeks ago, the third day the pain that I when trough was so unbelevable, that it makes me wonder what’s the killer? the accident or the medication(S) scaring when I restart that one pill after the third or fouth day, it was getting a bit better.I’m telling you all about this, to help you accept that EMF yes DO exist and I can tell you much more than this and also show some pictures of BLACK spots on my body folloing a stop at Costco even the waiting room at the Doctors office, almost everyone use their CELL PHONE or PORTABLE, it’s like the world can’t stay away from?!? The wurst is for the kids who have all these WAVES around their little body and brain. I feel theses WAVES because I’ve been hit by lightning BUT they are their for EVERYONES. Even with my story telling the town still GO with smart meters, I don’t understand that? I hope that my accident may help some peoples to understand that WAVES are their and also DANGEROUS. I can’t stand one portable phone in my house so imagine the DAMMAGES that one CELL can do to the brain and the WI FI, that’s even wurst. The bees desappearance is mainly due to waves, infertility have almost double in France due to waves and on top of it Doctors don’t know what to do with all these sickness caused by IT ?!?
    It’s a quick way to go when someone die from been hit by lightning but beleve me it’s better than surviving with the pain for probably 75% of the rest of your life…

  2. @AnnaMariah Nau:
    This article does not rant. It is factual. Much of it quotes Mr. Peevey. The term extortion is not conspiratorial, but an accurate legal term that would apply to being charged by a monopoly of necessary services so you can access those services without being harmed.

    People in CA are frustrated and feel this is monstrous behavior. It is undeniably cruel and calloused and illegal.

  3. I want to throw something out for your all to think about. If you read the articles by EMF Safety Network, they report the facts clearly and without overwrought emotions. They don’t talk about conspiracy, Smart Meter Mafia, Extortion and the like.

    I’m not criticizing as I completely agree with what you’ve all said and your reactions, I know you probably won’t like what I’m about to say. But as someone who’s been trying to get the word out about emf for over 20 years I have learned a few things about how people respond.

    Yes there are a lot of people who will jump on things like calling Peevey a Monster, or talking about the Smart Meter Mafia, collusion and conspiracy, and extortion. But I have found that there are even more people who almost immediately dismiss anything that follows with “oh another conspiracy theorist crazy”. I am NOT saying that the person is crazy, or wrong, simply that oftentimes strident language gets construed that way and actually can hurt credibility.

    If the articles from EMF Safety network were written in that inflammatory manner, I would in most cases either hit “delete” or click on a link to a less emotional article in which I could feel like I was being addressed by someone who took the time to get the facts and make an opinion. When there’s too much of the other type of language, it feels to me that it’s very possible the person just is making biased knee jerk reactions and may not have taken time to actually check it out.

    I may rant and rail and cuss in private, but when I sit down to write and get the word out, I work hard to keep language and sentiment more even keel and let people make up their own minds. I think we will make much more headway in the long run that way.

  4. Peevey wrote, “If it were my decision…”
    As the President of the Commission which regulates the Utility, it is shown that Peevey defers his lawful duty to PG&E. And he delayed on this case for years.
    This is an example of “Regulator Capture.”

    This is also an example of Peevey being a monster. He realized that smart meters hurt people, and he did nothing to prevent the pain and suffering they cause.

    I have my own issues with Peevey, Clanon, and Carol Brown, please see my website,

  5. Here is THE SMOKING GUN we were waiting for. Emails indicate collusion and extortion by the CPUC and PG&E. Requiring a fee to not “feel pain” is a technique the Smart Meter Mafia uses. There is no getting around this one. They know Smart Meters hurt and they jammed them in anyway even making us pay for our health.

    Enjoy your retirement party, Mr. Peevey. I hope you have a good lawyer.

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