Bye-bye Peevey!

peevey money and healthToday CPUC President Michael Peevey announced he will not seek reappointment when his term ends in December 2014.

Recent news embroiled Peevey in controversy over his collusion with PG&E where he was caught drinking bottles of pinot with PG&E’s regulatory executive Brian Cherry, and soliciting donations from PG&E.

Today he issued the following statement: “I originally planned to make the following announcement at the CPUC’s regularly-scheduled Voting Meeting on October 16th, but instead I am moving the announcement to today to state that I will not seek reappointment to the CPUC when my term expires at the end of this year. Twelve years as President is enough. The Governor, of course, will make a decision as to my successor in due time. I will speak more extensively regarding my terms as CPUC President at the last Voting Meeting of the year on December 18th.”

3 thoughts on “Bye-bye Peevey!”

  1. Does it matter that he is out? Just like every branch of government–industry will choose who to replace this loser with and the entire thing will remain the same. They DO NOT appoint anyone with a conscience who will do the right thing. They are all beholden to the industries that they regulate. They are NEVER looking out for our best interest. it is like saying that Lucifer will be better than Satan—same difference!! Cheering for retirement of someone who has put industry profits before safety is moot. he will be replaced by someone who operates in the exact same manner because those choosing will not jeopardize their profit to protect you or me! Sad truth and hard to swallow–especially for those suffering the effects of exposures to Rf’s. Nobody cares–not the industry, government or anyone appointed to watch over the industry and make sure it is regulation-free!! 🙁

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