Find smart meter websites in your area

United States

Alaska Ketchikan for Meter Choice

Arizona: Electromagnetic Safety Alliance

The Tombstone Smart Meter Network- Tombstone

Environmental Radiation Steven Magee

EI Wellspring

Sedona Smart Meter Awareness- Sedona


Burbank Action Burbank

Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) San Diego

Citizens for a Radiation Free Community Los Angeles

Eon3 EMF Blog West Marin

EMF Analysis San Francisco

EMF Safety Network  Sebastopol

Freedom Taker  Burbank

No Smart Meter Coalition (Face Book-Southern California)

No Smart Meters SF San Francisco

OJAI Smart Meter Opt-Out Ojai

The People’s Initiative Foundation Los Angeles

Refuse Smart Meter Sonoma County

Refuse Smart Meters Mendocino  Mendocino

Siskiyou keeps analog meters Siskiyou county

Smart Meter Dangers San Diego

Smart Meter Harm Monterey

Smart Meter Health Alert Los Angeles

Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness  SMUD/ Sacramento area

Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)

Stop OC Smart Meters Orange County

Stop Smart Meters CA

Stop Smart Meters Irvine Irvine

Colorado: Colorado Citizens Smart Meter Awareness (CCSMA)

Florida: Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters

Stop Smart Meters Florida

Smart Meter Matrix

Florida Against Smart Meters

Georgia StopsmartmetersGeorgia


Safe Meter Kauai

Stop Smart Meters Hawaii

Stop KIUC Smart Meters

Louisiana (West Monroe)

Illinois: Naperville  Smart Meter Awareness

The Truth About Smart Grids

Indiana: No Smart Meter 4 Indiana

Iowa: Fairfield Safe Meters

Maine: Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Smart Meter Safety

Maryland  Maryland Smart Meter Awareness

Massachusettes Halt MA Smart Meters

No Mass. Smart Meters

Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts

Michigan: Smart Meter Education Network

Smart Meters- Stop the Invasion!

Michigan Stop Smart Meters

Smart Meter Update

Stop Smart Meters in Grand Rapids

Minnesota: Safe Technology Minnesota

Missouri: Contact Kelly Pascucci

Nevada: Nevada Constitution Alliance

NVE Stop Smart Meters

True EMF Solutions

New Hampshire: NH Against Smart Meters

New Jersey:  Stop Smart Meters in New Jersey

Stop Wireless Smart Meters

New Mexico: Why Fry? Smart Meters

Cellular Phone Taskforce

New York: Stop Smart Meters NY

Oaklahoma: Stop Smart Meters in Oklahoma

Stop O&G

Oregon Families for Safe Meters Eugene Oregon

Pennsylvania Stop SMart Meters in PA

Stop Smart Meters PA

Rhode Island Citizens for Safe Technology

Tennessee: Stop Smart Meters

Texas: Ban Texas Smart Meters

Lubbock Against Smart Meters

The People’s Power of Petition Texas Local Government Code 9.004

Texans United Against Smart Meters

Vermont Smart Meters Blogspot

Stop Smeters 

Wake up Opt-Out!

Virginia Center for Safer Wireless

Save Alexandria (Alexandria)

Washington Washington Wireless Awareness

Seattle Smart Meter Awareness

Smart Awareness (Port Angeles)

Washington DC: DC Smart Meter Choice

Wisconsin: Electrical Pollution Solutions

First Do No Harm

Stop Smart Meters Wisconsin

US:  American Coalition Against Smart Meters

Occupy EMF Harm

International  Stop Smart Meters NOW

Australia: Stop Smart Meters Australia

Australia listing of smart meter groups

Canada: Take Back Your Power: Canadian Directory

Citizens for Safe Technology

Refusons Les Compteurs (Quebec-to find a group in your area))

Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique (Quebec)

Laval Refuse (Quebec)

Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (British Columbia)

EMR Heath Alliance of BC

No to Smart Meters


Europeans on Smart meters

Stop Smart Meters UK


Japan VOC-EMF Measures Research Association 

Mexico- en espanol

New Zealand: Stop Smart Meters NZ

Smart Meter Lawsuits

 If you do not find a website in your area from the above list, check out the worldwide directory at:  Take Back Your Power- Worldwide directory 

23 Responses to Find smart meter websites in your area

  1. Ella Zavodnik says:

    My sister, who lives in Rocky River, OH, has leukemia and is currently fighting with our local gas company (Dominion), concerning installation of a smart meter on her gas meter. They are threatening to shut off her gas if she does not comply! She has offerred to pay gas bill in advance for a year, and she is very capable of reading the meter and posting the reading online every month.
    She is a tiny, elderly lady, and this situation is EXTREMELY STRESSFUL to her. Do you have any advice for her, i.e. who she might contact for help. We have, for the most part, been very unsccessful at reaching a human at Dominion. I would be so very grateful for whatever information you might supply.

  2. admin says:

    File a complaint and ask for the ratepayer advocate group at the public utility commission: call (800) 686-7826

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  7. Tabatha says:

    I live in Missouri and we do not yet have a website to stop smart meters. What can I do. We bought our home in 2003 and they said they installed the smart meter in 2005. They did not even ask us they just installed it. I called to ask about getting an Analog one back and she said they would not do that and they don’t have to have my permission to install it. We moved our bedroom into a room about 10 feet from the meter last year and that is when I started having head tingling, vertigo, and ringing in my ears. I have also have been told I have a thyroid issue. My 18 month old has been in that room since birth and she has been being watched by and endocrinologist since birth. They can not find a reason why she isn’t growing but think she might have a thyroid issue. To make things worse my cat has a lump in her throat and they think she has developed a thyroid problem. This is so strange, I have had a CT, MRI and ultrasound and they can find no reason for my symptoms. Is there anything I can do to get this meter removed?

  8. Hi,
    We have a new front for the battle in Massachusetts:
    They are trying to get a moratorium in the town of Sheffield, MA.

  9. admin says:

    If you have not already done so, reduce your overall EMF exposures by replacing wi-fi with wired router, cordless phones with corded. More suggestions can be found here:

    Jerry Day has a kit where you can purchase an analog meter: However your utility company might turn off your power for removing the smart meter. If your willing to take a stand and bring it to the media’s attention this could help you and others. Best, Sandi

  10. admin says:

    Hi Clare, Thanks for letting me know- I’ve added the new site to the above list. Sandi

  11. Barbara Lake says:

    Dear Tabatha,
    Until something can be done about the meter, I would do like a friend of mine is doing and that is turning off the electricity to the house when it is not needed. From all of the research that I have read about how this radiation affects the thyroid, your family sounds very affected by this wireless technology. I’ve been reading how supplementing ith iodine helps with thyroid function as well as many other benefits. Just google Iodine and you will find what you are looking for. I myself just bought a $3.00 bottle in the first aid section of the drug store and applied it to my wrist. The info. I read says to apply on wrist until it stops absorbing. If it is readily absorbed, you are deficient. See if these things help but do your own reading.

    Barbara Lake

  12. Kelly Pascucci says:


    Please contact me. I am running an awareness campaign in MO.

  13. Please List Our Website for
    West Monroe, Louisiana
    Smart Meters
    #1 Health Risk #1

  14. admin says:

    What state do you want to be listed under?

  15. Thank You for your work and listing our website:
    Please consider showing listing as:
    Environmental Health Volunteer .org (West Monroe)
    Learn, Screen, Notify, Replace, Tag, Lock & Volunteer
    Treatment: 1. Screen, Notify, Replace, 2. Antioxidants,
    3. AWater, 4. Minerals, 5. Greens, 6. Raw Foods, 7. Oil
    (We do not sell products or services but Volunteer information,
    time and our help. This war against Smart Meters is where
    helping our neighbors is also saving our lives and the lives of
    those we love. URL:

    Thank You
    Be Blessed
    :Roy :Thompson

  16. Please Post this website for Louisiana Thank You…

  17. Louisiana

  18. dianne says:

    hi how can we have our smart meter check to see if that’s what is making my husband and I so sick I would love to no its not right if there making people sick they should be taking off the walls so could you please let me no thanks

  19. Selisha says:

    Please! We NEED Your Signatures! Important petition in support of global scientific urgings to World Health Organization to switch classification of RF/EMF to 1 in accord with scientific findings. This is especially in the interests of our precious children.

    This petition is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please sign and pass it on!! It hits right at the root of the problem, not just locally, but globally.

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  21. Admin22 says:

    Hi, we have a new blog for Siskiyou County, California (Mt. Shasta area, south to Dunsmuir, north to Oregon border). Could you please add us to your list? Thanks.

  22. joy says:

    The colorado link leads to a blog that is not open to the public, nor can I subscribe to it. If it’s not open to the public, how can we view the info?

    Excel recently replaced my meter, the technician that came out stated it was not a smart meter and that it’s only being initiated in Boulder. My electric bill doubled after the meter was replaced. I need to confirm if a smart meter was installed or not.

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