Maine utility admits smart meters cause interference

Utility meters are breaking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule not to interfere with other radio frequency devices.

The Portland Press Herald reports the Maine Public Advocate’s office released a statement this week saying:

“Smart Meters are interfering with a wide range of household electronic devices, from garage door openers and WiFi devices to security systems.”

On Central Maine Power’s FAQ, in answer to the question: “Will the smart meter interfere with my other household appliances such as computer routers, television signal, cordless phones, etc.?” they respond: “Separating interfering devices usually reduces interference, so make sure the wireless device is located as far from the smart meter as possible. Also, adjust the position of the antenna on the device, if possible, and move the wireless device away from any walls that may absorb the signal.”

According to the FCC Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: the meters are not supposed to cause interference, and if they do the FCC states,

“The operator of a radio frequency device shall be required to cease operating the device upon notification by a Commission representative┬á that the device is causing harmful interference.”


10 thoughts on “Maine utility admits smart meters cause interference”

  1. It also throws interference onto the AM broadcast band. I am a vintage radio hobbyist. I noticed it and using a hand held AM transistor radio I walked around my house and located the source of my interference ie.noise, as emanating from the smart meter. i would like to get it changed but have no idea how to get them to do it..

  2. Thank you for info. I would like to add another interference to wireless headphone that operate at 80Hz – 20kHz and one at 900mHz. When the meters change from a number reading to all 00000s it created a electrical impulse that snaps a crackling sound into my headphone. (Both pairs of different brands).
    The cracking sound is loud and high in pitch. I do believe it is a different problem than your video. Would only affect those using wireless headphones. It is a rude result of progress. Sure wish I could get the arp meter engineers to admit that the signals, although not harmful, are interfering with our personal electronic devices and shield us from the meters when they do their electronic dance display. .´╗┐

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